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WHO: imPorts who have agreed to go to London as outlined HERE!
WHEN: July 14 - 30
WHAT: The opt-out event for the clonetastrophe! ImPorts are invited to a ceremony in London, and wind up staying just a wee bit longer than expected.
WARNINGS: None anticipated; please let us know if this should be changed!


As treasured guests of both the British and American government, imPorts aren't shoved through the dreariness of your typical airports, with all of the hassle that the long lines and the pressure to be precisely on-time that it entails. Instead, they're brought through the back of the airport (although they still have to have their things checked; no weapons without permit will be allowed!) to a large, stylish lounge with all amenities provided while they sip on cocktails and wait for their plane to be prepared. Do they want free mints? Steal a few free water bottles? Get sloshed to make that flight more bearable? Now's the time, and an exciting time indeed for any imPort who's never had the opportunity to take to the skies before!

Depending on the size of their group, imPorts will be led onto either an extremely cushy, full-sized plane or a private jet - all in first class seats, of course! There's a long nine hour flight ahead of them, so in-between the movies, in-flight dining and drinks and enjoying the luxurious reclining seats (complete with blankets and pillows!), you may as well take some time to get to know the people you'll be sharing the flight with! Even in the most comfortable of surroundings, nine hours in close quarters with people you may not see eye-to-eye with can be a little... daunting.

In lieu of games like I Spy (there's not much to notice beyond, perhaps, I spy... another cloud), flight attendants have a fairly generous stock of board games and decks of cards.

Otherwise, the flight itself is unremarkably smooth, and they eventually touch down in jolly London. Whether you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or bleary and in desperate need of a bed, there will be plenty of papparazzi waiting for them as the file off of the plane. Flash! goes the cameras and while reporters try their best to ask a few questions ("what is your stance on England? Are you happy to be here? Are you willing to try out some British fashions?"), they'll be shooed away summarily by security.


Within hours of landing on British soil, it’s obvious that while this may essentially be a vacation for the imPorts that volunteered to go, this celebrations is also a site-seeing destination for the local population. The news of the arrival of American superhumans, with all their associated baggage both positive and negative, has swept through the nation. Most just want to catch a picture or get a signature of a living legend. However, just in case, keen observers may note an unusually high level of security everywhere they look. Both officers (in uniform and undercover) and surveillance cameras are visible anywhere and everywhere imPorts may go. Their hosts clearly aren’t about to risk some kind of international incident, not underneath this kind of scrutiny. Everybody, including the guests, will remain civil until imPorts have left the commonwealth. And, if nothing else, the constant surveillance gives the tabloids all the candid shots they could ask for of their guests and any interactions they have with the local population.

And what opportunities for interactions there are! The day after their arrival in England (even imPorts aren't expected to be ready to smile for the cameras immediately after a long flight!), they're whisked off to the ceremony. For something as relatively benign as a trade deal, the associated ceremony is nothing if not over the top. ImPorts enter the event through a long red carpet where they are welcome to make a few brief remarks to the waiting press outside. They're asked about everything from the utterly mundane ("Entertainment Weekly wants to know what you think of the hot, hot sex tape of Arnold Turner and Eva Dixon roleplaying as imPorts!") to the nigh inappropriately political ("The last time imPorts officially landed on European soil, you were on a diplomatic mission! Is the true purpose of your visit today to advance the imPort agenda?).

Inside, however, imPorts can breathe a sigh of relief as only the most professional of news organizations have been allowed to attend the event. The theme of the evening is the special relationship shared between the United States and the UK and no expense has been spared in reminding visiting imPorts to keep that relationship in mind. The party, taking place in a beautifully decorated ballroom, features an inescapable theme of the shared red, white, and blue colors of each nation’s respective flag, and a larger (twice actual size, in fact) ice sculpture of the British Prime Minister and the American President shaking hands stands in the center of the room. Before one can get to the fun, they have to sit through a long, dry speech presented by none other than the Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade. He is not a particularly gifted orator, and he drones on about how glad he is that the United States has decided to loosen their strict policy on self-sufficiency to allow for easier trade between the UK and the US. He takes an additional moment to raise his glass and add on, at the end of his speech, "And we toast the imPorts that have joined us here tonight! You are truly examples of the American people and the American dream, showing that even those from a new world are welcome within their borders and have helped America's economy flourish! We hope that we can remain allies and that we, too, are able to see some of your innovations on our shores!"

Once he's finished, there's a resounding peal of applause, though it's difficult to discern whether that's because they appreciate his words, or if they're simply glad to know that the speech is finally over. Canny imPorts may notice that in addition to attendees in the business of law and politics, there are businessmen aplenty looking about the room with wide smiles, each the representative of large corporations throughout the UK. But that's business, isn't it?

Technically the party isn’t over until the sculpture finishes melting, so imPorts are free to linger and enjoy the luxury late into the night, in addition to posing for more than a few photo ops. There is, as ever, a fully stocked bar and a large buffet, so be sure to enjoy it!


The lodgings imPorts are provided with are, of course, up to the standards of the rest of their trip. Their hotel is in the epicentre of London and enjoys a healthy five star rating from anyone with the funds to be able to stay there. ImPorts are expected to stay in rooms that accommodate from two to four people, but those who specially request individual rooms are granted them.

It's a good thing it's comfortable, because as of July 15, as soon as word of mysterious zombie attacks plaguing America spreads, all flights to America are shut down. It looks like they'll be stuck here for a while! Thankfully, they won't have to worry about funding for their lodgings or food; room service is on the government's bill, and imPorts are welcome to enjoy the attached spa, pools, hot tubs, and other amenities.


Of course, they won't spend all day and all night cooped up in a hotel room, no matter how nice it is! Tour groups will be all too eager to offer imPorts free tours (in exchange for a picture, of course! That will look great on their websites) so they can take them along to all of the museums, historical buildings and sight-seeing one would expect to do. Want to ride that big ol' Ferris Wheel? How about taking a look at Big Ben? All of the tourist traps are here for the taking!

Or, perhaps, the younger imPorts want to take advantage of the decreased drinking age here and go bar hopping. Perhaps they want to take in the sights of the less-traveled paths and really get to the heart of the city! The city's theirs for the taking - so long as they don't mind the occasional spat of paparazzi or the careful, watchful eye that the city itself has on them.
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c. Blue: surprisingly competant drunk battler

[personal profile] halloflamer 2017-07-17 01:28 am (UTC)(link)
[Okay, so maybe he'd gotten a little weepy at the bar, but look. He had a lot of feelings and frustrations to let out, and alcohol had seemed like a good idea at the time, until someone had brought up the subject of Red.]

[Stupid ...idiot, going up on a mountain for 3 years and ignoring him, who was Blue supposed to battle without him around, huh!? WHO WAS HE SUPPOSED TO BATTLE.]

[It all went downhill from there.]

[And then Archie suggested they battle to cheer him up a little, so here they were in the middle of a street in London, Blue shitfaced and ready to go. Pidgeot doesn't look nearly as uncomfortable as Mightyena, but he does look like he's going to roll his eyes at any moment. Blue is too busy laughing at Archie's flubbed command to even issue one of his own at this particular moment, but he manages to get one out regardless.]
W-Wet Jet? Hahahaha, that's not even a move! Did you forget what your Pokémon can even do?

Haha, whatever-- uh, Steel Wing th' Take Down!
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[personal profile] h2no 2017-07-17 03:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Maybe I translated it wrong, huh?!

[translated it from.... what, archie?]

Mightyena, dodge it! [it does, barely, though still takes the recoil damage from take down as it skids across the floor.] Use Shadow Ball!
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[personal profile] halloflamer 2017-07-17 05:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[Pidgeot's wings flap with the release of the Steel Wing's energy, circling back towards Mightyena as it anticipates the canine's next move.]

[Blue, who is busy squinting at the translation excuse (???), is slowed enough that Archie's next command comes out first; too bad for Archie that it's a dumb ass command. Blue snorts into laughter as Pidgeot flies right through the Shadow Ball, totally unaffected.]
Pfffbt do you even know how Ghost types work!? Haha, Pidgeot, Aerial Ace!!

[The bird Pokémon, on a speeding course through the failed Shadow Ball, speeds up with another burst of energy and strikes Mightyena square on. Get rekt, Mightyena.]
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[personal profile] h2no 2017-07-17 06:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Maybe I wanted to make you smile after earlier, huh?!

[oops there's a truth. mightyena takes the hit like a champ, skidding backwards.]

Scary Face that fucker, Mightyena! You can do it!

[personal profile] halloflamer 2017-07-17 10:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Ughhh, you're so corny...! [Blue complains, sounding much more like a teenager than usual, but he's grinning a little- both from the fact that he's winning and that he is, indeed, cheered up by a battle.] Again, Pidgeot!

[Pidgeot swoops back around for the next attack, but the Scary Face makes it falter a little, losing a bit of its built-up speed in flight. Still, the move finds its mark (as it always does), tackling Mightyena backwards for another hit.]

Haha, you better remember your Pokémon's moves, Aqua loser! [Blue calls across the street, beaming and red-faced. At least he was having fun.]
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[personal profile] h2no 2017-07-17 10:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Shut uuuup!

[he yells back, also sounding a bit like a whiny teen. archie recalls mighteyna after it takes the hit, seeing that it won't take another.

muk shows up next.]

Gunk Shot!
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[personal profile] halloflamer 2017-07-18 10:25 pm (UTC)(link)
[Victorious, Blue grins and watches for the next Pokémon to come out. Ugh, Muk- Blue wrinkles his nose a little, but it wasn't like he'd never fought Grimer and Muk before.] Sheesh, really? A'right Pidgeot, you can take this thing out! Easy!

[Or would... but Pidgeot is dodging some nasty poisonous garbage, there. The bird Pokémon darts around as it avoids the attacks, which has the nice side-effect of the street they're battling on becoming dotted with it. Bystanders scramble out of the way, holding their noses as they look on in distress.] Good weaving, now-- [Uh, shit, he squints. He lost his train of thought. What was he going to... OH! Oh, right] --Steel Wing!
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[personal profile] h2no 2017-07-19 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
[muk takes the steel wing to the face like a damn champ. it's thrown back slightly, but muk is one of archie's tanks. it can take it.]

Screech! Stop that thing movin'!

[muk obeys, opening its digusting mouth wide and letting out an ungodly sound.]

[personal profile] halloflamer 2017-07-20 12:19 am (UTC)(link)
[GOD Blue is going to have the worst hangover, thanks Archie]

[It sure is lucky that Muk is basically goop, because it handles impact well. Blue is a bit too stubborn to acknowledge that right now, tipsy as he is, and is just going to keep nailing it with as many hits as it can, even though Pidgeot was knocked a little off-course by that Screech.]
Heheh, Thief!

[Which is really just like, a scumbaggy kind of tackle-assault attack since Muk isn't holding anything.]

[personal profile] h2no 2017-07-20 01:03 am (UTC)(link)

[god pidgeot get fucked honestly!! the thief collides with muk just as it starts to minimise and... that's gonna be a mess.]
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[personal profile] halloflamer 2017-07-20 01:23 am (UTC)(link)

Pidgeot, Aerial Ace! Hahahaha, it's getting into the sidewalk, grooooss!

[Apparently the locals agree, as they vacate the area in light of Muk's ...Muk-ness. Pidgeot somehow manages to strike Muk with the bullshit accurate attack despite its shrinking, even though it is clearly rolling its eyes at its own trainer by this point.]
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[personal profile] h2no 2017-07-20 08:20 pm (UTC)(link)
[again, muk is undeterred. it just grunts from the impact. archie's trained it to be able to take a good beating.]

Sludge Wave! Ruin that fuckin' bird's coat!
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[personal profile] halloflamer 2017-07-21 12:57 am (UTC)(link)
--Eugh, Pidgeot, Fly up out of the way!! [Blue commands as his Z-Ring starts to glow, and Pidgeot sharply swoops upward to avoid the attack. As it flies up, the bird turns its eagle-eye on Archie, and for a moment you'd think it knew Mean Look.]

[It won't forget this day, pirate man]

[Blue, none the wiser, just yelps as the sidewalk is flooded with disgusting garbage, stumbling as he escapes it.]
Hey, watch it, you'll mess up my shoes! [He huffs, and then raises his wrist into some semblance of a proper pose with his Z-Ring in the air] ALRIGHT. Pidgeot, let's... let's do the dance thing!

[This will go well.]
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[personal profile] h2no 2017-07-21 01:20 am (UTC)(link)

[archie has never seen a z-move, bless him.]

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[personal profile] h2no 2017-07-21 02:48 am (UTC)(link)
[it hits muk hard enough that it loses some of its viscosity and a good amount of it (and its attack) splatters around the crater.

archie, still drunk, shrieks and runs towards it suddenly not caring about anything.]

Muu-uuuuk! Don't be dead!

[he skids into the crater and immediately starts healing the fainted pokémon.]

What the fuck was that?!

[personal profile] halloflamer 2017-07-21 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
[Rest in pieces, Muk. Blue is laughing like a jackass, and this time he really does stumble over.] Ahahahaha! Th' look on your face, you never seen Z-Powers b'fore, huh? Hahahaha! Muk'll be fiiiiiine.

[Pidgeot lands, coos, and preens its feathers huffily, still glaring at Archie. Blue reaches over and ruffles his feathers in a way meant to be affectionate, but the bird just looks annoyed and preens them again.]

'ssa technique they got in Alola region! Y'gather energy through dance to power moves up... 's like Mega Evolution for Pokémon's moves!

[.......Are those sirens?]
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[personal profile] h2no 2017-07-21 02:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Shut up!

[archie hears the sirens and is gathering muk up into his arms. it's not easy.]

Ugh, did I even take out one'a yours? [he can't remember.] I'm goin' back to the hotel...
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[personal profile] halloflamer 2017-07-21 08:52 pm (UTC)(link)
[Archie, what are you doing, you have Pokéballs--] Hahaha! Thas' what you get for challengin' a Champ, hahaha--!!

[Pidgeot hears the sirens before Blue does, since he's so busy bragging and laughing at his own jokes, and immediately flaps up to snatch him in its talons like a Magikarp caught for dinner.] Ah--! Hey, Pidgeot, what're you--!

[Off and away they go. Sometime later, Blue will wake up on top of a skyscraper somewhere, Roosting with Pidgeot and hungover.]