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[ The problem with not really knowing your coworkers is that you don't get to know the small details about their personalities that wind up being very important when you spend so many hours a week in the same place as them. For example, had Ted known Qubit has a vendetta against Other Ted's popcorn habits, they could've simply laughed this off and planned a better distribution method for the proper recipient. And had Qubit known that engaging Ted Kord in a prank war can rapidly escalate to "completely out of control, Ted, someone could've died, Ted" levels, he might've been more careful in his directions-asking.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Unknowingly, Ted sits and sets off Qubit's little gift, spending the following five minutes coughing on the acrid smell while he attempts to locate the source of the smell. Device located, he sets about asking if anyone's been in his office while he's been out, and by some stroke of luck, manages to ask the same employee, pointing him in Qubit's direction. He scowls, but thanks the helpful employee, and begins to plot his revenge without ever stopping to consider that the fact that he doesn't even know Qubit may be a hint that this could be a mix up.

Several days later, Qubit will come into work to find every single item in his office completely encased in duct tape, from his computer to his desk to each and every pen, and even to a roll of duct tape in a nearby desk drawer. No one has any idea who could've done it, but there is one obvious clue left behind: on top of the duct taped desk is a duct taped package that contains a bag of burnt microwave popcorn, and the device from Ted's chair.
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[ Ted used to like Utz cheese balls. But when one is greeted by an avalanche of them upon opening one's office door, and then has to spend a straight six hours shoveling them out of said office by the cartload, surrounded by the overwhelming smell of fake cheese, they start to lose their appeal.

A week goes by without any further retaliation, but one day, Qubit will arrive at work to find his office almost exactly as he left it... only everything is upside down. Not only has Ted painstakingly glued and bolted every piece of furniture to the ceiling, but he also found matching carpet to staple to the ceiling, and lights and ceiling paneling to cover the floor. It really brings the whole effect together.

The IT department is certainly going to be annoyed to find out how much computer equipment has been rendered useless by industrial-strength glue, but to be fair, they were already annoyed at having to replace Ted's equipment that had been coated with a fine orange cheese powder.
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[ When he's not in the middle of a project that's consuming all of his time, Ted likes to take a nice long lunch. Longer than is technically allowed by Starrware policy, but he's never really been one to listen to policy anyway. So Qubit is going to be waiting awhile before Ted strolls in, still picking at a to-go bag of fries with salt and vinegar he got on his way back to the office.

The fact that he's absorbed with checking something on his phone means he doesn't notice anyone eagerly watching his door from nearby, so there's no stopping him as he unlocks the door and heads inside.

There's a pause, punctuated after a moment of silence by a bear roaring, before Ted calmly comes back out with his things under one arm, a paper and pen in hand. He scribbles a hasty "DO NOT DISTURB" note, tapes it at eye level, locks the door, and walks away without any further reaction.
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Angela had looked over the medbay several times, taking notes on the equipment, writing a list of the things she would need and the specs for them that she could remember. Occasionally she would hum or tap a pen against her bottom lip as she looked over a machine. It wasn't completely dated and actually worked well considering the world they were in. Once she had been satisfied with her list of things she was convinced Qubit could build, she handed it over. It wasn't long, two small machines and a medium sized one.

It was the second reason for them to be meeting that had her excited. They had spoken about possibly looking at upgrades and she had thought of a few practical ones that if they were possible, would be great.

At his question she inhales and closes her eyes, there's almost a soft golden glow as her suit slowly appears, the effect looking as though it were small machines coming out of her and interlocking and building parts of her suit. Once it's done she rolls her shoulders and the mechanical wings spread out and yellow light flares out like large feathers before they fade and the wing frame retracts. The spinal column at the back makes small clicking noises and opens, her legs and arms seem to part so she can step back and then leave the suit there in a solid state.

"It's able to stay out until I bring it I'm still not sure if it's in me or if it's the nanites creating it every time. I can give you a run down of what I know this suit can do."

(Because I'm terrible at describing things, when the suit comes out, I was kind of thinking it would look like the hand part, but without the crackle.)
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There were parts of the suit that made no sense to her. It wasn't all armour so she didn't know exactly how it remained standing on its own, but if she had to guess then it was probably linked to her power of summoning.

She's learning something new as Angela thought their powers were linked to the nanites. She notices him going to touch and smiles.

"I was part of a team, but the majority of the ideas came from me and I watched over the development."

Angela steps closer to her suit and and runs a hand down its spine.

"This one allows me to strafe quicker and at bigger distances. A few feet if I need to in a fight. It provides self healing to any minor wound like a cut and gives me more defense and a feather fall landing.

The one from back home, the original it had better healing and I could fly towards someone I consider an ally so I could heal them quickly. The blaster on the side also actually worked."
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"The blaster and my staff don't work. The staff activates, but it did what my powers do now only a greater distance and without the drain on my own energy."

She frowned and shook her head at his question. It was something she'd tried before when she realised that she could actually summon her suit.

"I haven't been able to and I don't think that I can. I have to touch the suit again and bring it in just to get rid of this version. I suppose it makes sense though."
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Angela doesn't seem to take any kind of offense to Qubit's words, she does raise an eyebrow however and wonders if he actually knew what they could imply.

"I couldn't tell you where it goes and I haven't felt any different when the suit is summoned or not. And I can only think of ridiculous options which I have no way of testing, or even know how to."
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Re: Lab - for Mako

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"Qubit-san," Mako said, bowing. She was still unsettled about recent events, but smoothed it over with her pleasure at seeing a friendly face. Enjoying the technological aspects of assisting him was something she'd been looking for ward to since they had discussed it. Her mind would be mostly occupied by whatever challenges he set before her and she was pleased with the prospect.
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"I do not mind, I seem to be uniquely equipped to handle it." She follows him and pauses to inspect the room and the arch before moving to approach it. Her eyes travel to the cords and cables and drift over the arch critically before she nods.

"This will not be a problem."
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"I do," Mako said, watching him with fascination. That was very new. "And flight, of course. Wherever you need this, I can put it." She was very much interested to see where that was, given its unusual design.
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"Once I have a grip," Mako said with a soft laugh, "I will be fine. I wouldn't be very much help if I dropped it, would I?" It wasn't much effort, really, to pick up the first piece and follow him through. She took in the surroundings without more than a slight nod. This new place was definitely much, much cooler in several respects.

Distance wasn't so bad with the Drift, it was the momentary disconnect that made things weird and uncomfortable for that half second she went through and came out. Mako had done it before, popping to Nonah and back to De Chima on a regular basis,so it wasn't a surprise at all.