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WHO: ImPorts!
WHERE: Heropa's Convention Centre.
WHEN: April 14-16, from 9 AM - 12 AM every day.
WHAT: Registration is in motion alongside FanPort, the most popular imPort convention around! Come on in and see imPort-led panels, the artist's alley, cosplayers, and more! If you have any questions, or wish to amend the way we have written up your characters' panels, let us know here!
WARNINGS: None anticipated; please let us know if this should be changed.

Welcome, imPorts, to the one and only FanPort! As they're driven outside of the convention center, they'll see line-ups leading well out the doors filled with those dressed normally and cosplayers alike, complete with plenty of scalpers just outside of the doors. As guests of honour, imPorts get to skip past all the busy lines and are ushered into the Convention Centre through the back doors, only to be greeted with a veritable swarm of people. The quiet room being used for the Swear-In aside, this venue is absolutely packed, and filled to the brim with enthusiasm. Venture in a little further, imPorts, and see what awaits you...

A R T I S T ' S A L L E Y

The Artist's Alley is a bustling place, filled with creative minds of all sorts. It's easy to find tasteful - and not-so-tasteful - prints of imPorts to hang on the wall from everything to Power Girl leaping heroically into the air to Dorian Gray with his back turned and a sultry expression on his face. Of course, Artist's Alley isn't restricted to mere drawings: it's easy to find piles of plushies and keychains, buttons, T-shirts, and other types of exciting merchandise!

Want to simulate the mind as well as the eye? Look no further than the piles of doujinshi ready for the taking. Most tables are dominated by interactions that are seen as at least somewhat legitimate - such as Shepenko, Geiszlieb, and Pricefield - but there are tables in the back who crow about rarepairs like Laurie/Maya, Olivier/Kang, Gansey/Manolo and more! There's plenty of creativity on display, but be careful: as long as all involved parties are of age, there may be a scene a touch steamier than expected!

If you don't see what you want being sold already, there are plenty of commissioners who would leap at the chance to provide an imPort with a custom print or doll, just for them!


It's not a true convention without cosplayers, and for this event, the cosplayers come out in droves. There are those who have clearly raided their closet for ideas - claiming that they're the more ordinary looking imPorts like Jesse Pinkman or Alison Hendrix - but others have delighted in the challenge that the stranger imPorts have presented to them. Non-humans such as Kanaya Maryam and Marceline Abadeer are common for those who want to flex their make-up skills, but otherwise, heroes with identifiable costumes or who commonly wear period dress are popular choices.

And what of imPorts who want to join in? There are only two rules: imPorts may not enter as themselves, nor are they allowed to use shapeshifting powers. Other than that, they're welcome to join in on the competitions and the festivities! There are awards being given for everything from Best Performer to Best Costume to Most Accurate Posing, so jump in, and enjoy!


Aside from the panels, this is where imports are welcomed as special guests! Above the entire affair is a huge sign that reads, cheerfully: "WELCOME IMPORTS!". Here, imPorts are welcomed to set up their own booths to sell their goods, autographs, and pictures, advertise their businesses, or to simply meet some of their fans! Security is tightest around this area, but only for the safety of imPorts; if any fans get a little too touchy-feely without the imPort's consent, rest assured, they'll be hauled out in short notice.

This is also the place where willing and participating imPorts are showered with special gifts featuring everything from fanmade scrapbooks of their public exploits and fanart, home baked goods, or samples from all sorts of corporate representatives eager to have imPorts represent everything from their clothing and perfume lines to their hemorrhoid creams.


After all this fuss and bluster, it's time to get some refreshments. Just outside the venue, a series of imPort-inspired food tracks and stalls have set up shop, and are ready for your business! Want cotton candy in the shape of Qubit's hair? How about spooky, squid ink Scarecrow pasta? Dipper Dots icecream with a side of Mabel Mint Crisps? Some Minato Aritacos? Whatever your fancy, this is your place to find all the food you could ask for and more, complete with discounts if you're willing to show off that fancy imPort tattoo to prove that you're not just an exceptionally good cosplayer.


Even imPorts need a break from all this attention, which is where the ballpit comes in. It looks like they may have run out of funding when they planned this one... but hey, only imPorts are allowed in the ballpit room, and surely they'll be able to entertain themselves.


As the convention begins to wind down in the evenings, other people are just getting started! The grand hall is opened up to various imPort inspired acts, including but not limited to the acts described in the last Majority Report, including new acts such as the A-T-inspired Roller Blade Bunnies, the Kid Flash-inspired All I See Is Yellow, and the Jinseok Jin-inspired Blissful Beauties. All of these shows are complete with light shows and complimentary glow sticks, and once the clock hits past 9 PM, a bar opens up in the back for natives and imPorts alike, provided that they're of-age -- and yes, they will be checking their IDs!

Want to get your rock on? These acts will gracefully step aside to allow imPort musicians to take the stage, but will respond even more happily to jam sessions.



What happens when imPorts bring in their own technology to a world unprepared for it? What happens when they try traveling in time? How does this adversely affect the world around them, and how can you help stop it? Find out here, as an old man yells at an audience that's mostly excited to see an imPort in-person. Starring imPort guest: The Doctor.


A short, five-minute panel in which con-goers can get the necessary information about that odd trunk with feet they've seen scurrying around. This necessary information includes: 1) leave its owner, Rincewind alone, and 2) do not touch the luggage, complete with stacks of informative pamphlets. Brevity is the soul of wit, right? Starring imPort guest: Rincewind the Wizzard.


Join some of America's non-human imPorts in discussing the trials they face on a daily basis, and why they have decided to create SELF, an organization built to help them! While this is no doubt scintillating stuff, new members and businesses that may wish to invest are welcome. Starring imPort guests: Kang, Sabriel, and more!


Curious about magic? Tune in here for a discussion of the ins and outs of magic, differences across worlds, and what it's used for! Not interested in all that nerdy crap? Make sure to arrive for the second half of their presentation for a real life demonstration of magic! (FanPort does not take responsibility for any injuries or loss of property that may occur during this demonstration). Starring imPort guests: Sabriel, Elsa Brandt, L'Arachel, and more!

RISEING ABOVE: CHALLENGES AND TRIUMPHS IN IMPORT LAW ENFORCEMENT What we should really be talking about this convention is ethics in imPorts, and what better way to start than with America's very own law enforcement organization, RISE? Find discussion on the ethics of superpowers, dangerous imPorts, and how differently imPorts from other worlds and cultures view this world's legal system. Get out your pens and paper, because there's sure to be plenty of college students writing about this as a practical assignment! Starring imPort guests: Sabriel and RISE.
BEYOND MEDICINE: IMPORT HEALING TECHNIQUES Interested in imPort healing techniques? Have some sort of nasty injury or illness that native medicine just can't fix? If you're willing to sign a waiver, this is your chance to get it cured, thanks to the saint-like generosity of charitable imPorts. Just be warned that those suffering from deadly conditions will take priority! Starring imPort guest: Jesse Pinkman.
STAYING FIT WITH YOUR DOG Think something as mundane as workout routines with man's best friend is too mundane for this convention? Think again! A real expert on exercise is here to teach you and your pooch how to stay fit with both indoor and outdoor activities, complete with a Q&A, a photo-op, and doggie demonstrations. If you're not interested, that's fine; stay for the cute dogs... or for their handsome owners. Hubba, hubba! Starring imPort guest: Commander Shepard.
A SALUTE TO THE SUPERSUIT! Who says that you can't fight crime and look stylish at the same time? ImPorts are here to discuss the dos and don'ts of supersuit fashion, showcasing the most cutting-edge suits that natives no doubt see on the news every day, and tips for all con-goers and, needless to say, extremely invested cosplayers. If other imPorts are interested in sharing, they are welcome to do so! Starring imPort guests: Echidna and Wallflower.
DENDARII SECURITY CORPS This panel is what it says on the title: a prolonged advertisement for the Dendarii Security Corps. Don't worry, though, there will likely be tales of dashing adventure, and maybe you'll even discover how the heck to pronounce Dendarii in the first place! Starring imPort guests: Miles Vorkosigan, Gregor Vorbarra, and Tex.
IS THAT A DRAGON IN MY GARDEN? All these sentient imPorts hobbling around are all well and good, but aren't you interested in what exists on other worlds? If that's the case, this panel is for you! Listen as imPorts discuss fantastic creatures, robots, aliens, and super smart dogs that just don't exist naturally in this world, and enviously follow along to the various stories those with far, far more exciting lives than you have to tell! Starring imPort guests: Hawke and The Doctor.
PHOTO-OP WITH THE BULL He's huge, he has arms, and he's got pecs to die for. What more could you want in a man? Take a photo with the Iron Bull today in his specialty booth for a small fee... and even attack him with a plastic sword if you dare. Starring imPort guest: The Iron Bull, of course!
SURVIVING UNDER FIRE: THE MILITARY APPROACH TO FIRST-AID Even conventions need to touch on serious issues sometimes. In the wake of so much violence, your charitable neighbourhood imPorts are here to show you how to conduct first-aid in tight situations, something that's doubtlessly useful to each and every imPort fan in the audience. Starring imPort guests: Kaidan Alenko and Commander Shepard.
BIOTICS 101: EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SPACE MAGIC What the heck is up with those glowy blue powers from space? Join your imPort guests for a brief lecture on what biotic powers do, how they work, and what it takes to keep a biotic going. Provided is a table of food as a demonstration of just how much they eat, and more entertainingly, live demonstrations of what they can really do! Starring imPort guests: Commander Shepard, Jacob Taylor, Kaidan Alenko, and Samara.
IN THE ARMS OF AN ANGEL: ADOPT AN ANIMAL OR SUFFER CRIPPLING GUILT Have you noticed a large amount of imPorts walking around with cuddly furry, feathered, or scaled pets? That's for a reason! Join us today in a panel about the animal shelter, and the dos and don'ts of adopting an animal today! Starring imPort guest: Carl.
MAGNETS AND MOTORBIKES You see that panel above about how not to introduce technology outside of this timeframe? Ignore it! Look at cool bikes instead! Join imPorts in a practical discussion of building motorcycles, magnetic technology, and take a look at their cutting edge technology. Note: All racing that goes on outside of FanPort is not affiliated with this organization, nor is it condoned by it, and they are not responsible for any injuries incurred in outside demonstrations. Starring imPort guest: Gogo Tomago.
BUILDING THE FUTURE WITH IMPORT TECHNOLOGY Continuing the trend of bringing imPort technology to the forefront, come and watch this panel for a spirited discussion of imPort technologies, and how it will pave the way to the future and a brighter tomorrow! Want to know what it can do for you? Step right up, and take a look. Starring imPort guest: Tony Stark.
IMPORTS AND REGISTRATION: A CONTROL MODEL THAT SPANS WORLDS Join your friendly imPorts in discussing Registration, and how this has been used - effectively, even! - in other worlds! Take a look at how it's used for the safety of everyone involved, as told by one of America's greatest success stories. How could Tony Stark ever be wrong? Starring imPort guest: Tony Stark.
IMPORTS AND THE LAW: AN EVERCHANGING LANDSCAPE Want something with a lot of pizzaz, with a ton to look at, and plenty to interact with? Go to some other panel! If you're interested in law, and the ramifications of the ever-evolving state of the law in light of changing politics and the shifting population of imPorts, however, this is the panel for you, in as much detail as anyone could possibly ask for. Starring imPort guest: Mitchell Hundred.

Ever wonder what it's really like being the Ambassador of an imPort city? Whether you want to know what colour tie the ambassador in question likes wearing, want to know more about due process, or just want to get a juicy scoop, step right up to where at least one Ambassador is ready to answer your questions! Starring imPort guest: Mitchell Hundred.


Do you want to get fashion tips from a preteen? Do you believe that they know what you should be wearing better than you? Well, you're in luck, because imPort kids are the best dressed around! Follow our imPort guests into a world of fashion from clothing to hairstyles to tasteful cosmetics! Starring imPort guests: Pacifica Northwest and Ken Amada.


Everyone welcome the premiere of America's newest teen pop sensation: Chucky Kentucky! ImPort fans have been abuzz since this event was announced, speculating on everything from his doubtlessly fashionable clothes to the dulcet tones of the voice they're bound to hear. Come see his premiere for yourself -- but come early, because there will surely be a line-up out the door! Starring imPort guests: Edward Elric AKA Chucky Kentucky, Winry Rockbell and Roy Mustang.


So, what's with those rollerblades you see around town? Find out here as imPorts do a live demonstration of what A-T is really capable of! If you want to watch some cool tricks and see the extent of the athleticism-on-wheels that imPorts are capable of, here's the place! Starring imPort guests: Yayoi Nakayama, Kururu Sumeragi, Ikki Minami, and Mikura Kazuma


Want to discuss all imPort-driven media? Well... this probably isn't the place for you. If you wish to discuss Jeff Winger's TV show, however, and learn a thing or two about his firm, this is the place for you! While this is mostly Q&A, don't worry; maybe Jeff will even divulge a secret or two about his killer work-out routine. Starring imPort guest: Jeff Winger.


Calling all history buffs! One of your friendly imPorts is here to teach you about natural magic and the supernatural, including all sorts of spooky splendors like ghosts, mythical Kings, and how the supernatural fits into World History. While it may be more informative than it is strictly entertaining, it's bound to be a treat for inquiring minds. Starring imPort guest: Gansey


This secret panel is... wait a second. This panel isn't secret at all! Using the glories of false advertising, imPorts take the stage to announce a benefit concert to be held within the next month. Ask your imPort entertainers questions about what it's really like to be them and listen to a song or two, but if it's a concert you want, you'll be disappointed... unless you stay for the real deal for their next panel! Starring imPort guests: Marceline and Maya Fey.


Now this is where the party's really at! Join one of your rocking-est - FanPort's description, not her own! - vampire superstar in a performance ready to bring the house down. And hey, if you want to shell out some cash for some merch and support your local artists, that's certainly a plus. Starring imPort guest: Marceline.


Whoa. Things are getting heavy around here as one very special imPort takes the stage to talk about the influence of the devil, dispel common myths about his possession of equine features, and a meditation on what Lucifer means to the common man. Starring imPort guest: Lucifer.


A Q&A panel featuring The Pink Princess herself, expect droves of the kids the show is directed at, and yes, plenty of adult fans to flock to this panel in droves! Gain hints as to what the Pink Princess is going to be up to next, and look at some awfully familiar silhouettes for future partners and villains... but of course, everyone's here for one reason, and that's the cute-as-a-button leading lady. Starring imPort guest: Maya Fey

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Kanaya Maryam | REGISTERED | OTA all three days

[personal profile] glowsferatu 2016-04-18 11:09 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Kanaya's booth is a much nicer setup than she had last year. But then, she wasn't rushing on minimal funds just after getting out of prison, either.

The area's been set up as a small showroom for Maryam Designs, a handful of manniquins set up with some of her showcase coutures, while she has a few racks filled with numerous affordable garments. But she'd hardly be a couturier if she only offered ready made designs. She's there in person to discuss potential orders, and even brought her sewing machine for on-the-spot alterations. Every now and then, she does speed demonstrations just to draw the crowd. It's showing off a little, but some people liking seeing a roll of fabric turn into a t-shirt in thirty seconds.

There's also a spot to have your picture taken with Ashiah, very closely monitored by Kanaya. She very much likes the idea of people loving her daughter as much as she does, but she's ready to tear the throat out of anyone who might be trouble for her.

[ Kanaya conducts the panel in her Echidna costume, sans facepaint and foregoes a table entirely just to set up chairs for the other guests, while she stands through the presentation. She covers a wide range of topics, including form over function, focus on a theme, and the invention of imPort-made super polymers creating fabrics that are ideal for crimefighting.

She brings a few different well-known costumes up on the overhead, but while discussing Spider-Man and Blue Beetle, she rambles for about a minute about how weirdly prolific bug themes are to her, as someone with insectine biology. She similarly annalyzes a number of other costumes, welcoming audience opinions. Maybe your character's costume is among them!

The panel ends with questions from the audience, and attendants are also invited on stage to have their costumes discussed.


[ Kanaya attended with Ashiah this time, because even if she's too young to be fully cognizant of the discussion, it will still matter to her. Some of the company is...awkward, but she tries to keep tight-lipped about it, staying on topic. ]

Personally, I think that most humans, even imPorted humans, aren't really going to understand what it's like for us. The gulf of experiences is far too wide, and even if they arrive into environments they're unfamiliar, they are at least surrounded by members of their own species. Those of us who aren't, the only ones we can really talk about that with are each other.

I think that, while it's important for humans to be open-minded, to accommodate as they reasonably can, it will be on those of us who aren't human to really look after one another.


[ Once she's gotten a free moment, Kanaya takes Ashiah with her to wander the artist's booths. Of course, she regularly finds herself covering the grub's eyes, which leads her to squirm and chirp in protest. Perhaps this might have been a mistake. At least, until she spies somethng that leaves her gasping in surprise. Her eyes liht up as she moves quickly in to examine a set of plushes.

Plushes of her daughter.

The seller is caught somewhere between surprise and embarrassment, frozen like a deer in headlights. It's the sort of thing they come to Fanport for, but actually reacting when it happens is another matter entirely. Luckily, Kanaya's reaction is positively beaming.

Look how darling these are! You made them yourself?

[ She glances back around the other passersby and pointing wildly, pretty much embarrassing everyone, especially Ashiah. ]

Look! Oh my god!

[ She ultimately ends up buying five. ]

[ If you want another thing, go for the thing! ]
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[personal profile] resipiscent 2016-04-19 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
[That sure is Kanaya absolutely losing it. He's never seen her quite this excited so he can't help but approach, curiosity getting the better of him.]

Those are cute, [comes out of his mouth before he really realizes it, but he doesn't really feel like he needs to retract the statement.] They're a pretty good likeness, huh?
glowsferatu: smile (pic#8348669)

[personal profile] glowsferatu 2016-04-19 05:09 am (UTC)(link)
Well, what do you think?

[ She turns to face him, holding a plush in one hand, while the other hoists up Ashiah, who doesn't seem to care for the position,and is possibly a little weirded out by all the her-dolls. ]

Much smaller, certainly, but I think they portrayed the basics very well!
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[personal profile] resipiscent 2016-04-20 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah. But, I mean, if they were bigger, they'd have to charge more, right? I like this.

[He reaches to take the doll carefully, holding it up next to the grub and turning it thoughtfully.]

Hm. Yeah, it's pretty good.
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[personal profile] glowsferatu 2016-04-20 08:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Theoretically, I suppose. More material used would likely increase costs. But, then you could use one as a pillow.

[ Ashiah continues squirming in her arms, until she's managed to rest her belly against Kanaya's shoulder again. That's much better. ]

You should buy one! [ She looks out to the other con-goers, raising her voice. ] Everyone should buy one!
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[personal profile] resipiscent 2016-04-21 02:24 am (UTC)(link)
I'm kinda thinking about it, actually.

[He hands Kanaya back that one, turning to consider one himself. They're all more or less the same, so he lifts one arbitrarily, then drags his wallet out of one pocket to pay the stall's owner.]

I feel like it's only a successful Swear-in when I've got at least one souvenir. You know?
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[personal profile] glowsferatu 2016-04-21 10:17 am (UTC)(link)
If that's so, I've been to a good number of unsuccessful swear-ins.

[ She takes her five plushes and puts them in a bag, holding one up first with a smile. ] At least that won't be the case this time!
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[personal profile] resipiscent 2016-04-22 01:16 am (UTC)(link)
Heh, right.

[Riku crouches to tuck the doll into his backpack carefully, leaving the head sticking out as if it's a weird pet and not somebody's child represented in plush form.]

There we go.
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[personal profile] glowsferatu 2016-04-22 09:59 am (UTC)(link)
There you go.

[ She smiles, shifting Ashiah to the other shoulder. ] So, what kind of souvenirs have you taken home in the past?

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[personal profile] enucleation 2016-04-19 06:50 am (UTC)(link)
[ Kaneki always wears a battlesuit underneath his clothes; his mask is always in his pocket. In all honesty, he feels a lot more relaxed when fighting with it than wearing normal clothes and he wouldn't be able to explain why. Kaneki has two different outfits, actually - one Kanaya already saw during the Pan Island mess, the other? Well, she is about to see.

This time Kaneki isn't ready to fight or anything like that. Someone who was eating pie bumped into him and dirtied the shirt that he used on top of the outfit; to him, that's honestly really gross, so he decided to just take it off and walk around with his with his battlesuit exposed (minus the red glove and the mask). Which is a thing of beauty, just ask his fans! (at least he isn't wearing his mask)

In any case, he is walking around the con and eventually goes to some panels that he recognizes the speaker. Kanaya is one of them; he isn't going to take a stand or ask questions, and instead he will wait for the other to be done with her presentation and to be done answering her fans .- only then he will approach with a smile. ]

Hello, Kanaya. Nice panel, it was interesting.
Edited 2016-04-19 06:52 (UTC)
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[personal profile] glowsferatu 2016-04-19 07:26 am (UTC)(link)
[ Once Kanaya's on her way out of the panel, she's put on a wrap dress over her suit, looking more like a short black robe until she'll have a chance to change. She's slipping off her gloves when Kaneki greets her. She gives him a bright smile in return. ]

Ken! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

[ It's only then she realizes what he's wearing. It's similar to the one she's seen before, but...much more strappy. Her smile turns more restrained, but amused, as she gestures towards it. ]

You should have come up on stage with us, we could have talked about that.
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[personal profile] enucleation 2016-04-19 11:05 pm (UTC)(link)
[ now he feels self conscious about it, and it's obvious by his body stance, as kaneki withdraws a bit ]

I really would rather not - it seems that everyone finds something offensive about it. [ he is teasing mostly, though all his friends tend to comment on it. WE WONDER WHY ] Though it is really comfortable.
Edited 2016-04-19 23:05 (UTC)
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[personal profile] glowsferatu 2016-04-20 08:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, I don't know about offensive, but it is a very unique design. [ Mostly because it would fit right in at a sex club, but she isn't about to say that.

She crosses around behind him.
] I've always thought these cutouts in your back were a bold choice. Provocative, even.
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[personal profile] enucleation 2016-04-21 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
[ thank you for not saying that ]

I didn't design it, someone else did. I'm just using his ideas. [ if Kanaya met the man, maybe she'd understand where all of this came from. ]

Ah- that's for my kagune. [ it comes out from his back, so in order to avoid ripping his clothes again and again, it's better not to have any clothing covering the area. ] it comes out from there.
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[personal profile] glowsferatu 2016-04-21 12:40 am (UTC)(link)
Does it? So, it serves more of a function than I expected. Still, the effect is has on the design certainly must draw attention. A shame I've never gotten the chance to meet your designer.

[ She crosses back around to the front, resting a chin on her hand. ]

If I didn't know better, I'd almost say it's what McQueen would do, were he expected to design a supersuit. Do the belts have a function, as well?
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[personal profile] enucleation 2016-04-21 07:21 am (UTC)(link)
You wouldn't want to meet him. [ he is downright creepy. In every sense of the word. And his fascination with Kaneki is honestly a thing that would make anyone uncomfortable - Kaneki is used to it, at least.

As the troll moves, Kaneki's eyes follow her and then he smiles a little. ]

Who is McQueen...?

[ in any case, his hand reaches for one of the straps ] Just for... design, I guess? They don't really do anything.
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[personal profile] glowsferatu 2016-04-22 09:52 am (UTC)(link)
[ Wouldn't want to meet him? That's...curious. But she supposes she shouldn't be surprised if Kaneki knew and dealt with creeps back home, especially when she isn't totally sure he gets the implications of the design. ]

Alexander McQueen. He's a fashion designer, only one of the biggest contemporary names in the industry. [ Not that he'd know if he doesn't keep up. Not everyone does this for a job born of obsessive interest, after all. ]

Do they affect the fit at all? Or the movement in your chest?

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[personal profile] shutterbugged 2016-04-20 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
Spider-Man slips into the room a few minutes after Kanaya's fashion panel starts, and finds himself a seat on the wall at the rear of the auditorium. He's stealthy enough only a few heads in the back rows turn, and even their brief flurry of whispers and smartphone camera clicks makes more noise than he does. All to the good; he's here to support his friend, not show off.

Peter probably wouldn't be attending if it weren't for who was presenting. As far as his own suit's concerned, if there's nothing broken he sees no reason to fix it. Sure, he knows the red-and-blue's getting a little... retro, but after the black suit that turned out to be a brain-eating alien symbiote? The Iron Spider suit Tony used to spy on him? There's Parker luck, and then there's borrowing trouble. He may be using unstable molecules now, but every little web-line is exactly as it was on the spandex version.

Still, it's more interesting than he'd expected to see Kanaya break down all the little principles of suit design. It's all stuff he's known subconsciously but never known how to put into words, other than, "Hey, neat chest symbol design," or, "Do you really need all those pouches? What for?" You learned something new every day, go figure.

But another thing Spider-Man is about to learn today is that if you don't want to be volunteered for audience participation, you shouldn't sit above head level of the con-goers in front of you.
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[personal profile] glowsferatu 2016-04-20 09:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Kanaya's in the middle of a discussion of silhouettes, on the screen showing blacked out images of the Power Girl, the suit she made for the Protector, and TV's own Pink Princess, because she was really feeling the P's when she made this slide. Suddenly she trails off in the middle of it, staring at the back of the room.

"Hold on," she offers to placate the crowd, as she has very certainly derailed herself at this point. It isn't the easiest thing to see through the stage lights to the back wall, luckily, her threads help to tell her she's seeing what she thought she might be. Her lips break into a fanged grin.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll pardon the interruption, we appear to have a very special guest to our panel today!" She stretches out her arm to point right at him. "Please join me in welcoming the ever-splendorous Spider-Man!" And with that, she waves him up to the front, rather insistently.
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[personal profile] shutterbugged 2016-04-21 02:13 am (UTC)(link)
Spider-Man freezes like the proverbial fly in someone else's web, as a hundred heads turn to look at him at once. "Um. Hey, folks," he says, waving a hand weakly.

This is not how you repay gestures of support, Kanaya!
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She may be putting him on the spot, but in her weird way, it is a show of gratitude. She's publicly celebrating him the way she knows how, through fashion. And so, she continues waving him forward. "Come on, Spider-Man! All the way up to the stage!"
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[Charlie is a bit further down the table Kanaya is currently excitedly over, holding up one of the big bug-baby dolls, her expression...befuddled.]

What is it though?

[She hasn't noticed the real-life version a few feet away yet.]
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superposition: ((see i told you it would work))


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[Qubit's not really attending the panels - he is, as usual, helping out with security, and for an event this huge that's demanding most of his attention even without anything going horribly wrong. But he does step in for a few minutes to a fair number of them, especially those run by people he likes, just to see what's up. So partway through Kanaya's panel, he'll just quietly come in and stand around in the back, leaning against a wall with his arms folded.

He is, of course, dressed the same way as always. Though he did wear a tie today, if that counts for anything. (The tie is also green.)]
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