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WHO: All imPorts who haven't taken the evacuation option!
WHERE: The Royal Mansions Resort in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
WHEN: February 16-20, from 10 AM to 8 PM.
WHAT: ImPorts attend The Perestroika Seminar to receive mandatory training and brainwashing. Need a quick recap? Be sure to check out a brief description of what they'll be doing HERE, though we will be separating this into sections for your reading pleasure! ImPorts will be able to distract themselves with their mental link on the network during brainwashing videos, and imPorts who possess a strong will will be able to resist being successfully brainwashed. We leave the extent of the ramifications of brainwashing up to the individual players, and what they are comfortable with. Please direct all questions HERE.

NOTE: Please do not use toplevels and subsequent comments when one comment will suffice! For large group logs such as this one, it will make us hit recaptcha sooner.
WARNINGS: Brainwashing, mental manipulation, and possible violence.


On the face of it, this place does not look so terribly different from the typical Swear-In. Normally, Swear-Ins are quite heavily populated by soldiers, and feature specific luxurious hotels as their locations, providing imPorts with their every need. This is very much the same, save for one very important detail: the soldiers are wearing markedly different uniforms. Once they enter the building, they may also realize that whatever superpowers they may have have been dampened to 1/16th of their usual strength. They still wish for imPorts to have their powers - they have plenty to observe, after all - but consider it a necessary precaution for an assembly of people with incredible and potentially disruptive powers.

As imPorts are shuffled into the assembly hall and are adequately silenced - and they should be; there are lines of soldiers just waiting for someone to move out of line - a stern soldier steps up to the podium and stares out at the wide array of rebellious, frightened, angry, and, potentially, bored faces in front of him. While most previous Swear-Ins kept the speeches short and sweet, this man evidently has no inclination to do such a thing. He moves like a man who has time.

In the end, the speech lasts forty-five minutes, and while it may be long, the contents are simple. ImPorts are briefed on the basics of what they are expected to do - watch the videos, complete physical training, and receive the education you should have been receiving all along - and are told the general rules of this Seminar.

If everyone follows orders, the soldier tells them, everything will operate smoothly. They do not wish for imPorts to be hurt any more than the imPorts do, but insubordination will not be tolerated. It is best for everyone to cooperate.

He ends his speech on a much more positive note: the imPorts are lucky, in fact, to be taken in by the USSR instead of the American government, whose apparent benevolence was merely disguising a rotten core. The USSR will bring about a more peaceful world, and it's a world that they want imPorts to be a part of.

ImPorts will then watch a two-hour video (elaborated upon below), and will be left to their own devices for the rest of the day.

D A Y 2-5, H O U R S 1-3

Once all imPorts have been shuffled into the area, they will first be given half an hour to eat a buffet breakfast, not unlike one that one would find in a five-star hotel. Once everyone has eaten, they will then be shuffled into a hall in which they are expected to watch the same 2-hour video, every single day.

This video is simple. It will tout the great accomplishments of the USSR, and will be particularly emphatic on its technological superiority and the fact that should imPorts simply listen to them, they will be able to push them to use their full potential and that their thriving is for the greater good. These phrases will be repeated intermittently, but by different people, professionals, scientists, scholars and more all emphatically speaking on ways that imPorts and the USSR may work together to create something truly extraordinary.

In addition, they will be reminded of the darker side of the country they have found themselves in. Why, the people will ask, is it that such a wealthy country is still plagued by poverty and debt? Why will America not take care of all of its people equally? Why is it that there are still those who go hungry, no matter how hard they may work?

They can fix that, the video reassures them. If the USSR is able to use its technology - and the imPorts' help - for good, then the world will become a better, happier place.

Over time, imPorts who are influenced by these videos may find themselves agreeing with them as a feeling of contentment and peace washes over them, their motivation to resist crumbling away. Why resist, when everyone's being so nice? Surely, they're safe here.

D A Y 2-5, H O U R S 4-5

Tired of sitting in the same spot all morning? Don't worry, imPorts, now's your time to hustle and get some good old fashioned exercise in! Underneath the close and doubtlessly benevolent eyes of their captors, imPorts are let loose in a closed off area of the Royal Mansions Resort suited for all of your needs.

ImPorts have access to a wide array of state-of-the-art exercise equipment, from weight lifting machines to treadmills, all of which have the newest technology in monitoring vitals included. If the gym isn't quite their style, there's plenty more options available for them, from the large field decked out to play any sport of their choice, to the large pool just waiting for them to do laps in. If imPorts simply wish to run slow laps around the field, that's perfectly acceptable too; after all, it's the USSR's job to push imPorts to their full potential, no matter where they began!

If an imPort is physically unable to perform in any of these exercises - though there are special exercises for imPorts with disabilities to perform - they are allowed an exemption, and are simply let into the library to choose from an array of thrilling reading materials early.

D A Y 2-5, H O U R 6

Being told what to do is its own sort of exhausting, isn't it? Luckily, imPorts finally have an hour to their own devices, to seek out whoever they missed during the day's previous activities, or just to get in some much-needed relaxation.

It's up to them what they choose to do, but anything that a classy hotel's got? This place has. ImPorts may wade in the pool, relax in the hot tub, take a nap in one of the bedrooms, or even go to the bar for that beer and plate of nachos they're craving. Provided they don't leave the premises, they're allowed to do what they please.

Oh, and one last thing... don't pay any mind to the unusual amount of security cameras installed around the hotel. The cameras steadily following imPorts around must be a figment of their imagination.

D A Y 2-5, H O U R S 7-8

Once the imPorts have been good and re-energized from their little break, they'll be shuffled into a room filled with eight shelves of literature. ImPorts are told to take their pick of the titles, and to spend the next hour and a half perusing the texts available to them.

There's certainly no end to the variety, either. Between popular fiction about dystopian rule of America and the brave Russian who fought their regime to somber texts about the finest inventors and scientists in Russian history (they're responsible for televisions, experiments on aluminothermic reactions, cadaveric blood transfusions, radio receivers, and Tetris!) to manuals on Russian technology, there's no end to the things imPorts can learn!

At the end of the hour and a half, however, imPorts will be expected to take a test on comprehension and memorization. Their progress will be duly noted, but not commented on.

D A Y 2-5, H O U R 9

During the ninth hour, imPorts will all be shuffled into dark rooms and seated in a series of chairs in isolated study cubicles. Once they're seated, restraints will be wrapped around their ankles, and they will be forced to look at the only source of light in the entire room: the screen in front of them.

What will then pop up will be recognizable to some as being similar to an Implicit Bias Test -- but their captors don't exactly have scientific discovery in mind. One one side of the screen, it will read: AMERICA/BAD and on the other, USSR/GOOD. Quicker and quicker, images and words will flash, and it's up to imPorts to sort them into the correct category. The images of America show a markedly skewed version of it, but one that imPorts may recognize as being nevertheless true: images of poverty and rebellion against an oppressive regime, dilapidated homes, and images from a not-so-distant past, where America was the one brainwashing its inhabitants. Along with these images will be a series of negative adjectives: evil, oppressive, disgusting, remorse, the list goes on and on. Conversely, the images of the USSR will be entirely comprised of sleek technology and smiling faces, populated cities full of celebration and joy, and these too will be real images that any imPort would be able to find on the Internet. Along with these images will be a series of positive adjectives: good, joyful, advanced, happiness, positivity, contentment, the list goes on and on.

Once an imPort sorts the word or image into the correct category, they will be greeted with a pleasant chime through their headphones, something that will only become more and more pleasing to the ear. If they choose wrong, however, they will be subject to a mild - but nevertheless deeply unpleasant - electric shock.

Alternately (or additionally, some days), they will be treated to yet another series of videos that go as follows:

один (1)

You are strapped to your high-backed chair bound by your wrists and ankles and throat. You cannot move away. You see a serene beach, maybe even a Floridian beach. The sun is shining, it is beautiful. The video zooms in at the bright blue waves with white surf ebb and flow over the stunning sandy shore. Ebb and flow. To and fro. Ebb and flow. Subliminal messages flash between the seconds of this video, and maybe you can catch then, maybe you can see, maybe you know.

Maybe you stop caring after hours.


два (2)

You are strapped to your high-backed chair bound by your wrists and ankles and throat. You cannot move away. You see people, thousands of people. The wide shot pulls back, exhibiting more and more people. Families, lovers, enemies, friends, strangers -- they seem to be but average people, maybe members of this country. No words are spoken. Eventually you'll notice that people, individuals, they begin to fade away -- special effects, you realize. One by one they fade away. Something is beneath the feet of these people, something you strain to see. Something you might already know is there.

It's a collage of pictures of every imPort current residing in this world. Few of them are full-on shots with the subject aware, most appear to have been clandestinely taken. ImPorts driving, imPorts shopping, imPorts looking at their communicators. ImPorts at computers, taken by hacked webcameras. ImPorts going to their work or school.

Words flash over the screen.


The images and words will begin to flash faster and faster, so that once the imPorts are let back out into the open again, they will feel foggy and disoriented, as if the past hour was an unclear, far-off memory. Not to worry, though; they will be well taken care of. They will be given food and refreshments, comfortable recliners to lie down in, and should they choose, access to massages, 15-minute stretching and meditation classes, and more to ease their wearied minds.

D A Y 2-5, H O U R 10

ImPorts aren't given too much time to ruminate on exactly what had happened, however, before they're quickly ushered into meeting rooms that have been refurbished into classrooms. Here, they will be expected to read and learn about Systema -- ways of coercively gathering information. Each day, they may learn more about one specific technique, from seduction to undermining others' self-confidence. If they choose to question why they are being taught these things, the woman at the front of the classroom - pleasingly plump, and full of smiles - will let them know that imPorts are very important to the USSR, and that they must, of course, learn such things as a safety precaution. And isn't it interesting?

ImPorts will be encouraged to pair off or to gather into groups in order to discuss this information. Why not memorize it using a mindmap? The woman may suggest. Or quiz each other on the fine details? Think of it as being in class!

Whether they truly participate or not is generally up to them; if they don't want to do so on the first day, they have faith that they will by the end of the Seminar. After all that you've been through, don't you just want to lean back and let other people take care of you? Cooperating feels so good, like a weight off of responsibility-ridden shoulders. Why would anyone want to fight that feeling?

Or, at least, that's what they're banking on.
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[Day 1]

[He's not going. The Soviets have made their plans for the imPort population abundantly clear, after all, and if he has to choose sides between two nations, he prefers the one that doesn't lock them in submarines and call them "property" to their faces. As far as he's concerned, the USSR is well past the point where it could hope to win anyone over.

But at 10:00 sharp, with a little pop of displaced air, Qubit finds himself at the resort just like everyone else.]


[But how? His mind races. The Russian 'porter's been disabled for weeks. Even if they had another copy of the AI, there's no way they could have fixed it so quickly. Is there? Or did they infiltrate wherever LACKEY was being held, too?

Ultimately, he'll stick around long enough to hear the speech, but he's only half-listening. This is just so he has some time to assess the situation. They've got hundreds of seriously displeased imPorts crammed into one room, surrounded by armed guards; this isn't the time or place to make a scene. Afterward, though, he'll linger long enough to chat with some people and also collude probably.]

[Day 2]

[Not in attendance. It may be possible to glimpse him for a few seconds at a time every few minutes at the very start of the day, but every time LACKEY teleports him in he just teleports right back out, despite a few soldiers making attempts at grabbing him. After about an hour of this, though, LACKEY apparently gives up. He won't be seen at the resort for the remainder of the day.]

[Day 3, Hours 1-8]

[Back in attendance. The reason why is fairly obvious, at least earlier in the day - there wasn't a lot he could do to help while puking his guts out in Mexico. He pointedly doesn't partake in the continental breakfast.

But by midafternoon, at least, he's feeling not-like-death enough to put his full attention on task... and that task is subversion.

He tries to keep it subtle, for now. Maybe he'll go up to talk to someone on a treadmill, only for the machine to stop working ten minutes after he leaves. Or maybe a camera he stands too close to during the break will suffer a gradual loss of resolution or skipping audio or what have you. Perfect for clandestine discussions.

At the library, he takes the opportunity to investigate all these claims of "technological superiority" that the Soviets keep coming back to. That means reading through technical manuals pretty much exclusively. It may look like he's just skimming them, but he's a quick study, don't worry. (When quizzed at the end, he feigns disinterest.)]

[Day 3, Hour 9]

[Apart from the forced participation, the rest of the day's activities seemed relatively benign... especially compared to this. This is starting to get into Clockwork Orange territory. He catches on at once - it's a combination of hypnosis and behavioral conditioning, trying to force victims into forming unconscious associations. The audio cues are definitely part of it, so although his powers are dampened too much to affect the screen from here, disconnecting a couple of wires inside his headphones is still child's play. From there all he has to do is choose the "right" answers, which is trivial. They're going to have to try harder than that, he thinks smugly as the game wraps up.

Unfortunately for him, karma heard that. Perhaps to make up for his absence yesterday, he's kept after for a second multimedia experience - Видеопрограмма Два, specifically. Despite his protests, he finds himself restrained even further, and tighter than absolutely necessary. So he watches. At first he thinks it's going to be another propaganda piece, some sort of "Unity Is Strength" missive, but... the more he sees, the more unsettling it becomes.

Where did they get this footage? He spots people he recognizes left and right, and there's even some of himself in there. Nor are they all recent. Some of the pictures come from events where you'd expect cameras, like the fire and attacks on Heropa, but there - that's him walking out of Starrware, oblivious. And there's George working hard at the hospital. There's Tetsuo messing with his phone in an arcade. There's Mighty Max digging into a cheeseburger at some fast-food joint. And through it all, the words flash again and again in an unrelenting assault on his eyes.


Funny, then, that he feels less safe then ever.

This isn't the first time Qubit's been captured by hostiles, nor even the first time he's experienced torture. He can't move or look away, so the best defense here is going to be putting his mind elsewhere. Like, for instance... the Riemann Hypothesis, that's an old standby. Retreat into numbers and logic. Those are the same for everyone.

After the session, he rejects everything except a glass of water. His best efforts aside, the experience has still brought back some of that nausea from yesterday.]

[Day 4]

[Today he eats at home prior to coming in, front-loading on protein and such so he'll be more or less good for the whole day. His housemates, if they're there, are welcome to do the same. He doesn't trust the seminar food - wouldn't put it past them to lace it with LSD or something. (The puppies each get a little taste of sausage, to their ecstatic delight. Oh, to be so carefree.)

Today is about the same as yesterday, except in that for one reason or another the Soviets are catching on to his evasion and passive-aggressiveness, and watching him more closely. At PE, they finally muscle him onto a treadmill, and when it breaks down they automatically assume he's responsible (he is, but that's beside the point) and zap the hell out of his brain, very nearly knocking him unconscious. The fact that he already has significant amounts of nanotech lodged up in there makes it even worse, so even once they stop, he gets to spend the rest of the day with a splitting headache.

Much the same thing happens in the library. Ultimately, one thing Qubit's not terribly good at is playing dumb. Though he continues to insist on being uncooperative, they've figured out that he's a lot smarter than he was letting on, and he gets several more nasty shocks as punishment for not exercising his ~FULL POTENTIAL~. Plus a few more for complaining that it's not so easy to answer their questions while they're frying the hell out of his memory centers.]

[Day 4, Hour 9]

[By the time he gets here today, he's got nearly a full-blown migraine, his muscles are cramping at random, his ears are ringing, and to top it off he's hungry, which does not help matters. At first he maintains his devotion to gaming the system, but after his distraction produces a few "wrong" answers (and more shock therapy - god damn it, stop with that, will you), bitterness overcomes his judgment and he starts answering wrong on purpose because it can't very well hurt more, now can it. (It does. But fuck off, he is the victor here. It's him.)

In response to his bad attitude, today he's treated to Видеопрограмма Один. It's relaxing enough to make him immediately suspicious, and he catches the subliminal messages within the first thirty seconds.


Well, he could make all kinds of retorts to that. Instead, though, he retreats into the network to distract himself.]

[Just like last night, he's at the Hour 10 class. It strikes him as terribly ironic that they've decided to train the imPorts in the very techniques being used against them, and despite the headache he does his best to focus whoever he's working with on how they can be resisted.]

[Day 5, Hours 1-6]

[Wildcard! Followed by escaping back to Mexico.]
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day 3, library

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[This guy's also reading technical manuals, even though he finds them exceedingly boring. He usually prefers fiction, but he isn't interested in fiction written solely as propaganda and so instead here he is, poring over a manual on how to repair hover technology. At least this is relevant to his life.

Riku sets the book down, finished with it now, and reaches for a different one at the same time as someone else does. He visibly starts, eyes wide, then composes himself.]

... Sorry.

[He's really tired, and this seminar is just making him more and more paranoid. Usually he's not nearly so bad -- it just manifests as intrusive thoughts. Getting startled by people, though, that's new.]
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Oh, no, go ahead.

[Qubit hands him the book and grabs another one instead. He had several that were next on the list anyway. But before he can open it, he pauses to size the kid up. He'd thought he was older for a second on account of the hair, but this guy's really just a teenager, isn't he?]

You doing all right?
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[His eyes lift from the cover of the book. He didn't realize the guy was going to keep talking to him, but now that he is, Riku sets the book down in his lap, fingers curling together atop it.]

Yeah, more or less. I'm just -- overtired. I don't sleep a whole lot to begin with.
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[Concerned, he sets his book on the table, resting one arm over it.]

Are they letting you sleep? [Wouldn't be the first time sleep deprivation's been used as torture, after all.]
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[He blinks -- he hadn't really considered that.]

Yeah. No, it's -- I can't sleep. I haven't been able to sleep for a long time. So I just kind of -- go until I drop. And this is making me less able to than normal. I was already at the point where I was ready to sleep -- the timing was off.

[It'd be clever, though, to use that. Honestly, though, the Soviets don't have to torture him, he does it himself just fine. He might have had six hours of sleep over the last week.]
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[Insomnia, huh... Qubit's been known to stay awake way too long, too, especially when he's working on something. (Like the Porter he built here. Or the one before that, at Gehnom. He has been known to do this for literal months at a time.) But that's different, he's an adult and he's allowed to be reckless about his long-term health. Anyway, considering how much radiation exposure he's had, it's kind of the least of his worries.]

Hm. [beat] Have you seen a doctor about it? That's unusual for a kid your age.
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[A doctor... This idea is so out of left field to him that he actually laughs.]

No. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude about it -- it's just that there's no way a doctor could fix what's going on with me. I mean, besides heavy sleeping agents. What's going on with me isn't like a ... medical condition. In that sense.

[Ah, but now he's getting closer to having to admit what is going on with him. He's not really sure whether he wants to go there or not.]
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[That's okay, Qubit can meet you halfway on going there :^y]

Ah. Something powers-related, then?
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At its most basic, yeah.

[It's an unwillingness to sleep, partly -- Riku knows that as soon as he goes to sleep that Xehanort's Heartless will be there talking to him. And sometimes it's a dream and sometimes it's not, but it's never enjoyable. Often it's dreams in general, part of a case of PTSD that he doesn't know whether to be concerned about or not.]

So -- that being said, the timing wasn't right and I think I've slept like, six hours in the past week.
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[Hmm well the obvious thing to say here is "get some rest" but if he literally can't then that ain't gonna work. Qubit sympathizes, though - Riku's not the only one who gets undesirable side effects.]

Sorry to hear that.

[He wishes he could help, really, but... at the same time, they've bigger fish to fry. He motions at the book in Riku's lap - something about advances in radio tech over the last 60 years.]

You, uh, have an interest in radio?
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Nah. Just means I'll have a better sleep once I actually crash. The longer the better, in this case.

[He shrugs, then looks down at the book under his hands, lifting it.]

To be honest, I -- hadn't even looked at the title. I'm kind of just -- trying to avoid the fiction.
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[Well, that's good at least. As long as he eventually sleeps.

Qubit can't help a sardonic smile, though.]
Oh, nonsense. I'm sure a couple hours is plenty of time to get through "War and Peace."
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Pff. Definitely, and then they'll ask me questions about the ending and I'll have no idea.

[He's never actually read War and Peace, but that's because it doesn't exist at home and here he hasn't really had a chance (or a desire) to commit himself to something so lengthy.]
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[No worries man, Qubit has no intention of reading it ever either.]

Well, I can only assume it ends in peace.
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I'd say. Considering, you know, it's not called Peace and War.

[Tired as he is, he's still up for making shitty jokes.]
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-02-28 07:59 am (UTC)(link)
No, no, that's the sequel.

[Humor's great, it keeps you sane. But on a more serious note:]

Personally, though, I'd rather it be Peace and Peace.
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Yeah, really. Someone should write that one instead.

[He blinks down at the book in his lap, opening it curiously.]

You know about this stuff, then?
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Hm? Radio?

[Qubit glances over his shoulder at whoever's "proctoring" their little study hall - like, there's no hiding that he's smart, but in theory he's trying to prevent them realizing precisely how smart he is. Fortunately, though, their attention is elsewhere, on someone who's being disruptive. Satisfied, he turns back.]

You could say that. I'm an engineer, more generally.
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[personal profile] resipiscent 2016-02-29 01:07 am (UTC)(link)
Right. There seems like there's a lot of that type around here. Like, back home I've only met a couple, but here it seems like it's fifty-fifty between scientists and fighters.

[He turns the pages, eyes on his lap, then shuts it again.]

The Porter has a good eye for skills, I guess.
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Heh. Or perhaps it just felt like making its own life difficult. [Since, you know, he's been actively trying to break the game from day 1.]

That'd make you one of the fighters, then?
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[personal profile] resipiscent 2016-03-09 08:48 pm (UTC)(link)
So you're saying it's a masochist? But that's what I do, yeah. I'm not stupid, but I've never really considered engineering to be anything close to my forte, either.
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