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we hold these truths to be self-evident

WHO: Calendar Man, Joseph Kavinsky & YOU!
WHERE: De Chima Civil War Museum Gala, the streets of De Chima
WHEN: The Fourth of July!
WHAT: In Which There Is A Gala, Which Is Crashed, There Are Eagle Fireworks, Giant Uncle Sam, and the Declaration of Independence Is Almost Stolen
WARNINGS: Violence, injury, probably foul language, chaos, nigh-desecration of patriotic sensibilities, let me know if I should edit more in!

(( OOC: Please see this plot post! And if you're participating in any of the fights, you'll want to look at this follow-up too! Hit either of those up if you have any questions or issues, thank you! ))


The museum's gone all out for the exhibit, "240 years of America!", proud to be the host.

While there are American flags everywhere, the decoration is mostly tasteful but undoubtedly patriotic in nature. Everything seems to be a shade of red, white or blue.

A pair of smartly-dressed greeters at the lobby check tickets and coats, and for imPorts a flash of their tattoos in the dim light will get them through.

Once inside, the museum has a broad open floor-plan with large entrance-ways. Just past the lobby is the large main hall hosting the gala, the museum café with the open bar to the right, activities for the children or young at heart to the left, and the exhibit in the back.

The activities include presentations on American history, with actors in costume. There's also a whole row of costumes for dress-up and reenactment, from all sorts of time periods. There's even a museum-wide scavenger hunt you can get a list for from an attendant.

The main hall is split between a wide open space for dancing, and dozens of round tables with red white and blue flowers, and alternating table cloths in the same colours. The Café area has a buffet table, with a wide variety of cuisine, and some vegan and vegetarian options. And be sure to have a drink at the open bar.

There are quite a number of locals, those interested in history, local politicians, and of course, quite a few there for a chance to meet imPorts. Everyone is dressed to the nines, and be sure to appreciate all the fashions on display.

From 6-8 pm of the evening guests can relax, enjoy themselves, and partake of the festivities. They may even admire the artifacts on display, from all eras in American history, at least something from every war America has participated in, and many personal items of American presidents and other historical figures. The rest of the museum is open to those who came to gala, including quite a lot of important Civil War artifacts.

After eight, however, things get quite a bit messier.


There's quite a lot you can conceal in a suit jacket, if it's tailored just right, and nobody tailors like a dream thief. Nonetheless, laden with five rockets, his outfit does sit a little oddly on Kavinsky's frame, so he's grateful for the sweltering heat of summer. He carries his jacket over his arm, and leaves a greeter frowning at his rude reply. July the 4th is his favorite. It's a good day to be alive. Or you know. Not alive, whatever floats your boat.

Anyone who recognizes him immediately knows there's something strange about his presence here. He plays on his phone through a couple reenactments, and then sets off a proximity alarm to a handsome painting. He waves hello here or there. He has a bit to drink, is told he can't smoke.

And then at eight, he drops off his jacket and lights it on fire.

A waiter is the first casualty, running heroically toward the smoking garment with a fire extinguisher. When he's only five feet away, the whole thing suddenly bursts into light and heat and screaming noise. Five massive eagles, made of golden flame, erupt into the air. They immediately shoot apart from each other, shrieking, blowing over wineglasses, singeing paintings, and chasing patrons. They aren't the most dangerous thing this world has seen, but it is utter pandemonium for five minutes until they're spent.


And after that, comes Calendar Man.

Julian Day has been looking forward to this for quite some time. On June 14th, Flag Day, he had even gone ahead and stolen the George Washington costume from the hit musical Franklin! for this purpose. With so many reenactors around, Julian easily slips inside during the chaos caused by his recruited fellow; just one of the actors, one dressed as George Washington.

Then he quietly starts stealing things. The alarms are already blaring by this point anyway. And just as the fireworks start to end, Calendar Man gets ready to summon his monster.

In the middle of the exhibit, visible to both those viewing the artifacts and those attending the gala, the rotting corpse of Uncle Sam seems to step out of the air itself, massive and terrifying. It's about 18 feet tall, and its top hat skims the ceiling, causing lights to fall and crash.

Julian takes that exact moment to smash the glass holding the Declaration of Independence and steal his final prize. His triumph achieved, Calendar Man calls to his creation, who lifts him from the ground.

Being raised up in the hands of his creation, Calendar Man raises his voice above the din, and cries: "Wishing you all a happy Fourth of July from Calendar Man, De Chima!"

Just so that everyone knows who's responsible.

The Uncle Sam joins in with booming laughter, oddly filtered as if it were speaking through a 60-year-old radio. Its voice, similarly eerie and echoed, is loud. "Stand and fight!"

The gala, already ruined after the fireworks, gets worse as the attendees panic, tripping over themselves to get out of the way. Soon the fight will start, and there’ll be plenty of people to rescue, structures to keep from collapsing, and artifacts to save.
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[ Marty struts into the Gala wearing something a few people may find familiar. Most of the time when it came to the 4th of July, he'd just chill out with his friends at their parties until it grew dark and the fireworks were set off. What better way to go spending your summer day than stuffing your face full of shit, right? And then setting off some rockets in the backyard (maybe illegally) was a great way to end it.

Going to parties like this was a little different! It's a nice kind of different, though. And in a way, it kind of makes him feel important. Who the hell else gets invited to a special party like this, other than Regan? Or whoever the president was.

The first thing Marty does is make his way to the food bar. He's starving. Don't mind him digging into the desserts and stuffing his face. ]


[ Okay, he knows that yes, this is bad and he should feel bad about it. There's people running everywhere, others with superpowers springing into action. The gala's suddenly full of gasps and screams and people actually in trouble. Marty should probably be feeling...not what he's feeling right now.

Is this terrible? Absolutely. Is he kind of nervous right now? Hell yeah. But this is the chance he's been waiting for. To actually use these powers for something other than frying the Doc's garden. This is perfect!

He'll run over to the first person he sees in trouble, who happens to be blocked into a rock and a hard place by a wall of fire. Marty braces himself with a shit-eating smile, holds out his hands, and...

nothing happens.

Marty wants the fire to disappear; he's done it before during practice. Of course, when the person actually needs help, his powers don't work. Why? ]
C'mon, c'mon...

[ He swears to himself, gritting his teeth, but nothing happens. Marty isn't having fun now. If anything, he's panicking. ] It's not working. Why's it not working?!
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[ It's kind of odd, watching Marty strut over with a smirk on his face -- not that Pablo is in a position to begrudge assistance, if more for the armful of diaries he's trying to rescue from destruction than for himself -- and only odder still when he simply holds his hands out and seems to expect the fire to react. Pablo watches him with an expression that's curious but for the most part calm, like how someone might look at someone else in a grocery store check-out line instead of during a fiery commotion. ]

What was supposed to happen? [ Even his voice sounds dry and calm, although Pablo's eyebrows raise when Marty begins to panic. ] Hey -- it's all right. Figure it out later, right now you should-- uh, you need to... be careful how you breathe. You know, because of the smoke. Just, um-- focus on not panicking. If you can do that.

[ Well, he's trying to be helpful. ]
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[ He's trying to get the fire to do something, but it...doesn't. He doesn't understand- he and Doc practiced this before. Doc literally burned up a bush or two trying to get this to work, and he still couldn't do anything? ] It's supposed to go down! [ Marty's hands shake. ] We practiced! I can make the fires go down but it won't!

[ Maybe panic was a good explanation for this? Marty forces himself to take a breath or two. In, out. It is getting pretty smoky in here. ] How am I supposed to save people if I can't even use my powers right?
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Oh. Yeah, I can see how that would be useful.

[ Well, that's still unhelpful. Pablo puts his hand over his mouth -- mostly as a smokescreen -- while he falls quiet in thought for a moment, both about what to do and about Marty's question. ]

There's always more than one way to help people. Is anything different this time? I mean... [ ... Besides the obvious... ] There's probably a lot more fire here than when you practiced before. Maybe you need to give it a second? Um, like, to breathe and try again.
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Yeah, there's a lot more fire! [ If it wasn't for the fact that Marty's freaking out, he probably wouldn't snap like that. Excuse him. ] And people weren't in trouble...

[ Breathing would be a good idea. Was he even breathing before? He takes a big breath in (and almost coughs up a lung because jesus, it's smoky in here) and lets out whatever air is in his lungs back out. He tries again, going as far as to asking the fire to cooperate in his head...

And it slowly starts to die down! Marty's so happy about this, he could have cried. ]

O-Okay. Let me just... [ He tries again, and the fire simmers down a little more. Maybe the breathing thing was the key! Marty can't even remember if he had been breathing right before or not. But soon enough the fire's more or less gone...in that little area, at least. ]

...Did you do anything to help? [ Marty lets his tired arms drop, giving Pablo a curious look. ] Not that I'm mad or anything.
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[ It's okay Marty, Pablo isn't offended. He's, perhaps, overly patient in fact considering the room is on fire, but... well, the circumstances simply are what they are.

When Marty looks over Pablo just shakes his head slowly, at first saying nothing but then, after a moment or two, he lowers the hand covering his mouth to actually answer properly.

No. I don't think anything I can do is as useful as what you just did.

[ He takes a breath in and out now that the fire has gone down a bit and the area is much less smokey, then smiles faintly in Marty's direction. ]

Good job, though. If my arms weren't full I'd give you a congratulatory hug or something -- maybe a pat on the shoulder, I don't know. I can owe it to you when the building's not on fire, though -- but at least if it happens again you know you can do it next time. Not that you'd want there to be, but...

[ ... Well, you know what he means. Hopefully. ]
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[ Marty probably doesn't say how much he appreciates Pablo being there, but his smile might! Maybe all he needed was less of an asskicking by his own self, and more encouragement. Or at least some time to gather whatever worked to make the fire go down. Who knows with these weird ass powers?

He looks over to Pablo and offers a smile. ]
Nah, man. I got-

[ Oh hey. Are you carrying stuff? He just now noticed this. ]

...Need help? Let me help you out, man.
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[ Marty's smile leads Pablo to broaden his slightly more, even if it's still overall faint -- but if it wasn't already obvious, Pablo is simply not that overly expressive. So any smile is still a pretty positive thing. He glances down at the books he's holding for a moment, then back up at Marty. ]

Oh. Well -- I wouldn't want to inconvenience you or anything. They're journals from the exhibits... you know, like diaries. And, uh. I just got really worried that there might not be any other living history of the people who wrote in them. But they're not, like, too heavy.

[ On the other hand, between the two of them they can carry more things, right? Though Pablo doesn't want to keep Marty inside the building, either. ]

If you see any more around, though, could you tell me? On our way to-- outside. That would actually be really helpful. My eyesight's kind of, um... well. All the smoke in here doesn't help.
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Inconvenience? After you basically helped me to remember how to use my powers? Jesus, it's the least I can do. [ Marty's no historian or anything, so the journals aren't...great or anything. If you asked whether he'd rather save himself or little things from history that were maybe a hundred years old or whatever, he'd say himself. But hey!

He takes a few of the books gingerly out of Pablo's hands. ]
Ah, do you want me to lead? I can get us out quick if you can't see good. And if there's any more things lyin' around like this, I can always let you know and pick 'em up.

[ Marty pauses. ] I won't let anything happen or anything. Not like last time! I know how to use my powers.
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I think you're giving me way too much credit. I mean... I'm happy I could help, but I'm sure you'd have remembered even if I wasn't here.

[ The sentiment is appreciated though, even if he seems quick to eschew any responsibility for Marty's success. As far as Pablo's concerned, all he really did was stand there and talk, which anyone can do.

But that's not important. Hesitantly Pablo surrenders some of the books to Marty, feeling some relief that this will now allow him to carry more things (as/if he encounters them) or just make sure not to drop what he's already holding.

... Yeah, actually. Thanks. It's probably better if you do that. [ He readjusts the books in his arms and brushes his bangs a bit more out of his face. ] Don't worry, I know. I trust you.
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[ Alright! Last little blunder aside. Marty's ready to be the hero this time. Time to put on his gameface!

He tucks the books away as best as he can...which doesn't really change anything in regards to how safe said books are, but he turns around to face the exit. Or where he thinks is the exit. Where an exit should be located in a giant place like this.

Thank god the fire's not terribly bad yet. ]

Let me know when you're ready! Or if you wanna stop at other places. You just tell me where to go and I'll go, alright?

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[Doc appears, leaning over from the salad bar with a playful smile.]

I see you've regained your appetite. Enough appetite for at least two people, looks like.

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[ Man, it's so nice to see Doc again. He's still having a hard time getting that picture out of his head (the part where his best friend just keeled over dead), but it's a work in progress. Seeing his bud so happy and so...well, Doc-ish definitely helps.

Marty swallows what he's eating before returning the smile with one a million times bigger. ]
It wasn't until after I saw you I realized how freakin' starving I was. Jesus, I bet I lost weight. [ That's...probably not funny, but he's going to try and joke about it anyway. At least, the part where he was a hermit for the better part of a week. ]

You should try some of the desserts. They're pretty damn good.
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Now that's what I like to hear.

[Doc's tried to keep up an appearance of healthy eating, but it doesn't last long. He's not exactly a good cook, so his diet at home was often...rather inappropriate. He sure did love his desserts though, and he'd join Marty in gathering them up with a big smile.]

Any favorites so far?
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[ Marty ate some of Doc's cooking, yeah. Most of the time, it was something that he came to regret. His friend was great and all, but his cooking kind of wasn't. That wasn't something he said to Doc's face, though. He wasn't that much of a jackass.

Most of the time when he's at home, Marty just makes precooked stuff. It's easier. And cleaner. A hell of a lot easier than actually having to chop stuff up and waiting for hours just to eat. He's going to stuff his face with good food while he can! ]

The desserts are pretty good. Like the brownies? Awesome. [ He looks to Doc and holds up a few that he just recently put on a plate. ] The icing's the best part. You gotta eat that last.
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[Doc reaches for a brownie and listens to Marty's instructions with a dubious ear.]

Icing last? Very well, let's try it...

[He's very slow and deliberate about inching the brownie to his mouth, carefully separating it from that caked on layer bite by bite. He then rolls the frosting into a little log shape and starts nibbling.]

It's very good, I'll admit. But I think I can take this a little further.

[Doc grabs a plate and a chocolate-frosted donut. The frosting has little star sprinkles already, but he can add more. There are some hard candies scattered around, and he begins to glue them on. When there's no more space left, he fills the donut hole---first with a cream puff, then a toothpick, then an eclair jammed on top.]

I present Mount Sugar-rushmore.

[He's trying to say this with a completely straight face. Trying and failing.]
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[ Marty watches Doc build something...actually really impressive out of some desserts lying around. In a few seconds, Doc turned an ordinary donut into something a hell of a lot more interesting. One eclair later, and jesus. What the hell was that, even?

He's already smiling like an idiot, but Marty can't help but burst into giggles when Doc tries to present Mount Sugar-Rushmore with a straight face that is obviously faltering. That's when he starts laughing, full blown to the point where there's tears gathering in his eyes.

It's nice to be able to laugh at his friend like this, especially after everything that's happened in the last few weeks.

When he settles, he gives Doc a shit-eating kind of grin. ]
It's not up to scale or painted, Doc.
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[Doc laughs too, bright and loud and perhaps catching unwanted attention. But does he care when he's leaning up next to Marty and sharing a joke like the old days? Not really.]

You'll have to forgive me for forgetting my pastry supplies. My entrance into the scene was understandably met with skepticism...

[The smile makes his face ache after a while, so he'll take a scoop of his creation and eat to get those muscles moving again. It's...surprisingly good.]

I haven't had eclairs like this in years...plenty of room on the other side if you want a piece.
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[ Marty snorts, grinning at his friend's lack of self confidence. ] Aw c'mon, Doc. I'm just messin' with you-

[ Wait, skepticism? ] ...What do you mean there were skeptics, Doc?

[ At Doc's request, he takes a piece of the culinary masterpiece and takes a bite, grimacing a little as the sweetness nips at his teeth. But...yeah, it's actually pretty good! Marty nods, before reaching for another piece. ] Can't say I've had these. [ He looks to Doc, and shrugs. ] We ate real easy stuff. Y'know, like peanut butter cups. Not fancy stuff.

[ Before he changed stuff, of course. ]
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[Doc just smiles, and...oh look, that vaguely resembles a peanut butter cup over there! He'll reach for it, pass it to Marty, and pray it doesn't contain anything too strange.]

I never told you this, but in the days before I conceived the time machine and you appeared...for a time, I wanted to give up on science altogether. I believed culinary school would be similar enough to satisfy me...

But one chamber-chilled egg and they tossed me right out.
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Culinary school? You actually tried to be a cook? [ Before he can stop himself, Marty's bursting out into laughter, enough to make his stomach hurt.

The thought of his best friend, the "crazy" scientist who created time travel being a cook is priceless. Doc decorating a wedding cake with little dots and roses while wearing a giant white hat isn't something Marty can picture at all. It's not risky, it's not different. It's not Doc at all!

He tries to get a hold of himself as quickly as he can. ]
Can I tell you how happy I am that you didn't get stuck in that? Jesus, I can't imagine you not being you!

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[With chaos broken out all around, Qubit silently curses the fact that his team isn't assembled yet. As it is, the best he can do is dash around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to find them manually.

He spots the smoke before the fire - of course, the fireworks just had to spark something - but he's pleasantly surprised to find Marty there, already working on quieting the flames. But even before he can get within earshot, he realizes something's wrong. The fire's not diminishing. It's even expanding, just as it would without interference.]

Marty! [- he shouts, rushing up to join him.] What are you doing?!
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[ Oh shit, he knows that voice.

If there was anytime to prove that he was hero material, this was it. Qubit was looking for people who met the status quo, and Marty didn't waste any time trying to pitch in. He apparently got a part, sure, but what would happen if he saw that Marty couldn't do anything? The fires were growing, his fire manipulation or whatever wasn't doing anything. Marty was probably making himself look stupid, standing like this. ]

It's, it's not going down! It's supposed to go down! [ He looks over to Qubit, eyes wide with panic. ] I can't- it won't...!
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-07-07 09:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[To be fair, most people look stupid by Qubit's standards. And given Marty's youth, newness to his powers, and near-total lack of training, it'd actually be more surprising if he didn't encounter any hiccups.]

Calm down! Listen to me. Marty, listen. [He points to a spot on the ceiling above the flames - the nearest sprinkler head.] Throw a fireball up there, and set off the sprinkler.
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[personal profile] heymcfly 2016-07-08 03:45 am (UTC)(link)
[ Marty's trying really, really hard to keep his head here. If he messes this up, it might be all over. Nobody wanted a kid as a hero, after all. Or someone who couldn't control the powers he was given. But when Qubit calls for him to calm down, Marty listens.

...Oh. That's actually a really good idea. And something he can do! ]

Right! [ Marty gathers a fireball in one palm, before hurtling it to the nearest sprinkler as hard as he can. The second it hits, a shower of water started to pour down on the flames. And through his suit. Great. ]

Now what?!