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all around me are familiar faces

WHO: Mako Mori & Qubit
WHERE: Day One: De Chima (continued)
WHEN: August 8 (post network post)
WHAT: Mako tries to activate her powers like a n00b. Qubit & puppies drop by.
WARNINGS: Probably none, but she's from a big robots, mentally linked pilots, apocalypse, dead family everywhere canon?

It is a need for fresh air as well as seeing sights, I think.

[Mako shrugs a little, the motion slight.]

I was also attempting to figure out the powers listed in my file. So far, I have not had any success. It seems as if it will take a great deal of trial and error to activate them. [Even the notion of possessing powers of any kind is strange and incredibly unsettling.]

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Ah. Yeah, that often takes some getting used to. [Not everybody hits the ground running like he did. But... if she got the same powers as before, this would be an odd place to test them. Wide open, no machinery for half a mile...]

What did you get? Last time it was a sort of technokinesis, if memory serves. [And it does, because this is Qubit.]
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[He frowns a bit.] That's all it said?

[He sounds disappointed rather than surprised, though. The files are notorious for their vagueness. "Jaeger technology," for instance, could mean anything from summoning a Jaeger to turning into one, though he doubts it's the latter, since that would make "armored physiology" redundant. At any rate, none of the three are in evidence to the naked eye, so there's got to be something else going on here.

He shifts both the leashes to one hand, rubbing his chin with the other. The dogs take this as an invitation to get up and wander around his legs, investigate their new lady friend, etc., but that's fine as long as they're not trying to run off. Scientific curiosity has officially been piqued.]

Hmm. Since they're not there, they must be something you can manifest. That much is a given. But is it biological, or ...? Do you feel anything different?
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[Yeeeah, that symptom's probably not a coincidence. He opens his mouth briefly, then shuts it. No, Qubit, it would not be appropriate to ask that of a young woman who just met you. Not even for science.]

... Well. I wonder ... Have you ever had this happen? Where you let your mind dwell on an itch, and it makes it worse?
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[He smiles conspiratorially.] Ah. But perhaps that's not the way to go about it, this time. That sensation might function as an anchor point, if you will. Something concrete that you can tie your focus to, and draw the power outwards. [He mimes a firm grasp on an imaginary object, pulling it toward him as if with significant effort.]

... [Then a shrug, as an afterthought.] Speculation, of course, but what's it hurt to try?