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WHO: Wanijima Akito/Agito & Open
WHERE: Heropa, unless otherwise specified
WHAT: Various

More starters to be added throughout the month as needed. Feel free to tag in with your own starter if nothing suits your needs.

Open starters will be added by the end of the week.

If you have any questions contact me via PM or [plurk.com profile] froakie

--- OPEN ---

Despite adjusting to the new environment very well once Agito woke up and he finally settled down, there are days when Akito wishes things could go back to being simple again. Before new worlds and alternate dimensions and super powers and growing up and away from his friends.

The easiest thing to do to make him feel less overwhelmed is to throw on his Air Trecks - Sea Tiger; not the same as Sand Tiger, but Akito is proud of himself and satisfied with his creation - and just go. It's good training, keeps him in shape, and gives him more footage and fun pictures to add to his parkour Instagram. Not to mention it's one of the few things that can quiet down the wildfire of his mind.

Akito yearns for skyscrapers and towers that pierce the clouds of course, but there is a special sort of fondness in his heart for the smaller buildings of Heropa, and figuring out ways to accomplish tricks that would normally require much more height is a wonderful game. It is no Tokyo, but it's still home to him.

After his fill of spreading his metaphorical wings (his literal wings only come out at Xavier's for now) Akito always makes his way to his favourite park - the one with the best swings in the city. It's a nice spot to swing idly and recover from the thrill flying with Air Trecks never fails to give him.

He's a common enough sight in Heropa that he isn't bothered by anyone, which leaves him with the chance to reach closest thing to a meditative state he can. His mind is never quiet - not before he was bestowed his intuitive aptitude, and most definitely not after it either - but he can sift through his thoughts absently. Takes the time to build up their mental defenses again; strengthen them in case of any psychic attacks or manipulation.

After all, you never know what might happen. And it's always best to be prepared for anything.

{ Raina }

Once he actually found the time to search out a place that served soy-based milkshakes it didn't take Akito long to find one. Actually, what took the longest was narrowing down the best one in Heropa. Eventually he enlisted the help of his many social media followers to speed things up and, thanks to them, finally pick out the best place to visit with Raina. While it ranks second in quality of food and beverage, it apparently ranks first in atmosphere and that is always the most important if you're going to be lounging in a café.

Akito is actually very excited to chat with Raina again. He doesn't have many people he can talk to about how he's feeling, especially if he's confused and unsure of himself. But Raina is smart, and comfortable to talk to. Kind of like how he imagines an aunt might be - not quite sisterly, but not quite motherly either. Somewhere right in the middle.

When the day they arranged to meet up arrives Akito is in a good mood (despite being woken up early by hungry ducklings). Agito is reluctant to leave the ducklings unattended and so Akito soothes his other half's worries by pulling on a hooded sweater with a pocket on the front big enough to stow the small things in without fear of them tumbling back out. He packs some supplies for them in his bag before heading out to the designated meeting spot, rubbing their downy heads as they're lulled to sleep by his movements.

Akito wonders what Raina will think of Goose and Duck Duck. Hopefully she won't mind the added company.

{ Qubit }

With everything that had happened over recent weeks, contacting Qubit about the stabilization algorithms had almost slipped Akito's mind entirely. Luckily he had stumbled across the notebook filled with the final draft of everything, including minor corrections and marginal notes, and that was enough of a reminder for him to shoot the man a quick message.

Transdimensional stabilization today?

It's been a while since he's had the chance to really exercise his brain - too long, if the jittery, antsy feeling he's had the past few days is any indication - and so he would love to meet up with Qubit today.

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Qubit's at work when he gets the message. Ah, right, that's another person he should have got back in touch with but didn't because munfail. He can't leave now, since it's not an emergency, but he supposes he could nip out a couple hours early.

Sounds excellent. 3PM work? Where would you like to meet?
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A playground, huh... Yeah, that won't look strange to anybody. Middle-aged man in a trenchcoat meets up with a young boy at a playground, and since what kind of physics are you going to get done there, they'd probably be heading somewhere else...

I was actually thinking something like the library up the street. How's that sound.
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-05-07 08:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Wait, what? You're bringing birds?
You named them "Duck Duck Goose"??

Qubit's not totally sure which of those is more facepalmy. Although he vaguely recalls seeing Agito's post a few days ago, he skimmed over it like he does most posts... After a moment, though, he decides this is not something to pick an argument over and sends off another message.

Never mind, fine. As long as they're not too disruptive.
I'll see you there.

If they get duck poo everywhere, though, there are going to be problems, and not just with the librarians.
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Qubit arrives a couple minutes before three, stepping out of a portal not far from the front doors (and startling a few departing patrons, whoops). A small child points at him and asks his mommy what's wrong with that man's hair, but he's quickly shooshed. Qubit politely ignores them and heads inside.

Akito's already there, of course, so he approaches casually, hands in his pockets. "Afternoon. Ready to get started?" Straight to business, this one.
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okay i am SO SORRY how late this is but i still wanna do it /dies

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Good idea there, Qubit greatly appreciates the not touching him. He accompanies Akito to the table, taking his tablet out of his coat pocket on the way, and takes a seat with it.

"Can you muffle our conversation?" he says. Not that he really expected anyone to eavesdrop, but better safe than sorry.
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The difference in the air is invisible, but he can hear it at once, as the ambient sounds of the air conditioning and fluorescent lights and children's section fade almost to silence. He catches Akito's glance and nods his appreciation. Good job.

At the table, Qubit gets right to looking over the equations, at first flipping through the papers for a quick overview, then going back to read them in detail. It actually looks promising, but he'll withhold judgment until he's checked the math.

"How long have you been working on this?" he asks, mentally running through one of the equations.