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WHO: imPorts!
WHERE: The city of Philadelphia.
WHEN: July 20th, all day.
WHAT: As imPorts are welcomed to a ceremony honouring their humble ambassadors, they find themselves attacked by a series of familiar looking creatures that create massive quakes and destruction across the hosting city! Will imPorts make things better, or take advantage of the chaos? That's up to them!
WARNINGS: Earthquakes, violence, and the death of AI monsters! Please let us know if this needs to be changed. If you have any further questions or want to plot with your fellow players, please direct them HERE.

At first glance, this ceremony doesn’t look much different from the other imPort-driven affairs despite the change in locale. Held outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the ImPort Ambassador Ceremony is a classy black tie affair with plenty of local and federal politicians milling around, shaking hands with Ambassadors old and new and smiling for the cameras. Hung from the building itself is a large, distinguished-looking banner, congratulating the Ambassadors and welcoming the imPorts to the fair city of Philadelphia. ImPorts may find themselves face to face with the permitted reporters and cameras, but somehow they’re only given relatively easy questions to answer: what do you think of the new Ambassador? Did you feel their campaign was successful? What do you hope for from them in the future? We’re so happy to welcome your representatives into our government!

Mostly, they seem expected to smile for the cameras, say something nice, and go away. If they don’t feel like doing that, they’re free to roam the buffet filled with dainty hors d'oeuvres and fancy stuffed delicacies, truffle and cream and -- for those 21 and up -- plenty of champagne to go around. It doesn’t pay to get too out of hand because soon enough, imPorts are guided into the chairs that line the grounds, facing the large stage that has been erected, and shushed until they’re quiet for the ceremony and the cameras. Milling around are more than TV crews, of course; they’ll also notice that the area is heavily guarded by armed police officers. They have, it seems, learned from past ceremonies not to take any chances. Indeed, the officers all seem to be on edge, poised and ready to jump in at the slightest provocation.

The speeches are, for the most part, precisely the sort of bland albeit strongly worded materials one could have expected. They express how happy they are to work with the imPort community, particularly such fine examples of it, how much they owe to imPorts as a whole, and how they hope to work together for a better, brighter future. It is said in many more words, naturally, but repetition seems to be the name of the game.

It all seems to be going as planned until suddenly, the world shifts. And then it shakes. There’s silence for a moment, beyond a few gasps, a few politicians clinging to their seats. After the shock wears off, one officer yells: “Earthquake! Everyone, away from the stage!”

The rest is chaos.

As the world begins to shake around them, phones go off one by one, native and imPort alike, blaring earthquake alerts -- not that it's needed in this mess, nor does it particularly help those trapped in the crowd. Helicopters are flown in to evacuate the politicians who will accept it, though Ambassadors, should they choose to accept this invitation, have first dibs on getting the hell out of Philadelphia.

Hearing over the chaos isn't an easy feat, but there are instructions given from police officers who have leapt in, trying to evacuate everyone as quickly and as safely as possible. It's difficult in front of and inside the museum, however, with exhibits toppling over and broken glass littering the scene.

It's obvious help is needed. For imPorts intent on damage control, there's plenty to do, both in the general vicinity and in the city at large; there are buildings that need to be secured and evacuated, people in sore need of first-aid after being hit by falling objects or trapped underneath them, and more. The city needs all the help it can get whether someone is simply a good Samaritan or has the superstrength or healing abilities to lend a hand to those in need. Emergency teams flock to the scene, brushing off the reporters still trying to get a story out of good old fashioned human tragedy, but EMTs, police officers and firefighters need help getting the job too -- this is an unprecedented earthquake, unaccounted for, and even the most dutiful among them are unprepared for such a thing.

Earthquake-torn destruction rattles in the wake of these titanic creatures. So little of Philadelphia's infrastructure had been designed to withstand quakes, and perhaps because of that, public transportation was halted, telephone lines were snapped, natural gas lines erupted in flames, and electric power had to be shut down in many areas. This would be especially devastating for hospitals! While newer buildings sustained minor damage comparatively, the glorious old masonry works crumbled completely. Windows shattered and glass shards rained onto the streets. Asphalt cracked and shuddered as the monsters walked on.

Other imPorts will, perhaps, turn their attention elsewhere: to those causing the earthquakes in the first place. Some will recognize them as being of a similar structure to the imPocreats many of them have kept in their own homes, except these are unmistakably more aggressive. Standing at 12 feet tall, they strike an imposing, distinct silhouette in the chaos of the streets. They may be humanoid in shape despite the thick muscle heavy on their frames, but their feet are long, distorted, and hoof-like, with thick horns protruding from each of their shoulders, wider even more than their armspan. Their skin is organic and a ruddy brown, but appears to be, most importantly, incredibly porous as it slowly expands and relaxes, as if breathing through their entire bodies. Metal can be seen at the place where their horns meet their skin, betraying the extremely tough alloy metal skeleton within, shielding their organs from any typical attacks.

As has been previously stated, once attacked, they will absorb any force exerted into them, and imPorts will find the earthquakes increasing every time they attack one normally, their general vicinity being hit the hardest in the wake of every punch -- they're going to have to be creative to deal with this! Unfortunately, it's difficult to avoid wanting to punch back, because these imPocreats will be targeting imPorts, and they're far from weak; whether they're kicking with their incredibly powerful hooves, goring those around them with their deadly sharp horns, or simply putting those patented swole muscles to work punching out imPorts, they're not the docile enemies imPorts may hope for.

One by one as these creatures are destroyed or otherwise disposed of, the earthquakes will cease, but who knows what damage will be wrought in the meantime? It's up to you, imPorts, to save who you can and make sure to that you get this situation under control!
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[Qubit wasn't planning to visit Philadelphia today. Politics don't interest him at the best of times, and anyway today's event sounded more like a publicity exercise than anything else. So he just went to work, business as usual... until he got a notification that made his heart drop into his stomach.

"ALERT! Possible Plutonian activity detected!"

It was from his Modeusbots, always keeping watch for it - unusual seismic activity, sudden atmospheric heat readings, that sort of thing. The part of him that always assumes the worst immediately went wild. Here? Now?! But it wasn't guaranteed to be him. Only possible. He wouldn't know until he had the full sitrep.

He 'ports in immediately. The tremors, intense and prolonged, are more immediately reminiscent of the Grand Canyon than Singapore - not that that's terribly reassuring. This can't be natural.

He guts a nearby junction box to put together a scanner, and it's just as he thought - the epicenter isn't underground, and doesn't match known fault lines. More worrying, however, is the presence of multiple epicenters. Which makes it less likely to be Tony's work, thank God, but still...

It can't be helped. The team hasn't even met before, they're not fully prepared, but if this isn't a job for them, what is? He raises them on the comm...]
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[It's a voice call, marked "URGENT," and sent to everyone at once. (Specifically: Xavier, Marty, Harrison, Hermann, Angela, Kasumi, and Garrus.) Loud rumbling, car alarms, and indistinct voices can be heard in the background.]

Qubit here. I need all of you in Philadelphia ASAP. This is not a drill.
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[Excuse this snappy, foul-tempered British guy everyone. Today is already a terrible day]

What is it?
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It's an earthquake. Strike that, earthquakes, plural. I'm seeing multiple epicenters at regular intervals. Could be a coordinated attack.
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[If earthquakes doesn't get his attention, then coordinated attack certainly brings him a laser focus, heart jumping into his throat]

A coordinated attack? Dear god. I'll send out a drone to take stock of the situation..
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[This is actually exactly what Qubit was gonna do next, so]

All right. Patch me in on the feed.
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[Hermann ends up sending all but one of his drones to Philadelphia after it becomes clear that there's more than just one disaster in need of attention. Five live feeds streamed to his laptop and intermittently blinking to complex overlays rife with numbers, measurements, and complex calculations. He opens a line to Qubit and wrangles his television into cooperating as a larger monitor.

And there on cameras 3 and 4, are monsters. It's utterly horrific and for several minutes, Hermann manages to forget about the fact that Newton is gone because he both sounds and feels like he's about to be terribly sick.]

I.. I'll focus on relief efforts.
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[A moment while he looks at these with Harrison.]

Hermann, can you pull camera 3 in closer?
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[Well, he hadn't really thought much would come of this, but apparently he'd been wrong. Harrison answers the call after only a few seconds, though the hesitation feels longer to him.]

I can get there once I get to a porter, what's happening?
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Earthquakes. Multiple. It's beginning to look like an attack. Where are you? I can 'port you straight here.
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Multiple? [He doesn't have seismic equipment set up, certainly nothing global, but—] I'm at home. Heropa 10. I'll wait for you.

[As he's quickly shutting down the equipment he had been using, clearly his experiments can wait. It sounds just like a metahuman attack from back home, only this time maybe he can do something about it.]
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[Qubit taps his watch, and there's a whoosh sound both over the audio and out in front of Heropa 10 as the portal appears.] There's a teleportal out front of your house. Just hop in.
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[ Marty's to Qubit in virtually no time. After his last blunder on the Fourth, he's more than eager to make sure he's the hero he signed himself up to be. He still has no idea what his code name should be, but that can come later, right? ]

I'm here! I'm here!

[ This whole situation is bad, but Marty looks...way too eager, to be honest. ]
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I'm already here, Qubit. This is chaos! Where are you?
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[ Kasumi, for better or for worse, had already been in Philly, mostly to get into the museum more than anything else. Anyway... Her response is similarly filled with noises of chaos blending together in the background, and she certainly sounds like she's in the middle of something. ]

Way ahead of you, Qub. I'm getting civilians out of museum. What do you need?
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[This isn't exactly the best introduction to the city of Philadelphia. Harrison can feel the ground shaking the moment the teleportal delivers him to Qubit's location, it's chaos, distant screams and crashes above the constant rumbling. He's almost shaken off his feet as soon as he appears, and it takes a quick increase in his relative gravity to make him stable enough (heavy enough) to catch his balance.]

Uh huh. I see what you mean. This isn't natural for anywhere, let alone Pennsylvania.

[But where does he start? Where do any of them start?]
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[Sadly, Qubit has to deal with standard gravity like everybody else, but a wide stance is keeping him upright, if not particularly steady. He shuts the portal and does something or other on his tablet for a second.]

The nearest event is about six blocks east of us. Hermann's getting us eyes on it... [There's a notification noise.] And there we are.

[He flips to the video feed, holding it so Harrison can see. For his part, he wrinkles his nose in disgust at the monsters.] Revolting. What are those?
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[Harrison's expression brightens momentarily—Hermann, he remembers him, they'd spoken briefly when Harrison had first arrived and it had been a fairly productive conversation, rare enough for those first few days—but that vanishes as he stares at the creatures from the video feed.]

You answered your own question, they're revolting. [Not wholly helpful however.] I'm not sure it matters what they are if they're causing these earthquakes, this city's going to fall apart. Do we have... [vague gestures] ...a plan?
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[It is going to be reeeally interesting having a team that's like 50% sarcastic scientists.]

Working on it. [To the comm:] Hermann, can you pull camera 3 in closer?

[Back to Harrison:] At any rate, we don't have any heavy hitters at the moment, so we'll need to get creative. If they're just robots, I can neutralize them myself, but...
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just gonna reply here if that's okay?

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[The camera moves in, though not too close, and Hermann increases the zoom for something of a close up. There sure are metal bits there, though they look organic enough otherwise.]

Well they're not Kaiju.. [But that's about all that can be said for them. Camera 4 is a grotesque scene though, someone should maybe do something about that]
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works for me!

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They're not just robots. And standing here talking about them isn't— [He winces as he catches sight of the camera 4 feed. It's gruesome, and there will be more of that if they don't move.]

We need to go. I can lower gravity, whatever they're doing won't have as much impact, it's a start if you can get us there.