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April catch-all

WHO: Qubit, others
WHERE: various
WHEN: various in April
WHAT: (somewhat belated) April catch-all

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[Doc hasn't slept all that well. Funny thing about a fluctuation of 55 years: he's shown a side of himself he'd rather forget to many of his new allies. And there's always the potential he's done something damaging...fortunately his younger self had the foresight to leave notes, but could he fully trust them?

He rolled over and over, twisting this way and that in bed, only to be jolted fully awake by the chorus of yapping. They're not angry growls, so that must mean their master is home.

He plucks up his robe and heads out to investigate.]

Qubit, you look like you've been through the wringer and nowhere near a bed in days. What happened?
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Kepler! Christmas! Sit. Settle, settle...good dogs.

[Doc tends to carry dog treats in his robe pockets. Force of habit. So he'll feed the eager pups in an effort to help calm them. They don't really obey him, but maybe that'll keep their mouths busy.]

That was one hell of a trip last week. I must warn you that I hardly remember it. But you've been keeping yourself occupied?

[He's not giving up that easy.]
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[Something dark falls over Doc's expression, and he buries his hands further in the dogs' fur to fight back the rising feeling of dread.]

So he's no longer a threat to you?
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You don't look fine. But you will be, with some rest?

[Doc's still not happy. His mouth's a thin line. He can't barge his way in, but if he can help in any small way...]
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Doc's eyebrows lifted in what would be a comical manner if he wasn't so worried. Considering how Qubit looked at the moment...

"How much worse?"
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[Doc nods his understanding, giving the dogs a fond farewell pat.]

I've never valued sleep too highly, it's all right. Just...make sure you return, all right? We'd miss you.

[Well, he'd miss him, at any rate. There's so much more to learn, but Qubit's presence is oddly comforting.]
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[He laughs at his own silly question.]

Yes, of course! See you in a minute---and I think I'll see about preparing breakfast this time.
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hope this works!

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[ Bruce isn't awake, actually, but even the slightest sound is enough to do the trick. By the time the dogs react to the arrival, Bruce is already sitting up on his bed, attentive as he hears voices coming from the common area of the house. He relaxes a little, knowing it's probably one of the other people living here too, and definitely not an intruder, and tries to go back to sleep.

It doesn't work all that well, though, and once he stops hearing the voices, he ventures outside of his bedroom to go fetch himself some water or tea. He's not really expecting to find someone still out and about, and he stops on his way into the kitchen, cautious even as he offers a smile. ]

Hi, I'm... sorry, I'm new around here. [ Evidently. ] You live here too, I take it?
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[ They did, but only in passing. Bruce already knows the names of all the people he's sharing a house with anyway, he just hasn't gotten to meet everyone so far. Understandably so, since he's just gotten here a few days ago. ]

Bruce Banner. [ He debates on offering his hand for a shake, but decides against it, unless Qubit offers his first. ] You look a little beat up. Is everything alright?
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[ Works just fine for Bruce. Not like he's the biggest fan of physical contact anyway, especially with people he's just met. ]

Ah— yes, I've heard about that. I wasn't really sure if it'd been worked out yet. [ He's glad it has, though. He'd been thinking of offering to help out in any case, but it's a relief to know he doesn't have to. He'd like to avoid any kind of trouble for as long as possible. ]

Good to know you made it. Despite the... [ He gestures vaguely at the gash on his forehead. At least it doesn't look all that bad now that it's more or less patched up and clean. ] Anyway, I was just going to get myself some tea. You want some?
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[ The lingering presence doesn't bother Bruce much, and he goes about putting some water to boil even as he notices that Qubit's sticking around for now. It's not so weird, considering— he's a new housemate after all, so it's only normal that he wants to know a little more about him. ]

I'm a physicist, but here I've been given a job as a geneticist. [ Said with a crooked smile and a raised shoulder, like he can't quite figure out the sense in that choice. Not that he can't do the job he's been assigned, because he can, but still. ] What about you?
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[ One thing Bruce was able to tell right away was that everyone in this house seemed to be naturally predisposed towards science, whether it's coming up with all kinds of inventions or tinkering with appliances and the like. He doesn't mind the apparent mess here, he finds it kind of soothing and welcoming actually. Like it's a place he can fit into, at least to a degree. ]

Really? That's great. They sure handpicked the people for this house, haven't they? [ Delivered lightly, not with any sort of concern. He's glad to be around bright scientific minds, no matter the field of expertise. ] I'm sure we can still pick at each other's brains sometimes, that should be fun. Anything interesting you've been working on as of late?
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[ It's alright, Bruce is familiar with that particular reflex. Not that he has it himself, just that he's seen it before, at least once. It doesn't really bother him, honestly. So long as he can keep up, and he knows he can, it's fine if Qubit wants to show off a little. ]

That's a pretty broad question too. [ He cracks a smile. There's plenty Bruce finds interesting, after all. ] Something you're really excited about. The project that takes up most of your attention right now. Anything that just... stands out.
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[ Vulcans barely need sleep during a Standard cycle anyway so Spock is typically up early before his work shift anyway. The puppies' attention gains his attention though, so he comes down from his room to investigate.

He immediacy catches sight of the wound on Qubit's forehead. ]

Do you require further assistance with your injury?
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[ He's a straight-to-the-point kinda guy. Though he does step in closer to help with the puppy, wrangling when needed. ]

Kelper. Come.