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You are planned, and you are damned

WHO: Jacob Taylor, unfortunate CR, and open to new encounters
WHERE: Throughout the Porter cities
WHEN: June 14th, during the Road Not Taken plot!
WHAT: Thanks to magic, meet a new version of Jacob Taylor who never left the paramilitary group Cerberus. Agent Taylor is not a very nice man, and he will complete his mission at any cost: eliminate the enemies of Cerberus... starting with the Normandy crew.
WARNINGS: Violence, along with prejudice toward aliens

The spell takes Jacob Taylor sometime in the night. When Agent Taylor awakens in the morning, his mind feels like cold, clear water: the kind that lets you see all the way to the depths. All the doubts and questions he has been wrestling with for years are gone. He is filled with iron certainty and pure conviction. He knows who he is: a Cerberus agent, loyal to the cause of advancing humanity through any means necessary. And he knows what has to do.

Anyone who encounters Jacob today will be able to notice the difference. His posture is more purposeful and aggressive, his eyes are colder, his face less emotional. He's also dressed in much darker clothing than usual, along with a few splahes of Cerberus yellow, because no alignment swap is complete without visual cues. The biggest changes are inside his head, though. This Jacob was implanted with Reaper technology after he decided to stay with Cerberus. The implants give him new clarity, more discipline... and unquestioning, mindless obedience.

Agent Taylor remembers everything from his time as an imPort, but now it's been placed in a new context. Obviously he is a deep-cover agent, implanted with special conditioning before he pretended to defect from Cerberus for the sake of the mission. That was how he has been able to pretend to be a friend to the Normandy crew, winning their trust and gaining crucial information. Now he's been activated, and his true loyalties can take precedent once more. He can stop bullshitting and focus on what has to be done. There are high-value targets in the area, namely Shepard and his crew: enemies of Cerberus who could interfere with the Illusive Man's designs. They need to be neutralized.
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en route

This is weird, and Joker recognizes that right from the get-go, but it's also Jacob-- if he needs to meet him somewhere secluded and private, that means something's gone seriously tits up, right? Had it been someone else, somebody he didn't know like Taylor, then he might have been suspicious, but Jacob's a good guy. Jacob's Normandy crew.

Doesn't mean that he won't bitch about having to go so far out of his way, though.

When Joker arrives at the meeting spot, Jacob's already there.

"This'd better be something serious for me to have to trek my ass all the way out here," he says, walking said crippled ass over towards him. "Me and unpaved paths aren't exactly on speaking terms, if you get me."
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And now he has a gun pointed at him. That's a thing that's happening right now and... wow, this is the second time he's had a crewmate point a weapon at him. Once is an incidence, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.

The look on Jacob's face, though, is just a complete blank-- neutral and calm, like he's not about to shoot somebody who's supposed to be on his team. It's not an expression that he really ever saw on Taylor's face, and having it there now was disconcerting. Pod-person-y. And way too down with the Cerberus train. Alternate universe? Clone? Who the fuck knew and who the fuck cared.

"Maybe your boss should've paid me better."

It's times like these that make Joker almost wish that he'd taken that whole combat training with Garrus more seriously. Sure, he's still a walking taser, but he probably should've invested a little more time in that whole 'learn to deflect bullets with your bullshit freaky brain powers' thing that the birdman had suggested. Well, hopefully Garrus will never find out that he was right, because Joker'll never hear the end of it.

But maybe if he can keep Jacob talking, he can Emperor Palpatine this guy's ass before he gets perforated.

"Besides, you all knew what horse I was backing when I signed on, and it sure as fuck wasn't Cerberus. Team Shepard all the way, so, c'mon, give me a little credit for sticking to my guns."
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You can't fault Joker for going with what's always worked. He usually isn't going to fight his way out of a conflict, so he's had to talk his way out of them instead.

"Cerberus can eat my entire a--"

Unfortunately, his plan to antagonize the Cerberus supporter so that he keeps talking doesn't look like it's going to work out too well for him this time around. He sees the gun line up with his head and starts to move, but in a race between his reflexes and a bullet, the bullet wins.

Everything goes black in an instant.
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Quite a few people heard the gunshot, in fact. That's what comes of choosing an essentially public place in broad daylight. When no further noises come, most uneasily decide it must have been a firecracker, or a car backfiring. A few recognize it for what it is, but assume someone else will have called the police. Only one or two actually do. But it'll be several minutes before officers arrive, and that's several minutes too long.

Qubit hears it as well, and he's heard enough explosions to know the difference. He can't pinpoint exactly where the sound came from, but plain sight rules out the first couple of spots he checks. Someplace secluded, then... A large, shadowy stand of trees catches his eye, with a narrow dirt trail leading inside, and his intuition shouts there, it's in there. He 'ports to the edge and hits the trail running. Whoever's in there doesn't have much time.

Altogether, there's only two or three minutes between when the shot goes off and when Qubit finds Joker. Or what's left of him.

"Oh, God," he says aloud. As expected, a single shot; not as expected, right in the face. It's not the ugliest murder he's seen in his career, but it's up there. Poor bastard.

Qubit approaches and squats beside him, careful not to step in the pool of blood. "Who did this to you?" he murmurs, eyes narrowed. The logical thing to do in this situation is call the proper authorities - but he's a known vigilante, so he's as likely to get arrested himself as the actual perpetrator is. No, better not call them until he's absolutely sure he's done here.

What can he do, though? If this had happened a couple of blocks away, he'd have plenty of materials to work with, but here it's just sticks and leaves and a body. In theory, if he had materials, he could do up some kind of signal booster, scan everybody in the park for firearms, and catch them before they escaped - but that's also assuming they haven't escaped already. The park isn't that big, they could easily have reached a getaway car by now. And he hasn't got parts anyway, so that's moot.

But there's a tiny, niggling doubt at the back of his mind. What if he isn't dead? The wound doesn't look survivable, but now that he thinks of it... On a sudden impulse, he reaches down with two fingers, feeling for the man's carotid artery. If he's alive, that changes everything.
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Considering that several chunks of Joker's face are laying in the grass a few feet away from the rest of it, and there's a lot of blood currently on his outside instead of his inside, it's not exactly an unreasonable assumption that he's dead. Most people probably would be dead, but Joker's got a little something from the superpower grab bag that makes him a little tougher to kill than you'd expect. Like cockroaches and zombies, he has this tendency to survive anything that isn't immediately fatal; always double-tap, kids.

He's not conscious enough to make a real response-- and let's be real, with part of his frontal lobe blown out, who would be-- but when Qubit touches him, he twitches. It could be chalked up to just a spasm, except that his hand also comes up part-way, like he was going to try to push away Qubit's.
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In fairness, Qubit had initially assumed he was dead. But it never hurts to be sure, and in this case it's a good thing he did. Finding the shooter is going to have to wait.

The biggest thing at this point is to stop him bleeding out. He shrugs one arm out of his coat and tears off his shirtsleeve (it takes two or three tries), then wads up the cloth and uses it to put pressure on the wound. (Naturally, he does not consider the possibility of the wound trying to heal over the cloth or anything like that. He hasn't even realized the victim's an imPort just yet.)

Meanwhile, his mind races through his options. Ambulance? Too slow. Teleporting straight to the hospital? Still too slow. But there is that young woman from the other day, the healer... as soon as he has a hand free, he raises her on his comm. "Angela, it's Qubit. Where can I find you right now? I've a man missing half his face here."

And one short conversation later, portal get.
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Angela comes out of the portal and stops and she sees the man Qubit had been talking about. That he had a pulse at all was surprising given that it looked like a close range gun shot wound and from similar wounds back home, they usually weren't alive.

She moves closer and kneels beside the man on the other side from Qubit and placed her kit on the ground. Seeing him up close and the full damage done, she felt like someone must be looking out for him. Angela checks his pulse and next moves to his breathing where she frowns, there was a lot of blood and a risk of choking on it was high. Opening the kit, she takes out a tracheal tube and laryngoscope and sets about opening the patients airway even more. She's moving quickly as she attaches the bag and looks to Qubit.

"I need you to press the bag and help him to keep breathing."

Once she sees his chest rise and fall more she takes a deeper breath of her own and sighs, calming her nerves not over what's happening, but with regards to her powers. They were still new to her. Angela reaches out with her hands, above the patients face and there's a slight yellow glow that radiates before gathering into a concentrated beam that washes over him. It isn't an instantaneous heal, it's a gradual process and she honestly hasn't tested it out in this kind of extreme situation. But after a few moments, the bleeding at at least stopped. Her only worry was on whether this would work as she had no way of knowing the full extent of the injury and if her powers could reverse any probably brain damage. She keeps it to herself for now unless his condition doesn't seem to improve under her abilities. Her powers are a direct drain on her own energy but she continues to put as much as she can into healing him.
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Qubit has done his fair share of first aid in the past, but an EMT he ain't, so he nods curtly and does as she says. One hand works the bag, while the other tries to maintain pressure on the wound (which he's going to keep doing until he's explicitly told to stop). That takes most of his attention, but he spares a bit to watch Angela at work.

They're truly lucky to have so many healers around - by which he means more than zero, really. That particular power was exceedingly rare back home. Even here, his primary experience with it is from that time he got power-swapped with Lucy and could do it himself. He silently takes note of the differences - Lucy's was basically instantaneous, but required physical contact; neither condition seems to apply to Angela's.

"Is it working?" he asks after a moment. Patience, what's that.
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Angela is putting most of her attention into healing the person beside her that she doesn't quite catch what Qubit said at first. Her mind scrambles to try put the words it thinks she heard into some kind of order and she briefly glances at him.

"I think so."

After a few more moments of the healing ray washing over the man, his skin and facial features start to reform and knit together and she smiles feeling a sense of relief hit her.

"You can stop applying pressure. We don't want him to heal around the material, but keep squeezing the bag as a precaution."

Angela was starting to feel more confident in the powers she had been given. The damage to the mans head looked as though it was growing smaller the more she kept the stream going but she could feel herself flagging a little, breaking out in a sweat and feeling drained the longer she kept it going, but she didn't show any signs that she was going to stop.

"Do you know him at all?"

That way, she knew how gentle she should be with the fact she didn't know about the complete damage done. She wasn't looking at Qubit when she asked, but was watching for any signs that may come from the man on the ground and his state of consciousness, paying more attention to his hands and part of his face that had been damaged the least from the gunshot.
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As Joker's face starts to reconstitute, Qubit lets out a long breath he hadn't quite realized he was holding. At Angela's cue he carefully removes the ruined sleeve from the wound and sets it aside, then wipes his hand relatively dry on his shirt, although that doesn't get all the excess blood off.

At her question, he shakes his head. "No. Never seen him before." Now that the man's features are more recognizable, he can say this with near-complete certainty. "I happened to be nearby and heard the gunshot. Lucky for him, I suppose."

He can't help but notice the fatigue setting into her, though. There's another difference - Lucy's power was either limitless or drawn from a source outside herself, it hadn't seemed to draw from his own reserves at all. But that's the exception, not the rule. Conservation of energy says it has to come from somewhere. "How're you holding up?" he asks, concerned.
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What the mans fate would have been if they hadn't have gotten there when they did, she doesn't even want to think about it. Angela closes her eyes, takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly.

"I'm okay."

Close to a minute goes by and the energy flickers from her hands which she tries to steady. Her jaw hurts from clenching it so tightly and it isn't long after the brightness of her beams dims that it cuts off as she has to sit back on her heals. Her breath comes in short pants and she brings a shaking hand up to wipe sweat from her brow.

"I can't do anymore, I'm sorry."

Although, looking at the man, she can see his face, he isn't someone she recognises and she frowns. Reaching down to his neck and takes his pulse, which thankfully is stronger now.

"We have to get him to a hospital, but he's more stable than he was before"
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It's enough, thank God. The process has clearly taken a lot out of Angela, but he appreciates her sticking it out. "It's all right," he says, shrugging the arm of his coat back on. "You did wonderfully."

Now, fast transportation - that's more Qubit's specialty. "Right. Can you help me get him up?" As he's asking, he gets the portal going with a few taps and a flash of blue light; then he snakes an arm under Joker's to start pulling him upright.
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Her kit is quickly packed after removing the tube from the man and is she's pleased to see his chest rising and falling more on its own that it had been when she got there.

Angela nods as she takes the other arm and brings him up, using one hand to cradle the back of his head to stop it from moving too much in case it caused more injury.

"We move together and through on the count of three, okay?"