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Closed | Rude Powers & Baking

WHO: Hannibal Lecter & Various people
WHERE: Mostly De Chima & Heropa
WHEN: Evenings & Midday  March 8th-10th
WHAT: Getting to know the town, bothering Daisy and Ayra, making obnoxiously good cake designs to try to get some notoriety. Mostly just meeting new people
WARNINGS: Will update as applicable.

( ooc: for my sanity i will just stick with who has tagged in already. thanks! )

( Vegan Munchies Bakery; De Chima )

[ It only takes two days for the store owner to realize Hannibal does not need much training in terms of his skills for drawing, he simply needs direction on the artistic quality to cake decorating, which he proves to be a fast learner.

A small section of the display case inside has half price baked good (all decorated by Hannibal) with a mix of soft pastels for spring and delicate sugar flower arrangements as a treat to go along with. Some have more quirky themes such as the colors of local famous superheroes and their villianous counterparts as a set. Everything is half price to draw in business.

It goes without saying he is actually hard at work, enjoying himself, and conversing quite openly with the owner of the shop. The share a common love for perfection and it has been a long time since his basics skills weren't quite enough. It's been a long time since anyone said, good, but I know you can do better. Again.

The bell at the front of the shop chimes, a few of the tables already full of people who wondered in for dessert after lunch. Hannibal greets this customer with a half smile, while wiping off powdered sugar from his hands on his apron. His chef's apron, of course. ]

Welcome. If you have a moment, sit down. If not, we have plenty of options to box up. [ A simple greeting for now, nothing too personal. ]

( Outskirts/Forest; De Chima )

[ Hannibal has his file in hand, the one given to him in Cape Canaveral, and he still isn't sure he should believe he has access to the Bridge of Dreams in a literal sense. There isn't much light except the cover of the moon and dim street lamps from the housing building not too far off.

Thankfully, it isn't raining.

He didn't go very far into to trees, preferring urban settings to anything mildly resembling countryside. However, what use is there in wrecking his apartment?

He stepped forward to grasp the low hanging branch of a tree, on that doesn't quite have all of its leaves yet for spring, and those leaves spring into life instantaneous. Full and lively. Radiant and some vine near the tree truck expands and coils around the base. It now looks as it it has been there for fifty years when it was only a tiny thing a moment ago.

Hannibal releases the branch, his normal veneer of calmness fading to expressionless frustration. This happens every time he even so much as comes in contact with some sort of plant, especially fruit bearing trees--he even had some plants in florist shop he walked by suddenly burst from their vases and grow taller, more robust, and...well he walked away quickly. His finances are not the same as he used to be.

If anyone happens by they'll see a flash of light from his phone, documenting this oddity. He isn't exactly hiding anyway. ]

( Wildcard; hit me with an open prompt if you like! He will mostly be in De Chima and Heropa )

( For Daisy )

[ He had a reason for being here other than the local wines they had in stock; he was hoping to find someone no one would miss. He isn't desperate, not at the moment, but the inclination is better cut off at the source then letting the rather empty state of his fridge be a motivator.

Then again he can he tell who is nameless and who doesn't have powers. Baltimore was much easier to deal with when he knew the limitations of technology.

Thankfully, Daisy doesn't seem busy at the moment so he greets her kindly as he does everyone and simply asks: ]
Anything red. Wine, of course. [ But also: ] Are you serving actual Cerole recipes?

[ Because he is a hipster and authenticity totally matters. ]

( For Ayra )

People often make the mistake of assuming all that is different is an aliment needing fixing. Part of the struggle is realizing normal is relative.

[ The DSM only classifys a mental illness as an illness once it affects the safety and well being of the patient, and/or those around them. Psychopaths such as Cersei are common for her time. Viciously "respected" nobility for a time that prizes war and strength over peace.

Such an exotic dog, friendly too for what appears to be a wolf. He doesn't hesitate to pet her once she seems okay with it. ]

Needle? [ He chuckles. ] I figured it was smaller than a rapier because you were walking city streets.

[ But, she piqued his interest. ]

What if I told you there is something better to use, for you, than a broad sword? [ He assumes that is what she means by a two handed blade. ] Your advantage is always knowing what is more efficient for your build and not to pay attention to what other knights insist on having despite the disadvantages.

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[He tilts his head like the thought hadn't occurred to him. It would be easy enough for him to skate a full program without the benefit of music, but it wouldn't be as entertaining for the audience...

Bending into a series of stretches that really look as though they should be physically painful, he pulls out his comm to browse through his music library until he finds the Agape theme. It won't be perfect coming theif the tiny phone speakers, but better than nothing.

He passes it over to Hannibal.]

I'm going to get into my starting position. Press play when I bow my head.
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[He takes his time sauntering out to the starting point he'd picked out. It gives him a chance to scan the patio for obstacles, mentally taking note of the adjustments he'll need to make to avoid them. There's a sharp edge to his movements at this part, a focused intensity in the way he inspects the impromptu stage.

It might be a little jarring when he finally bows his head and all that tense energy drops away with a single breath. By the time the music begins he's relaxed entirely, lending a serene grace to every movement Yurio makes. He bends and sways delicately as he moves through the familiar program, gliding deftly around and between tables and further out to the sidewalk and street to give himself room for the jumps. That sense of delicacy only seems to intensify, a stark and fascinating contrast to the gruffly spoken boy he'd been minutes ago.

True to his word, he's drawing a small crowd now. Some have scrambled for their phones to capture what they can of the performance, but even more of them can only stare in rapt attention, hands raised to face and eyes wide and wet as though witnessing something divinely profound. Yuri stays mindful of the audience, continuously adjusting to avoid any that wander too close and sparing soft and fleeting looks brimming with the gentle, innocent love he's striving to embody to a privileged few. The boy clearly knows how to cater to an audience, and maybe that alone could have explained how hard it is to look away from him, but there's something…more. An insistent little tug pulls the eye to him, and why would you want to look away from someone so astounding? Or, worse, what if he fell in a moment when no one was looking?

He doesn't fall, of course. The lack of a barrier between himself and the audience made him too cautious to attempt anything too risky; nothing he couldn't pull out of if he needed to. As the music comes to an end, Yurio comes to a graceful halt at the patio's entrance, hands pressed together and eyes lifted skyward as if in silent prayer. The only sign that he'd even put any effort into the performance is a fine tremble in his legs and the having of his chest while he catches his breath.]
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[Yuri snorts a dismissive tone. From a fellow competitor or a formal judge that would be a grave insult, but, as far as he knows, Hannibal is just a typical member of the audience. It barely carries any weight at all for him now.]

Please, if I can't out-do myself then I may as well retire today. I'm a little young for that, don't you think?
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Are you trying to tell me you weren't impressed just now? I saw you clapping. [It'd been hard to miss when he was the first one to do it.]

We'll put on an exhibition some time soon—my rinkmates and me. Keep an eye out for ice shows in Heropa if you want to see what I can really do.
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That's what I thought. [Which is to say, Yuri clearly thinks he won that little argument.

He tilts his head curiously at Hannibal and, after a moment, offers his hand for a shake.]

It's Yuri Plisetsky.