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we hold these truths to be self-evident

WHO: Calendar Man, Joseph Kavinsky & YOU!
WHERE: De Chima Civil War Museum Gala, the streets of De Chima
WHEN: The Fourth of July!
WHAT: In Which There Is A Gala, Which Is Crashed, There Are Eagle Fireworks, Giant Uncle Sam, and the Declaration of Independence Is Almost Stolen
WARNINGS: Violence, injury, probably foul language, chaos, nigh-desecration of patriotic sensibilities, let me know if I should edit more in!

(( OOC: Please see this plot post! And if you're participating in any of the fights, you'll want to look at this follow-up too! Hit either of those up if you have any questions or issues, thank you! ))


The museum's gone all out for the exhibit, "240 years of America!", proud to be the host.

While there are American flags everywhere, the decoration is mostly tasteful but undoubtedly patriotic in nature. Everything seems to be a shade of red, white or blue.

A pair of smartly-dressed greeters at the lobby check tickets and coats, and for imPorts a flash of their tattoos in the dim light will get them through.

Once inside, the museum has a broad open floor-plan with large entrance-ways. Just past the lobby is the large main hall hosting the gala, the museum café with the open bar to the right, activities for the children or young at heart to the left, and the exhibit in the back.

The activities include presentations on American history, with actors in costume. There's also a whole row of costumes for dress-up and reenactment, from all sorts of time periods. There's even a museum-wide scavenger hunt you can get a list for from an attendant.

The main hall is split between a wide open space for dancing, and dozens of round tables with red white and blue flowers, and alternating table cloths in the same colours. The Café area has a buffet table, with a wide variety of cuisine, and some vegan and vegetarian options. And be sure to have a drink at the open bar.

There are quite a number of locals, those interested in history, local politicians, and of course, quite a few there for a chance to meet imPorts. Everyone is dressed to the nines, and be sure to appreciate all the fashions on display.

From 6-8 pm of the evening guests can relax, enjoy themselves, and partake of the festivities. They may even admire the artifacts on display, from all eras in American history, at least something from every war America has participated in, and many personal items of American presidents and other historical figures. The rest of the museum is open to those who came to gala, including quite a lot of important Civil War artifacts.

After eight, however, things get quite a bit messier.


There's quite a lot you can conceal in a suit jacket, if it's tailored just right, and nobody tailors like a dream thief. Nonetheless, laden with five rockets, his outfit does sit a little oddly on Kavinsky's frame, so he's grateful for the sweltering heat of summer. He carries his jacket over his arm, and leaves a greeter frowning at his rude reply. July the 4th is his favorite. It's a good day to be alive. Or you know. Not alive, whatever floats your boat.

Anyone who recognizes him immediately knows there's something strange about his presence here. He plays on his phone through a couple reenactments, and then sets off a proximity alarm to a handsome painting. He waves hello here or there. He has a bit to drink, is told he can't smoke.

And then at eight, he drops off his jacket and lights it on fire.

A waiter is the first casualty, running heroically toward the smoking garment with a fire extinguisher. When he's only five feet away, the whole thing suddenly bursts into light and heat and screaming noise. Five massive eagles, made of golden flame, erupt into the air. They immediately shoot apart from each other, shrieking, blowing over wineglasses, singeing paintings, and chasing patrons. They aren't the most dangerous thing this world has seen, but it is utter pandemonium for five minutes until they're spent.


And after that, comes Calendar Man.

Julian Day has been looking forward to this for quite some time. On June 14th, Flag Day, he had even gone ahead and stolen the George Washington costume from the hit musical Franklin! for this purpose. With so many reenactors around, Julian easily slips inside during the chaos caused by his recruited fellow; just one of the actors, one dressed as George Washington.

Then he quietly starts stealing things. The alarms are already blaring by this point anyway. And just as the fireworks start to end, Calendar Man gets ready to summon his monster.

In the middle of the exhibit, visible to both those viewing the artifacts and those attending the gala, the rotting corpse of Uncle Sam seems to step out of the air itself, massive and terrifying. It's about 18 feet tall, and its top hat skims the ceiling, causing lights to fall and crash.

Julian takes that exact moment to smash the glass holding the Declaration of Independence and steal his final prize. His triumph achieved, Calendar Man calls to his creation, who lifts him from the ground.

Being raised up in the hands of his creation, Calendar Man raises his voice above the din, and cries: "Wishing you all a happy Fourth of July from Calendar Man, De Chima!"

Just so that everyone knows who's responsible.

The Uncle Sam joins in with booming laughter, oddly filtered as if it were speaking through a 60-year-old radio. Its voice, similarly eerie and echoed, is loud. "Stand and fight!"

The gala, already ruined after the fireworks, gets worse as the attendees panic, tripping over themselves to get out of the way. Soon the fight will start, and there’ll be plenty of people to rescue, structures to keep from collapsing, and artifacts to save.
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At first, Qubit had thought the fireworks were just a poorly-timed prank, but the sudden towering figure of an undead Uncle Sam - physically real, too, apparently, and not just a hologram or illusion - marked this as something else entirely. In some backwards way, he was almost grateful for the distraction, though he'd never admit it. It gave him something to focus on.

Getting in close wasn't going to happen, even if there were anything he could do there. In theory, he could simply 'port it outside, but if he just up and did that, it could just as easily facilitate the attacker's escape. Anyway, he could only do a portal big enough to drop it through vertically, and there were too many people running around its ankles, whether trying to escape or - "Idiots, what are they doing?" he muttered to himself. Saving the artifacts? It was hard to tell what was recovery and what was looting. Either way, was it really worth risking their lives over?

All right. First priority: get bystanders to safety. Second: get that thing outside, where they can bring it down safely. Third: bring it down. For most of that, he'd need his team - such as it was.

So, uh, sit tight up there, Calendarman, he'll be back. Time to frantically run around trying to find people.