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Advocates, Assemble! (wait what do you mean that's taken)

WHO: The Advocates
WHERE: The Watchtower
WHEN: 21 September, evening (after Xavier's post)
WHAT: Deciding what to do about Tony Stark.

"We have a situation."

Qubit stood to one side of the Watchtower's holo-table, hands resting behind his back, his expression hard as steel. He'd put out the call immediately after conferring with Xavier - a summons via the new communicators. Emergency meeting @ HQ, 10 minutes. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

"You may have already seen the network posts to this effect, but if you haven't -" He pressed a nearly-invisible key on the table, bringing up two 3D models. One was Iron Man's armor, rotating languidly in a T-pose; the other, a headshot of the man inside it. "Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, has gone rogue."

He let the declaration hang in the air a moment, gauging everyone's reactions... particularly those of Hermann and Newt. They'd been working for Stark more than a year now, so it was reasonable to guess they would take the news hardest. Having been in their shoes, he didn't envy them, but there was no sugar-coating this.

"We don't yet know how, or how many, but he's been infecting people with a nanovirus called Extremis. It's a biomechanical agent capable of rewriting their DNA from the ground up. So everyone out there who's been gaining superpowers? Stark engineered that." Here, from his coat pocket, he produced a Starkphone with a cracked screen and slid it none too gently onto the table. "His new app, '4,' is nothing but a front for the activation signal."
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Angela had seen the announcement and as soon as she got the message from Qubit, she left her home and came to the Watchtower. She waited until he was finished and sat forward in her seat.

"I've worked with nanotech before but I've never come across something like that giving powers though. At least nothing like what I'm hearing about here."

She looked at the phone as it lay on the table and frowned at it as if it were the one who just gave her the bad news.

"This is a tricky situation with a lot of routes open to us in regards to what we can do. Or what we should do, what did you have in mind?"

And she looked back to Qubit at her question.

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It's late, and while everyone is coming in, Hermann looks almost half-asleep just sitting there. We have a situation, like something out of a movie, very nearly merits an eyeroll. Newton probably appreciates it though. ImPorts with powers is old news, but he expects something about the situation to have escalated.

And it has, in exactly the manner he doesn't expect.

Hermann stares across at Qubit, shock rippling through the Drift and it's mirrored through Newton's expression. He's awake now, sitting straight and mind racing.

"..You have proof of this?"
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"Two important questions," Kid said, holding up matching fingers on each hand to punctuate his statement.

"There have been many instances of... incidents here... which cause imPorts to act far outside their normal behaviour. Do we know if this is such a situation, or whether Mr Stark is acting of his own volition?"

Logistically, it didn't make a difference in a lot of what they'll need to do: people still need to be protected, etc. But it would, he thought, make a difference in how they approached Stark himself.

"Secondly, do we know if this nanovirus is in any way using the Porter-injected nanites as a carrier, or if they are over and above those?"