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April catch-all

WHO: Qubit, others
WHERE: various
WHEN: various in April
WHAT: (somewhat belated) April catch-all

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The problem with staking someone out was that there was literally no guarantee that they'd show up.

Well, Tony Stark does show up, but only after a long, long day at the office -- and if anyone thought of him as a party animal, they'd be more than mistaken. Mind, it was only 11:30 and he was seriously considering going out later, if just for the fun of it -- he didn't need that much sleep, did he? He was only considering it up until the moment that he walked in the door. Good thing, he supposed, that he hadn't flown home, because this was a lot less ostentatious of an entrance, but he had blown out a suit's core in the process tonight, and the whole think actually had left him a bit exhausted. As evidenced by the fact that he had barely jumped, but instead dropped his car keys and a flash drive off in a dish in his kitchen.

Some things were normal no matter who you were.

"Qubit," he greeted, his voice a touch sharper than necessary, but he found it justified, considering the fact that he was in his penthouse, without his permission. It was... Well, violating, in a way. Not that he wasn't used to it, the avengers had lived in his house for ages, but this was different. Much different.

Qubit was an unknown quantity, after all. The fight -- what he could actually pull from the databanks, had been violent, and probably led the man to visit him personally. Now. Of course, it had to be now. He watched him, even though he went to the kitchen first, to grab a bottle of water. His hand shook, when he did that, temptation that had been so far away at the beginning of this, now ever-present and biting. He'd barely been home for long enough to go through the shelves, but he knew they were already alcohol-free. Dealing with this would at least help cut off the temptation to go out and buy more.

"When most people want to talk, the give me a call, not show up at my home and wait for me for what -- six hours?"

It said a lot, how distracted he'd been, that he hadn't been paying attention to the security cameras at home that much. A mistake he wouldn't make again.
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"I can take a guess, with how the rest of the week has been going," he said, almost tired, in tone. It was complex, this dance between the past and the future, the person he was, and would be, a world away -- and seven years here did a lot to warp perspective. Being removed from home was... It changed the way he looked at things.

He held his glass carefully, and chose his words even more so, but he didn't sit. It didn't seem right, like it was too relaxed, and things were anything but relaxed. Not exactly a great homecoming, so far.

"So what is this? A check to see if I'm as evil as I was a week ago?" The irony in that didn't evade him. He wondered, sometimes, if people were just delusional that he was a paragon of upholding virtue? He'd always been a pragmatist -- someone who solved problems, not someone who was busy with the ethics of it. Not that he didn't consider them, but looking at a supervillain about to level a building, and the possible solutions? He'd take the guy out -- always had. He wasn't overpowered was the issue, he was just smarter than everyone else on the planet. That was different. At least to him.
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That was a tricky question, wasn't it? He'd become that man for such a short period of time, but...

"Daredevil was here once," he started, instead of answering outright. He fiddled with his cup, before he set the glass down, and turned around. He leaned against the counter, and crossed his arms. Describing this -- what he'd felt? that was hard, and it gave a lot of him away. The person he was -- not something he did often, or was used to doing.

"He told me that I'd do some things to him, and at the time, they seemed impossible," he paused. "I told him that wasn't me, but..." he shook his head. "I think I know better now," that it wasn't impossible. His lip curled, in a bitter smile. "But I don't know the story, either. How it happened," he looked down at his arms, crossed over his chest.

"But I've never been one to just accept what's supposed to happen in the future," he promised.
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"Look," he ran a hand through his hair. "I can't guarantee anything." He shook his head, because promising that was't something he could do. "I don't know what the future will hold."

Instead, he shifted, started to pace, back and forth, not frantic, but to move, to get the energy out, to facilitate thought. It worked, and he knew it worked, and what he had to say, it wasn't... He didn't know how to say it. Certainly not to someone he didn't know, someone who was just as intelligent as he was -- someone who had a less nuanced version of the world. It was more like working with Peter, he thought, who wouldn't compromise his principles, even if it was the right thing to do.

"I'm can't promise that I'm perfect, or that I won't stumble," he waved his hand, gesturing. "You don't know my history, or the things I've done. What I've had to do, to save the superhuman community. None of us would have been there long enough to see the new year, if I hadn't intervened --" he inhaled, then. "But it wasn't popular. People thought I was trying to... take over the world, when all I was doing was preventing disaster," but that was the past, wasn't it? "Once they replaced me with a younger version of myself, because they didn't realize I'd been taken over by Kang," who Kang was, didn't really matter.

"What happens in the future, I can't really speak of," he said, and turned, then. "So I can't guarantee anything. I won't, because I don't make promises I won't keep," and then he did pause, and held a hand to his mouth, considering. "But I also know that I'll try to find a way to get things back to normal. I'll have something in place. Even here."