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bring down the firestorm (closed)

WHO: Marty and Doc
WHERE: De Chima 03 backyard
WHEN: Early May-ish, before Dog Day
WHAT: Testing and training of new abilities
WARNINGS: Possible explosions. Will update when needed.

There has been a fortunate lull in danger as of late, but it's highly unlikely to last for long. Doc knows this all too well. He also knows that Marty is more likely to land in the line of fire than before, given his new registration status. He can't make his friend back down from this, but he can certainly help him prepare for what's out there.

To that end, Doc has prepared a basic, easily collapsible obstacle course in the backyard. There's a shooting gallery with moving and stationary targets, an obstacle course of rope and tire, and a few water guns rigged up---it's a warm enough day, they'll be welcome. For some reason, a disco ball sits on the ground at the very end of the course.

Doc welcomes Marty at the appointed time with an apologetic smile. "I apologize...I lacked the time and funding to build something truly comprehensive, but I hope this will be a start."

Certain areas of the course are suspiciously singed, as are certain parts of Doc's coat. Clearly someone has engaged in early testing.
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Marty should probably see things that way. Things are way too quiet around here. When Marty was told he was going to have superpowers, he thought he would be flying around every day, stopping villains who were trying to steal radioactive stuff, or robbers stealing purses. He doesn't want to say things are boring around here, but they are. Especially after learning that his friends had been brainwashed and put through things he really, really doesn't want to think about.

To get himself into shape, Doc organized a little obstacle course...which is great, needless to say. Motion targets, things to help get his blood pumping- it looks pretty damn promising. Especially since Marty's only used his powers once or twice at the most since he's been here. Give or take.

"Don't be sorry, Doc! This is great!" For a backyard project, this looked amazing! There was no way he would bitch, especially considering how burnt up his friend looked. Marty would be acting like a dick, otherwise.

"What should I do? Just throw fire and stuff around? Or are you gonna be doing this with me too?"
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At the question, he shakes his head. "I don't...think so? All I know I can do is throw fireballs around and shoot fire from my hands. That's all so far." He gives Doc a sad kind of look. If he's going to be a superhero, why not have cooler powers, right?

"Am I gonna get more? I am, right?" He points to his friend. "Like you can do cool stuff..."
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"Electro-sheilds? Holy shit!" Why didn't Marty have cool powers like that? He gives Doc an envious look. "I hope I get stuff like that one day. Do they just come with time, or do I have to work for it?"

Okay. Time to concentrate!

Marty waits for Doc's word, and charges at the moving targets! After a moment or two of trying to remember how to do this stuff, he manages to whip up a fireball in his hand. Marty pulls his arm back and hurtles the ball forward...only for it to miss the target completely. Unless the target is a bush, then he hit it perfectly! Marty may or may not have started a fire.


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At first, Marty wants to feel bad because yup, he just literally set off a fire in his best friend's backyard. It wasn't the first time something blowing up happened in regards to Doc, but this was kind of different, wasn't it? It was kind of the same as Marty juggling a Molotov and accidentally tossing it into his garden. Kind of a dick move.

His friend rushes into the house, leaving Marty to babysit the fire that's growing way too fast. At this fate, Doc would be lucky if he had a backyard, let alone a bush or two. If it wasn't for this fact, Marty would be a little pleased with himself. Maybe his fire powers weren't so cruddy after all.

Marty's too busy watching the fire to listen to Doc. There's this level of panic that won't go away...but at the same time, he's not worried. He approaches the flames before holding up his arms, the palms of his hands facing the fire.

He's not sure how, but he wills the fire to settle. Marty curls his fingers just a little bit, before slowly lowering his arms. Lo and behold, the fire starts to die along with his movements. He takes it easy, just a little movement here and there at a time. But when his arms are lowered, the flames are gone. All that remains is smoking grass.

Well. That just happened.

"How's that?" Marty turns to Doc with a shit-eating grin on his face. "I put it out..."
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Marty's too excited over this new power to worry about the fact that his friend's shrubs are kind of cindered. He's also too excited to worry about the fact that Doc basically ran around his house and soaked his pants for nothing! The shit-eating grin on his face kind of hints at this.

"...I, I don't know!" Marty shakes his head, shrugging lightly. "I didn't even know I could do it. I just saw the fire burning and the idea just...came to me?" He runs a hand through his hair.

He stares at the obstacle course, watching the moving targets before looking to his friend. "What are you thinkin'?"
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OH good okay! phew!

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Marty knows he's grinning like an idiot. This was the nice thing about superpowers; he was actually useful, to put it in a negative way. The McFly's always were known for being wimps and pushovers, at least before Marty changed things. His memories aren't changed like his family's are; he can still remember his dad being pushed around and his brother and his dimpy job at Burger King.

But now? He's special. Marty can create fires, and kill them. There's a purpose.

When Doc comes back with an array of things, he grins. "Ready, Doc. Light me up!"
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Marty finds Doc trying to light a fire kind of comical. The way he struggles with it is kind of hilarious, in a way. His friend came from the 1800's, right? Stuff back then was so primitive, Marty would have thought that his friend was an expert fire-starter. Unless matches were a thing back then. Maybe not.

When the fire is finally up and roaring, he waits a bit for his friend to cook his marshmellows. After some time, he takes a deep breath in, holds out his arms, and...


At least, not for the first few seconds. It takes a lot of staring and cursing to get the fire to die. When it finally goes out, Marty drops his arms and gives Doc a look that's somewhere between half tired and half impatient. "I'm gonna get better at this, right?"
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Marty can't help but beam when Doc slaps him on the back, looking to his friend with a gleam of pride in his eyes. That whole process took a little longer than what he would have liked, but a reaction like that from his best friend was definitely worth the time and the effort. Hopefully whoever was around this place wouldn't mind the smell of smoke, though.

When Doc mentions food, Marty realizes how he's starving all of a sudden. He eyeballs the marshmellows and the hot dogs, both looking absolutely perfect in every possible way, but he asks anyway. "You sure?"

Normally, he'd just hop right in and eat until he was content. There was just something about his friend hanging out with other people and weird dogs and stuff that didn't set well with Marty. He doesn't want to admit it, but he's jealous. A seventeen year old kid is jealous that his friend has, well, more friends.
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Doc is completely unaware of what Marty's thinking. It makes him feel a little sad, and really guilty. There was nothing wrong with Doc actually having friends, and being surrounded by people who didn't think he was radioactive, or dangerous. Good friends and a good community was something that his friend deserved. So why did he feel like this?

"A little bit of a binge ain't gonna hurt, Doc." Marty smiles, reaching for a hot dog and sprinkling it with ketchup. "You're not even a registered superhero! I gotta try and make sure I keep my looks up."

He chomps into the dog, before moving on to take a bite of a marshmallow. "I can't be slackin' anymore."
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Oh god, the spandex. Marty's nose wrinkles at the thought, but he can't help but burst out laughing. With that, the nagging jealousy that he was feeling disappears. "Me? Jesus Christ, I'm not gonna stoop that far low." He takes a bite of his hot dog when he's sure that he's not going to end up choking on it, pushing the food to the side of his mouth a few chews later. "I'll save that for Adam West."

Now Doc, on the other hand..."You should make yourself a costume. Get a really cool design and come up with a name for yourself. Like, maybe..." He swallows. "Mr. Fusion, maybe?"