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WHO: Jaime Reyes and YOU
WHERE: Everywhere!
WHEN: Throughout March.
WHAT: Various.
WARNINGS: None anticipated! Feel free to give me a ping at feygasm or PM me if you'd like a thread!
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[Ah, stupid criminals. They're a multiversal constant, seems like.

Thanks to an accident of timing, Qubit's just leaving the store and witnesses the tail end of the crime as well, though not soon enough to stop it before they can drive off. Seriously? And in broad daylight, no less? He stops for a second to check that the owner is all right (and he is, thank goodness, just shaken up), then leaves his bags with the bystanders and portals off in pursuit.

He finds it again without much trouble - it's not a quiet car by any means - and follows, 'porting from rooftop to rooftop to maintain line of sight. The trick now is how to stop it. Certainly he could disable the engine and hover train, if he was close enough, but if he does it while they're at speed he could end up killing somebody. He sees his chance when they stop on their own, but at the same time somebody else solves the problem for him.

Qubit has definitely seen this guy around before, both on the news and at the scene of at least one emergency - Blue Something. Beetle? He wants to say it's Beetle. The car's powerful, but he seems to have it more or less under control... at least, until the passenger bails. Ah. Unless Beetle's got the power to be in two places at once, that could be a problem.

So, all of a sudden, a bright blue portal appears in front of the fleeing thief, and out strides Qubit, already pulling his arm back. Before the poor bastard can react, he runs straight into a right cross and gets summarily clotheslined. Qubit may not be a terrific physical fighter, but he definitely knows how to throw a punch.]

Not very good at this, are they?

[- that's directed at you, Jaime. He's not about to waste his breath talking to the thieves. Without breaking his stride, he heads into the intersection (which the stolen car and the Beetle are about halfway through, much to the consternation of both directions of traffic) and raises his hand toward it. His eyes flash, and an arc of blue-green light jumps briefly between his hand and the car, pulling the proverbial plug on all its systems. The engine and hover train die simultaneously, dropping the car the couple of feet to the ground with a metallic crunch.]

I mean, really. What kind of car thief stops for a red light?
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Not a problem.

[With the car disabled, Qubit heads back to the fellow he decked a second ago, who's still conscious, but rolling on the ground clutching a bloody nose and yelling something about it being broken. He crouches and pulls the guy up to a sitting position, gripping his arm firmly.] Oh, quiet, you big baby.

[He watches Beetle pull the car out of the street, quietly (and curiously) evaluating the guy now that he's up close. He was leaning toward "alien" based on his appearance, but at this distance he's getting a distinct "tech" feeling from him. Power armor, then? Cyber-augments? Robot?]

Thank you. I could say the same about your tech. [There we go, vagueness safely disguised as wittiness.] Extraterrestrial?
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[Heh - well, he'd be lying if he said it wasn't odd-looking, now that he's paying attention to it, but lbr it would look weirder if there was a nose.]

No, just a hunch. I've worked with a lot of alien tech in the past, it's got a distinctly different feel to it.
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Both, in a sense.

["Communicate" is oversimplifying it - it's not as if he can mentally interface with software, or get wi-fi in his brain, or anything like that. But it's close enough, and anyway it's a lot easier to explain it as "talking to the machine" than to launch into a litany of technical details. He gestures offhandedly at the car sitting halfway up on the sidewalk.]

Do you mind getting him out of there? I'd better fix it before the owner shows up.