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The Dog Days of Summer

WHO: Komasan + YOU!
WHERE: De Chima 003
WHEN: Sunday May 15th, after "New Capes on the Block" finishes
WHAT: It's Dog Day! ...Except not really. Komasan's throwing a party to celebrate the wonders of dogs. (Sorry roomies)
WARNINGS: None I can think of, will add some if things change

[Early Sunday morning, imPorts all over the country will be receiving a very...excitable text message.]

You and your dog are invited to celebrate DOG DAY at De Chima's house 003 this evening for fun, snacks, and plenty of games of fetch! Everyone is encouraged to bring their four-legged friend for one big doggy playdate! Please come around back into the yard and please avoid the shed.


[Considering the formatting and lack of horrible spelling and grammar, Komasan probably got help writing this out.]


[Should people choose to head over to this made up holiday celebration, guests will be greeted to Komasan's decked out backyard that may or may not have had to be cleaned up after random acts of science. Most of the decorations are the sort of things you'd expect from a children's birthday party, like balloons or cheap streamers with pictures of dogs on them. It's Komasan, what were you expecting?

So what can you do at a party like this?!]


[For those who may have wanted to come early and help Komasan set up, he'll be found in his kitchen baking a good number of cakes. Baking a cake is no problem, but he never realized how hard it is to make so many in a short time. Not only does he have to account for people's variety of tastes, but he also has to set up dog-safe pastries for his canine brethren.

If you do decide to help in this noble task, he'll be in human form for optimal can-actually-reach-stuff-on-the-counters height, so uh...surprise to anyone who hasn't seen that before. Just be sure to knock first before entering, Qubit's security system is...well, let's just say good.]


[The snack table may be decorated in tacky dollar store decorations, but it's large and has a good number of delicious treats for people to snack on while they mingle. As mentioned earlier, there's different flavors of cakes as well as small plates of dog-friendly snacks for your pets, as well as a variety of simple finger foods for you to choose from.

Best of all, there's a bunch of different ice creams in a cooler set up to the side, all cartons Komasan brought from his job as an "unusual ice cream flavor designer." So among the classic chocolates and vanillas, people may find interesting flavors such as "cucumber lime," or "bubble tea," or one that's simply labeled "space."]


[The main celebration, the yard is large enough for everyone's pet to run around and play in. There will be a good number of toys, a tiny baby pool filled with shallow water for dogs to splash in, and a single box. It's literally just a box. There's only so much Komasan can afford, okay?

Although Komasan is a little too sentient to be frolicking with the rest of them, guests may spot his weird pet roomba rolling around in the yard, chasing after balls. How it's not getting its tires caught in the grass is anyone's guess.

If someone's dog can't play nice with others or misbehaves too much (Seriously, he's really trusting you guys with that snack table open around so many animals), they'll be put in doggy time out in a little pen off to the side.]


[The main focus of the party is, of course, the dogs, but other things are bound to come up.]

[[ooc: This is a mingle style log, so feel free to tag around! Komasan will try his hardest to greet anyone who shows up. The text he sends in the morning is a mass text, so your character didn't have to ICly talk to him during his post or even know him to be invited! Other pets are welcomed as well.]]
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Setting Up

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[At some point during setup, Qubit decides to check on how they're doing in the yard... and spots the sign and enclosure and pack of dogs. He sighs as he approaches, rubbing one of his temples with an expression midway between amusement and exasperation.]

What do you know, yet another thing Komasan conveniently forgot to mention. Color me surprised. [He is not surprised in the least.]
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[Kel glances up, guilt flashing across her face]

Oh...Sorry, he just seemed so happy with the idea...
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[Qubit glances over as if noticing for the first time that Kel was there, which may not be entirely inaccurate.]

Oh! No, no, I'm not upset, don't worry. Just wish he'd have given me more than a couple hours' notice. It's not your fault.
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[Kel finished with the dog's name tags and straightens, hands tucked into her belt]

Yes, I suppose having a pack of dogs and people descend on you can be rather surprising.

[She offers a hand]

I'm Kel, some-time Lady Knight, currently dog wrangler.
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[Ah, handshakes: the bane of his existence. That said, he does shake her hand without hesitating, but it's a rather curt, textbook handshake, and lasts not a moment longer than necessary. (He has practiced this.) His palm stings intensely afterward, but he casually sticks his hand in his coat pocket to hide any discomfort. At any rate, his expression remains friendly throughout.]

Charmed. I'm Qubit, I just live here. I've seen you around before, though, haven't I? You were at the last party as well, if memory serves.
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[Kel notes his discomfort and wonders if she ought to have stuck with a bow. So much for native customs]

Yes, I was there. I used to live-[She gestures towards #005]-but I've moved recently. Though I suppose around here, nothing is ever too far away with the right transport.
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[Shhhh no it's fine, he doesn't want to make a big deal out of it...! Anyway, that observation is extra apt for him and his teleportals, so it gets a laugh.]

Hah! Truer words... What timeframe are you from, Kel? If you don't mind my asking.
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Four Hundred and Sixty, Human Era. [Which will mean nothing to him.] ....The twenty-first year of the reign of King Jonathan and Queen Thayet.

[Also meaningless]

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[... Huh. Well, 460 was a real year, sure, but "Human Era"?] I'm not familiar with that reckoning. Is that on Earth?
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I have no idea. Perhaps a version of it, but until I came here I had no concept of planets as something I was walking on.

[She shrugs]

We use swords and arrows in warfare and still depend on horses for transport, if that helps your reckoning any.
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Ah. That does, actually. [Probably medieval-ish, then... his condolences.] So yes, teleportals are a good deal more convenient than horses. And rather easier to clean up after.
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[Kel shrugs]

But if they started thinking it would be a lot more worrisome.

[She likes her horses thank]
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Mm. Right, then you get your LACKEYs and your Porters... although actually, I'm not sure the Porter itself can think, just whatever happens to inhabit it at a given time.
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...There's a thought that's even worse than I could imagine.

[At least with thinking the government is in charge, you can imagine plain old human stupidity]
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[Meanwhile, he's just gonna find something to lean on since this is becoming a conversation.]

Well - there's no need to fear these things generally. It's unfortunate that those two entities are hostile and unpredictable, but on the whole, machines that think are no more harmful than the people who make them.

[but he adds, brightening-] Personally, I'd be more worried if horses started thinking.
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A personal preference, then. I'm too used to horses thinking by now, it's very nearly normal.
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... Wait, you don't mean - you're speaking figuratively, right? Don't tell me they actually do think where you're from.
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Every animal thinks, just not in the human way. But yes, many of the animals who have lived in the palace tend to get more human as time goes on. All my animals can read military hand sign by now.