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[closed] Better alone than in bad company...

WHO: Death the Kid & Qubit
WHERE: De Chima
WHEN: Following this inbox contact, which is a super belated follow-up to this conversation, but takes place prior to the inagural meeting of the team log
WHAT: Returned from a port-out, Qubit and Kid have something to discuss
WARNINGS: TBA if needed

As before, Kid didn't use the Porters to move between the various imPort cities. His insistence -- downright avowal, in fact -- to not Register and to remain Unsettled meant that a request to use the Porters for travel was scrutinized. Not to mention, he may have been post-departedly cleared for his "crimes" in Debrecen, but he was fairly certain that he was still under some kind of watch.

All told, flying was both a better and more preferable option. The fact that his flight was courtesy of a demonic skateboard that soared, well, that wasn't the strangest thing about the young shinigami.

As he headed for De Chima, Kid went over the conversation he'd had with Qubit back in March. A few months ago for the other man, but seemingly just past for Kid, given the Porter's strange way of eclipsing time when they vanished. It wasn't the first time he'd been Ported out temporarily; it had become no less disconcerting.

He locates the rooftop as instructed and circles once on Beelzebub, before choosing a place to land.
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Qubit doesn't use the Porters either - why bother when he's got his own? Besides, he's not only Unsettled but also a known vigilante, so he's probably on about ten different watchlists himself. Instead he 'ports directly onto the roof, stepping out of a bright blue gate just as Kid is circling around for a landing. Ah. Perfect timing.

For better or worse, the war has been quiet in Kid's absence. Debrecen itself was the last major incident, and it's already passed out of public consciousness (as much as it was ever there to begin with). Qubit hasn't forgotten, though. Plenty of imPorts protested the attack at the time, a few of them even on national television in front of the President - but only one had actually gone. That stood out.

He greets the lad with a casual wave as he lands. "Evening."
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Qubit nods once, with a smile that stops just short of self-satisfied. "That's right. An invention of mine, actually." His favorite invention, by the sound of it. "Was that a skateboard?" he adds, pointing in the general direction of the space it was just occupying.