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Catch all

WHO: Ed + Various
WHERE: Around
WHEN: Throughout September
WHAT: Catch-all; hit me up at jiora on plurk if you would like any specific prompts. Likewise feel absolutely free to drop a prompt in here! I'm always up for threads, even stuff as vague as "what happens if these two bump into each other on the street??"
WARNINGS: None at the moment
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[... since there's this nice catchall log here, Qubit will make his entrance over here instead.

A momentary buzz in the air is the only warning before the portal opens, a bright blue disc with indistinct edges, shimmering energetically. The hum it makes shifts slightly in pitch as Qubit steps out, and the glow gives him a dramatic backlight.

Dude likes to make an entrance, apparently.]

Hope you weren't waiting too long. [- sardonically. It was like five seconds.] Edward, is it? [That's what the comm tag said.]
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[There's some smugness in his smile - that's some nice vindication right there - as he taps a key on his wristwatch, and the portal whooshes shut, as if it was never there to begin with. (Not without a trace, technically, but it's a trace you'd need some very specialized equipment to find.)]

Short answer: applied quantum physics. Long answer: we'd be here all month.
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and then i wound up on a wiki walk

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What, on quantum physics? Sure, there're plenty. [He folds his arms.] What's your background, though? [No point throwing him in the deep end if all he's got is high school chemistry, for instance.]
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[Qubit raises an eyebrow, a little surprised. At your age? he's thinking, but... hey, it's totally possible. Wouldn't be the first young prodigy the Porter's dragged in.]

It's a good start. You'll want to begin with the big names - Einstein, Dirac, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, et cetera. Richard Feynman's lectures, in particular, are a good jumping-off point.
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[world web........ bless your heart, Ed. [youtried.jpeg]]

On the Internet, yes. But do take online sources with a grain of salt. There's good info to be had there, but you may have to sift through a lot of garbage to find it.
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[Ugh, yeah. He can't help rolling his eyes.]

Yes, unfortunately. And don't get me started on the idiots who insist vaccines cause autism. At least the flat-earth thing is relatively harmless.
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It's a developmental disorder - or a spectrum of disorders, I should say. Delays in language, difficulty communicating or forming social bonds, even with family... [Waves his hand to denote et cetera. He's not a psychologist.] The point is, all the panic about it was based on a single study that turned out to be intentionally fraudulent. It's been thoroughly debunked now, but some people still believe it, and now you see measles making a comeback when we'd nearly eliminated it. Outrageous.
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Nope. [Shrugs dramatically. He can't believe it either!] Lost his medical license eventually, I think, but that's about it.
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Exactly, but there you are. So even with peer-reviewed journals, never take them at face value. Not until you can replicate.
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Good. [Aaaand, that about wraps things up. Qubit sets his watch for... wherever he was prior to this.] I'll tell you what. Drop me a line in a few weeks, if there's anything you need cleared up.

[It's a bit unusual for him to offer, but Ed's made a good impression overall. He seems like a smart kid (and also not a sociopath, always a plus). Qubit's curious to see where this goes.]