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Recruitment will continue until morale improves

WHO: Qubit, Kasumi Goto, Garrus Vakarian
WHERE: Assorted
WHEN: Sometime between July 5 and 19
WHAT: Qubit finally recruits some Mass Effects.

The last leads Qubit still has to follow, with regard to the team, are Garrus and Kasumi. The former he's already met for sure, though not recently, and the latter's name rings a bell but he's not sure if they've actually seen each other in person.

Well, time to fix both of those things. He sends out the same text message to both of them separately.

Do you have a few minutes to talk? I've an offer I'm told you might be interested in.
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[ Kasumi, at least, recognized Qubit from the one conversation they've had on the network and all the work he's done around the place. Hard to miss, after all, while on the other hand she tends to try and stay under most people's radars.

Which is why she's a little baffled by the message she receives from him out of nowhere. ]

Can I ask who's telling you I might be interested in this offer?
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[ She knows about it, for sure, especially because she was almost shot in the face by the same man, herself. It's the same reason why she asks for clarification: ]

And when exactly did this conversation take place? Call me curious.
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[ Smart man. ]

That is indeed what I'm asking. Alright, I'll listen.
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I have. [ She tries to keep up with people of note. Which includes Qubit, so congratulations. ]

I'm assuming you think I can help you with this endeavor. Or that Jacob told you that I can.
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I might, but I'd have to lay down a few personal ground rules first. See if you agree with them.

First off: no publicity. For me personally I mean.
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Fair enough. Just saying, I'm not handling any interviews or press conferences or photo ops.

Second: uniforms or no? I don't mind either way but I'm not wearing anything that involves primary colors or irrational cutouts.
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That's fair.

Do I get to know who else is being considered for this gig?
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[He hasn't heard from Qubit in a while, so the text is a pleasant surprise when he receives it.]

Sure, I can spare some time.

Want to talk through here, or in person?
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[Time flies when you're helping to save the world!]

I live in Maurtia Falls, but I can do De Chima if you'd rather not visit here.

Trust me, I wouldn't blame you.
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I'll see you there.

[And true to his word, Garrus makes it to the location in exactly 20 minutes. Usually, he likes to allow himself time to be fashionably late, but whatever Qubit has in store sounds way too important to play around with.]