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I made you a match!

WHO: The lucky souls signed up for the matchmaking event
WHERE: Various locations in various cities!
WHEN: The 22nd-24th
WHAT: Romance
WARNINGS: N/A for now! If hanky panky or violence happens I'll edit this

[Today's the day! Mabel, after days of matching, unmatching, and then re-matching, has finally wrestled the final dating forms away from the pigs assisting her and decided to make magic happen. Everyone will have found a message or two in their communicator's inbox on the 22nd from Mabel herself:

Gooood morning! Mabel here, with good news for you-- your match has been MADE! Your all-expenses paid date is just waiting for you to find true love. Enjoy the company and the free gift included, and thanks for participating!

Included in the message is the exact location and time of the date(s) in question. Transportation is provided, so no worries there, and the gift bags are... okay? Enjoy all the free candy, glitter, and lip smackers in various flavors. For all the smooching they're gonna do, get it?

[1. Crusty Weirdoughs in De Chima is a cute retro throwback to those arcades of old— which is to say it’s crawling with punk kids and has a charming level of grime. At least there’s a snack bar! Which lets all the lucky couples order whatever they want on the house. The menu covers anything and everything a gamer could need: pizza slices, onion rings, fries, and every flavor of DESERT THIRST!!, the popular energy drink/soda, a person could ask for (today’s special is a lovely red color).

Meanwhile there’s a wide variety of games and Mabel has provided everyone with enough tokens to try most of them. Get to know your special someone with a match on the Alley Puncher machine! Participate in the DDR contest, if you think you can take those mean looking twelve year olds in a fight on their own turf! Check out the claw machine and try to beat the long, long odds and win yourself a stuff animal that could be any number of species. Racing games, fighting games, something called Co-Op Tetris Invaders Part V. It’s all here. And there’s always a Pac-Man ripoff for anyone who needs to work their way up to the more modern games.

2. Popular (but not too popular) Nonah pizza joint Slice to Be Here is hopping, but Mabel’s made sure to reserve the best tables in the house for the matchmaking participants. What makes them the best tables? Why, they’re right up next to the stage— the stage where the animatronic band of singing animals performs every hour! The band has seen better days. Their movements are jerky, the fur is worn off enough that their scary Terminator skeletons are showing in places, plus the song they’re singing is just slightly familiar and just as creepy. And is that mouse staring at you?

The other patrons don’t seem to notice. They’re too busy ironically appreciating this reminder of their childhood nostalgia! And the waitstaff just doesn’t care anymore— unless you try to fight or otherwise poke around their technical abominations, in which case they’ll sigh at you until they give up and move along. At least the food is good! The pizza comes in many varieties, from basic pepperoni to more gourmet options like raspberries and marscapone. There’s salads and other non-pizza foods you can request from your aloof hipster waiter (flannel is apparently part of the uniform) but why would you? Be adventurous, order a pizza with quinoa and kale.

3. The Epicurious George Memorial Food Festival is a small but lively event going on outside of Heropa. Restaurants from all over the eastern seaboard are represented here and free samples abound! It’s possible to stuff yourself silly on all kinds of things, from gourmet candy to literally anything ever sold on a food truck. Mabel’s provided coupons to the couples for a few free meals and a candy bar or two, but they may not even be necessary considering all the stuff just sitting around, waiting for people to eat them or shove them in a purse.

There’s plenty to see besides the food, of course. Celebrity chef Guff Doldman from hit reality baking show Gluten for Punishment! is doing a demo where he builds a cake portrait of a lucky member of the audience (which somehow always ends up being an import—Mabel may have bribed a few people). There’s kale smoothie chugging contests and a gourmet hot dog eating contest. Couples are welcome to watch or participate,using the patented tag-team system to drink the most foul vegetable juice or eat the most phallic food for a fantastic prize: gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice and the coveted Golden Antacid bottle (real antacids not included).

4. Kit-Tea Cat Cafe is a small cat cafe just starting out in Nonah, but you wouldn’t know it from the interior. It’s cozy and cute, with small tables perfect for conversation and approximately a hundred different versions of the classic cat motivational poster hung on the walls. Mabel’s made sure that each couple gets vouchers for several free drinks and has a nice table reserved just for them. The menu’s extensive— the food stuff is mostly small sandwiches and pastries, but the drinks range from coffee of all kinds to milkshakes to fancy sodas and teas. Enjoy the quality drinks and appreciate the latte art— it’s a cute kitty face in every cup!

The place where the newness starts to show is in the cat wrangling skills of its employees. They’re not great at keeping the cats in the play area, which is mostly alright— the majority of the cats are sweethearts eager for attention and petting. But some are complete hellions that have mastered the art of attacking even the most aware imPort from behind, above, or below. There’s even one cat that takes particular joy in hopping up on tables and trying to knock cups and glasses off of tables while staring patrons right in the eyes. Adorable.

5. Cee-Me Rollin’! is a safe haven in Maurtia Falls for those who want to get away from hover technology and go back to the days when skates with wheels were king. The inside of the building is dominated by a giant roller rink, complete with a truly epic number of disco balls constantly spinning above the skaters. Mabel has done everyone a solid by paying off the DJ to play only the finest in pop music while people skate around and around in circles. Enjoy those earworms and 80s throwbacks!

Skates are rented out for free, and Mabel has made sure that participants can grab whatever they need from the snackbar to fuel their skate-tastic dates. Overall the place seems like it’s all about the pretty chill atmosphere... if you can avoid getting run over by the roller derby team that’s taking this opportunity to practice their moves. The Maurtia Falls Pterrordactyls are very sweet ladies as long as you avoid getting elbowed in the face. Team captain Miss Demeaner might even try to persuade couples to join up for the day and learn the fine art of kicking butt on roller-skates.

6. Quiet coffee joint Espresso Yourself in De Chima is almost impossible to find unless you already know where it is. They don’t believe in signs, or advertising, or putting themselves on search engine map functions. Luckily Mabel has provided a map as well as provided coupons for free drinks and pastries. Once people manage to get inside (talk to the man in front of the green door in the alleyway off of Beatonna Street, and tell him Mabel sent you!) they’re greeted by welcoming snaps from all kinds of black-clad poets and beatniks. There are more berets and sunglasses in here than should be legally allowed.

But the chairs are comfortable, the coffee is good, and it seems like a nice place to have a conversation! ...if you don’t mind talking around the poetry that’s happening. It’s open mike night and do these people have feelings and words to share. Some of it’s good, a lot of it is questionable, and that guy in the corner definitely just tried to rhyme “door hinge” with “orange” in his free verse poem about the existential angst he’s faced with. Make fun, talk around it, or even hop on stage and impress your date with your wordplay.
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hawke + qubit, fooood festival

[personal profile] whathawksdo 2016-04-26 01:07 am (UTC)(link)
[ Now, unlike many, many, many other poor saps stuck in this dilemma, Hawke had actually thought, hey, this might be worth a laugh! So of course she put her name down. Worst case scenario, free stuff, and she's perfectly content with that, especially since they ended up at a food festival, of all places. She'd only made a vaguely acceptable attempt at looking good, too, once she saw it was going to be outdoors. Red shirt, leather jacket, jeans; it was her usual fare as far as dressing here went, not terrible, but also not fancy.

She's also made short business of tracking down her Mabel-provided match, which, on spotting him, she can't help but give a snort of laughter to herself. That hair... Anyway, anyway, she'll make the final approach and raise a hand in the air, waving as she closes the distance.

So, is it you, then? Courtesy of blindingly over-glittered invitations?

[ Hello there, Qubit. Her voice may sound startlingly familiar as that one lady who was all out for killing the Soviets months ago. ]
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-04-26 06:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[Qubit remembers Mabel's booth at FanPort. He also distinctly remembers wanting nothing to do with it, but apparently somebody had signed him up as a joke, he didn't know who, and it wasn't clear how he could back out of it. The obvious solution was simply to not go, but he didn't feel right just standing someone up or cancelling via text. (He may not have dated since before texting was a Thing, but everybody knows that's a dick move, right?) ... At any rate, it's a food festival, and being something of a food snob he figures he may as well check it out whilst he's there. So he shows up, but he doesn't dress any differently than normal - button-up shirt, slacks, trenchcoat, all green, of course.

He actually doesn't recognize her voice - he'd remember the argument, sure, but it was only one argument, months prior. He keeps his hands loosely on his lapels, greeting her with a tense smile. He's had some time to consider his approach, and tearing off the band-aid seemed like the best idea. Don't let it seem like you're stringing her along.]

I suppose it is. You're Miss Hawke, I assume?
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[personal profile] whathawksdo 2016-04-27 02:32 am (UTC)(link)
That would be me, but please, everyone just calls me Hawke. [ Because who even needs a first name, right? ] And that makes you Qubit, right?

[ She'll be nice and not even comment on all the green, too. Way, way too much green. ]
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[Aww yeah, first names are for suckers.]

[He nods once, curtly.] It does. But there's been a bit of a misunderstanding, I'm afraid. I didn't sign up for this - I'm not even sure how my name ended up in the lottery.
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Well, that is what happens when you leave an open sign-up that just about anyone can put names down for.

[ Color her so not surprised. That said, she doesn't look particularly put out by the revelation, still looking as cheerful as when she strolled up to him. ]

I'm in it mostly due to there being free stuff involved.
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-04-28 06:30 pm (UTC)(link)
[Phew. Qubit relaxes at that, even smiling a bit. To be honest, he was half afraid he'd have got someone who actually was expecting "true love" or whatever nonsense Mabel was spouting in her adverts.]

Can't argue with that. That said, I wouldn't mind company, but it's not as if I have my heart set on it, either. It's totally up to you.
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[personal profile] whathawksdo 2016-04-29 08:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Not that she would have minded the fun of an actually date, but failing that, tickets to a food festival was still an awfully nice take-away. ]

Well now, what's a festival without a friend along to goad you into eating something hilariously disgusting? [ On that part, at least, she isn't letting Qubit escape. ] I'd certainly prefer company over wandering about alone.
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-05-06 04:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[A raised eyebrow. Oh, we're friends already? Yeah, okay, seems legit.]

Well, let's hope the food is better than that, shall we?

[Resting one hand behind his back, he makes a low sweeping gesture into the festival. Ladies first. She can choose the first stall to stop at.]
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[personal profile] whathawksdo 2016-05-09 10:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Get stuck together on a date that isn't really a date, getting free food? Yes, that certainly meets her low, low standards of immediately being a friend! ]

You never know. These people eat squid sometimes. They also have an intimidating amount of red bottles with roosters on them. I'm not sure I'll ever trust those again.

[ In short, foodies are weird, but onwards! She'll take his cue to go on ahead, wandering ahead until something catches her eye. She'll point out one of the stands and ask, ]

Do you have any idea what a tamale is?
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-05-09 11:08 pm (UTC)(link)
[A chuckle.] That'd be sriracha. I'm not its biggest fan either. Nor of squid, but you ought to see what they can do with it in Voitisan cooking. Granted, their squid have a lot more tentacles than ours, but the same principles apply...

[Aren't you lucky, Hawke? You ended up hanging out with an interdimensional foodie (who also happens to be an insufferable know-it-all). Fortunately(?), he's familiar with Earth cuisine as well.]

Yes, actually. [He heads over and picks out a mini-tamale from the samples on offer - smaller than a full one, but neatly wrapped just the same.] Traditional Central American dish. You've got a dough made from masa - specially prepared corn flour, basically - and stuffed with meat or vegetables or whatever you like. [Hands the lil tamale off to her, if she wants it.] Oh, and the corn husk is just a wrapper, don't eat that part.
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[personal profile] whathawksdo 2016-05-12 08:43 pm (UTC)(link)
[ And that is more information on a strange item of food than she's ever needed. Admittedly, it's helpful information, particularly the "don't eat the corn husk" part. She'll dutifully peel open the wrapper once it's handed over and give the little tamale a curious look. ]

Well, it certainly smells appetizing. Corn dough... of all the things... [ It isn't something she would have ever thought of, that's for sure. Naturally, she'll try it. All free food must be tried, that's simply how one lives life (provided they aren't dull and boring). She does have to think about it a bit while chewing, but in the end? She gives a small nod. ] Not bad! A tad spicy, but that isn't a problem. Ah, but when you say Central America, is that the middle of this country or...?

[ America is too big, okay? ]
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-05-16 04:44 pm (UTC)(link)
[Ohp, give him a second, he's finishing up a bite of his own. When he does, though-]

No, it's actually - hang on, it's easier if I show you. [He presses a couple of buttons on his computerwatch, and up comes a hologram of Planet Earth, which he "spins" with a finger to get the Americas facing them.] "America" generally can refer to anywhere on these two continents. Individually: North America, South America. [They're highlighted in turn as he pokes them.] The United States of America is here - and to the south of it, this area between Texas and Colombia is Central America. Not all one country, of course - there's something like twenty between Central and South, if memory serves - but that's the region.

[Granted, Mexico is technically considered part of North America, but he's thinking more by cultural boundaries.]
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[personal profile] whathawksdo 2016-05-20 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
So where Mexico is. [ Where several friends of hers wisely fled. Hawke raises a finger to poke it through the hologram, eyebrows going up high when her finger simply passes through (possibly highlighting even more places than necessary, possibly not; who knows). An illusion. ] Well, that's a cute trick for a watch to have.