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Mo Money Mo Problems [closed]

WHO: Qubit, Miles V., Greg V., Mark V. Whole lotta Vors up in here
WHERE: De Chima, Public Library
WHEN: June 3, 10:00 am
WHAT: Well, secret labs aren't free.

Qubit wasn't fond of finance.

Why was that? Isn't finance just a kind of math? Well, yes. The math part was child's play. He could do that in his head. But compared to, say, the elegance of a quantum wave-function, or the smooth curvature of spacetime, or the infinite self-similarity of a fractal set... Next to those, finance was an ugly little thing, arbitrary, complicated only because people had made it that way a little at a time, over centuries. With math, the more you studied it, the more it made sense; with finance, it was the inverse.

But nevertheless, money was a necessary evil. Back home, he'd preferred to leave that sort of thing to people like Reber, who actually enjoyed it. Here, though, he had no such luxury. Building a secret lab wasn't the sort of undertaking he could pay for out of pocket, even if he didn't give away most of his paycheck every month. Hence, the Dendarii.

He'd reserved a conference room at the local public library for the meeting - one with opaque walls, even (why the glass-walled variety was so popular, he hadn't the faintest idea). And he made sure to show up a bit early, bringing only himself and whatever was in his pockets. He leaned against the table while he waited, rather than sit - but not because he was feeling antsy or anything. Heavens, no. That's ludicrous, why even bring it up.
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Mark showed up in his suit, with a file under his arm, trying to look smooth and confident and impartial. He cuts a strange figure, to say the least: a small man, standing well under five feet, an uncannily perfect twin of Miles Vorkosigan in all ways except for his wardrobe and his demeanor. His demeanor is cold, brusque - nothing like Miles' warm, smiling charm.

He nods to Qubit as soon as he walks into the conference room. Says, impartially, "Mark Vorkosigan. Financial manager." And nothing more than that; he takes a seat immediately thereafter.
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Miles, meanwhile, gets to play good cop to Mark's bad. They make quite the interesting mirror to each other: Miles bright and cheerful if also formally dressed - just in his Dendarii uniform grays instead. When he sits, he tries to take up as much space as he can. Body language broad and confident.

"And I'm Admiral Miles Naismith Vorkosigan. Head of the Dendarii, so on and so forth." He grins over at Qubit. "Mark here is my brother as well."