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A Visit to House Science

WHO: Mighty Max & Anyone in De Chima 03
WHERE: De Chima 03
WHEN: 4/29, after this thread
WHAT: Doc Brown invites Max over to try and cheer him up.
WARNINGS: None yet, will be added as necessary


Max hadn't meant for that conversation with Doc to get so... well, heavy. There was something about Doc that invited trust; He radiated kindness, wonder and warmth, even over the network.

Max wondered for a moment if his perceptions of Doc were being influenced by his memories of the movies, but he quickly decided he didn't care.

He arrived at De Chima 03 looking decidedly less like a hobo than he had last time, though he still had a backpack if things in case he did decide to stay overnight.

Max reached out to ring the doorbell, rocking on his heels as he waited.
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That doorbell's ring summoned the welcoming committee. A chorus of barks sounded behind the door, immediately followed by Doc's frantic attempts to calm the pups.

"It's Max, you've met him---please, settle down---over here, you scamp---"

He managed to get a loose hold on their collars before opening the door, but it was little use. As soon as Doc managed to wrench the door open, Max would be assaulted by the eager licking of two very fluffy white dogs.

"Kepler, Christmas! Ah...hello, Max." He continued his vain efforts to wrench the dogs away. "At least let him inside?"

They dug their heels in, but they would eventually start heading inside. Finally, opportunity.
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Doc always smiles when he sees the dogs so easily cheer someone up. Such faithful friends already and he hasn't known them for long. He finally manages to herd the pups away with a few bites of biscuit.

"A little of this, a little of that," he says, inviting Max into the comfortable-looking living room. "Preparing hoverboard orders, looking into some other promising projects...but all of those things can wait. We have plenty of food, books, films...our house is yours."

He smiles. "If you'd rather take a load off your mind, we have a number of especially ill-reviewed films."