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i can't remember to forget you

WHO: all imPorts!
WHERE: a large expanse of land that is kind of a parking lot in Heropa
WHEN: March 12th, 4PM onwards
WHAT: Time for the March Swear-In! this is gonna be full of fun and games and nothing going wrong at all, right? Nope. More ooc details can be found here

After the harrowing experience of the Perestroika Seminar last month, the government's decided that a nice, easy fun swear-in would be the best for everybody. Time to relax and recover from the harrowing events of February with a fair! The temperature's a bit brisk but the grand thing about Florida weather is that a brisk Florida March is still a warmer than average March compared to the rest of the nation: perfect fairground weather.

The carnival has stereotypical fairground rides: ferris wheels, carousels, the gravitron, fairground swings, a tilt a whirl, everything that you know and love. This isn't Six Flags so there aren't any large roller coasters or water rides, but if it can be assembled and moved around via a large truck, expect it to be here. In true carnival fashion, the rides are staffed by twenty-somethings who desperately don't want to be there. Also in true carnival fashion, the safety of some of the rides is....slightly dubious at best. Be careful of a few spots of vomit outside some of the faster rides: some of your fellow imPorts don't take motion sickness very well.

All rides do have height requirements. Sorry tiny imPorts, have you tried the kiddie train or the smaller ferris wheel?

Some booths have fairground food. There's the staples: corn dogs, candy apples, funnel cake, lemonade, and so on. There's a scary amount of deep fried food, ranging from the sensible (pickles and oreos) to the downright disturbing (how can someone deep fry pizza?!) Some of the vendors have gotten in on the imPort craze by naming their fair food after imPorts themselves: have a nice cool Jinseok Jin-ger Ale. What about a Cindy Moon Pie? A Kaiden Alenkronut? April Ludgateorade? If a bad pun can be made of the fair food name, then somebody's selling it.

Other booths have traditional fairground games: toss darts at balloons, test your strength, skee ball, and so on. The games are all a bit rigged and all a bit overpriced, but that's part of the fun! Win yourself or that special someone a goldfish, an inflatable sword, or an overly large stuffed animal. The barkers running the games are keeping a strict eye out for imPorts using their powers...but they're only human, after all. Try and use that super-strength when nobody's looking!

After the sun's set and the fairground is lit up by lights, annoyance strikes. Off to the side of one of the food stalls, there's a small explosion, producing a lot of smoke that quickly travels throughout the fairground, but not much else. The problem is, as the smoke clears, imPorts may find that their memory isn't up to snuff. Some people don't remember how they got here. Some people don't remember that they have superpowers to begin with. Some people still have all their memories. There's no pattern as to why some people have all their memories while some have lost theirs,

The fairground only stays up for about half an hour more before officials start to close everything down and hurry everyone home. After all, some of the imPorts don't remember how to use their powers. Besides, they need to figure out what caused the memory loss in the first place: could it be another Soviet attack?!?

(spoilers, no, it's just an incompetent old man with broken technology. Whoops.)
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Qubit | OTA

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[As usual, Qubit's working security at the event. This is not because he endorses the US Government (which does something to piss him off almost weekly), or because he wants people to register (he prefers they don't) - it's to keep anyone from getting killed. Which is a very real possibility.

In the past, the main threat has been terrorists, or rogue imPorts, or Soviet invaders. Tonight, it's the god-awful carnival rides. He didn't think much of them during set-up, busy with his own preparations, but now that they're in motion... good lord, do these people not believe in maintenance?

So yeah, at some point in the evening, and for nearly every ride, some guy with a green trenchcoat and weird hair is going to imperiously step in (and/or hop a fence) and keep anybody from getting on for a few minutes while he makes some adjustments. (Despite confused carnival staff telling him to stop, or to wait his turn.)]

Stand aside, this will only take a second. You'll thank me when you aren't decapitated.

[If you're particularly unlucky, you may end up experiencing this more than once.]


[Well, so far so good. The night has gone off mostly without a hitch - no one's in hospital, everyone's alive, nothing's exploded -

- okay, might have spoken too soon on that last one.

Qubit snaps into crisis mode the second he hears it, and runs toward the source of the smoke at top speed, expecting the worst. He has to push past some curious onlookers, who he really wishes would not descend on these events before they've been cleared-]

Excuse me! Security, coming through.
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4 - 6:30

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[Dooku watches the man in green- clearly some variety of engineer- repair the rides with speed and impetuousness. He does not let decorum and boundaries stand in the way of necessity: an admirable trait.]

You are doing us all quite a favour, sir. These attractions are deeply shoddy.

[Qubit will see that the speaker is an older man wearing high-quality clothing that is deeply out of place in this context: a cape, a tunic, old-fashioned leather boots. And he doesn't seem terribly impressed by the safety of the rides either.]
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-03-14 05:00 am (UTC)(link)
[Qubit doesn't even glance away from his inspection of the ride, but he definitely heard him.] Thank you. See, this gentleman gets it. [That second bit's directed at the sulking ride attendant, who just groans.]

[Finally, he stands and extends his arms toward the machine, not unlike a conductor silencing an orchestra. As it turns out, he was not exaggerating much when he said it'd only take a second. Qubit's technokinesis is flashy in the most literal sense of the word - a bright blue-green light spans between his hands and the machine, and if you look closely, you'll see its components moving of their own accord, wires almost growing into place.

It's over as suddenly as it began, the whole process only taking about five seconds. He flashes the attendant a thumbs-up.]
There, was that such a hardship? Carry on.

[As the ride begins powering back up, he leaves through the designated exit like a normal person, which puts him right near Dooku since I seriously doubt he was standing in line for the ride. He places the voice with the face almost instinctively, as if they just naturally go together.]

Three down, a dozen to go.
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[Damn right Dooku isn't standing in line for these childish excuses for entertainment. Especially not when there is a far more interesting show taking place in front of him. The sight of Qubit's technokinesis in action earns an impressed eyebrow from the Count.]

You have no shortage of work ahead of you. It would appear that the government cannot be expected to take proper security measures in any field- military or otherwise.

[First they let their territory get conquered, then they can't even set up a safe day of diversions. At this point, Dooku is convinced he'll be doing this nation a favour when he inevitably overthrows its authorities and ushers in a New Order.]
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-03-28 08:51 pm (UTC)(link)
[Qubit shrugs and rests his hands in his pockets.] Well, their cybersecurity's distressingly competent, but otherwise I'd have to agree with you there. It's hit-or-miss, certainly.

[For his own part, he has very little interest in politics and great distrust for the military. Considering, you know, back home the biggest problems they faced during the Plutonian crisis (next to the Plutonian himself) were the measures the US military took trying to neutralize him. The leadership on this Earth has done little to improve his opinion; their primary selling point is that they've at least made an attempt to treat imPorts like human beings, unlike certain USSRs one could name.]

It's a bit sad that this is what we consider uneventful. At least, so far. I've probably just jinxed it.
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If you have, I will not blame you for it. I do not hold to such superstitions.

[Despite being a literal space wizard, Count Dooku has a generally cool, practical, ends-means mind. The ends are his own, and the means are everyone and everything around him that doesn't get in his way- like certain Americas and USSRS one could name.

At any rate, he inclines his head to Qubit as he introduces himself.]

I am Count Dooku. It is a pleasure to meet you, at this hopefully uneventful gathering.
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-03-29 10:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Good, neither do I, really.

[Qubit grasps his lapels as he returns the gesture, inwardly glad Dooku didn't go for the handshake. So many people go for the handshake.]

Qubit. Pleasure's all mine. Count of where, out of curiosity?

[Unless, like, "Dooku" is the name of the count-dom or whatever you call it. The English leave off the "of" for a lot of those, but the English are weird.]
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[No handshakes for this guy. Contact with other sapient beings is a necessary evil at best- it's aloofness all the way for him.]

Of the planet Serenno, in my Galaxy. A lovely world. Ours is an ancient house, with a long history. But my title is a matter of heritage, not politics. I believe in democracy.

[Something that Dooku finds he has to add, on this planet. Most natives of this country believe strongly in freedom and elections and so on, and many imPorts likewise. It's not like in his home Galaxy, where people accept hereditary monarchies ruling planets while co-existing within elected galactic governments.]
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-03-31 04:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[Serenno... not one he's been to, himself, but it's a nice name for a planet. Evokes "serenity." He wonders if that's what they were going for. Qubit nods.]

Good to know.

[Although he's not 100% sure why Dooku felt the need to include the democracy thing. Has he been mistaken for a communist previously? When you think "communist," a hereditary noble is like... the opposite of what comes to mind.]

So what brings you here, Count Dooku? You don't seem much like the fair-going type.

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[ After trying to explain to the third bored teenager that maybe they really should do something, it's frankly a relief to see someone official head straight to the source of the problem.

With the invisible lines already breached, she follows him to the underside of the tilt & whirl, to where loose bolts and an unlubricated axle had been crying every time the ride began. ]

The third support beam—you noticed it too?
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[Conan was not riding any rides today. Not because he was worried about the frankly dangerous condition of the some of the equipment (Conan was occasionally a bit of an adrenaline junkie), but because he was far, far beneath the minimum height requirements and he absolutely refused to go anywhere near the kiddie rides.

But when he sees someone official looking mentioning something about decapitation? Well, he can't resist heading over to see what was going on.]

What will only take a second?
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[Qubit acknowledges the kid on the other side of the fence with a glance before looking back to his work. He's not good with kids in general, but at least this one isn't getting underfoot.]

Fixing the ride. It's all fun and games 'til somebody loses a limb.

[And without further ado, he commences fixing the ride. Blue-green light arcs between his hands and the machinery, but through the glow the parts can be observed subtly morphing in shape and position, a joint popping back into place, a rusty outdated motor turning into a polished, more modern one. The changes really do only take a few seconds, though. Qubit takes a quick look over his handiwork before nodding and giving the all-clear to the exasperated ride operator.] Right, good to go.

[He leaves through the designated exit as the ride begins boarding again. Absently, he's keeping an eye out for the glasses kid - he has no reason to believe Conan's an imPort just by sight, and anyway it's not really safe for a kid to be running around the fair by himself. Parents these days, gosh.]
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[Now that was interesting. It was one of the first time Conan had seen these so-called superpowers in action this close. Hattori's inexplicable cheetah-spots aside. His interest in the safety of the ride fades now that the poblems have obviously been fixed, in favor of following after the new subject of his interest.]
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-03-31 04:17 pm (UTC)(link)
[It doesn't take long to spot the kid trailing after him, and Qubit looks over his shoulder at the little guy.] You need something?
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[personal profile] eastdetective 2016-04-01 03:04 am (UTC)(link)
How did you do all that? I was curious.
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-04-11 05:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm an imPort. That's my power.

[His tone of voice is genial, but there's definitely some condescension in there. Of course he has a more detailed and technical answer, but what 7-year-old is going to understand it?]
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[personal profile] eastdetective 2016-04-11 09:16 pm (UTC)(link)
I figured that out already. What kind of power was it?
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-04-18 07:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Technokinesis. I can take old, broken machines and turn them into new ones. [Basically.]

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5:00 or so

[personal profile] iamtetsuo 2016-03-17 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)

[And that's a very non-plussed, and weirdly familiar looking annoyed short teenager, trying to shove past him anyway. To be honest, Tetsuo didn't think that much of them either, but he seems determined enough to try every kind of one once, at least. Just on principle alone.

Of course, that's about when Qubit gets in his way. God DAMMIT, does he just make it a habit to be difficult or what?]

Like hell it'll take a second.... I already had to wait to get to this dumb thing! Knock it off!
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-03-17 06:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[Yes. Yes he does. Ah hell, it would be Tetsuo who decides to raise Cain about this. He manages to push past Qubit, but Qubit grabs his arm to try and stop him actually getting on the ride.]

I'm aware patience isn't your strong suit, but unless you want to end up part of the ride you'll want to stand back.
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[Tetsuo yanks his arm, trying to break free of Qubit's grip. Fortunately, he's not taken the best care of.. any part of anything for a long while, and he wasn't the strongest person around to begin with, so he might still be containable if he's trying to use physical force.]

I'll be fine!

[Is he even listening?]
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-03-18 10:09 pm (UTC)(link)
[Yeah no dice kiddo. Don't make him break out the Dad Voice. Wait, no, too late.]

Tetsuo. You know what my power is. So when I say it'll take a second, I mean it will literally take a second. And even if you got on, it'd just be you sitting by yourself on a motionless ride like an idiot. So step off and let me do my job.
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[To which Tetsuo grits his teeth and glares raw defiance. If he gets in, it's just on the principle of the thing; now that he's made his intent clear, stubborn defiance flares bright. Maybe just.. not as bright as it may have before. There's no snapped argument.

He gives his arm one more determined yank, just to show that he isn't going to simply give up, but he doesn't make a move to keep going forward. Yes he knows what Qubit's power is.

His left hand clenches, pulling into Kaneda's jacket sleeve a little as if that'd disguise what's on his wrist better.]
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-03-28 11:03 pm (UTC)(link)
[Qubit lets go this time, sensing that he's finally got through to him. Without saying anything more, he turns his attention to the ride.

Tetsuo may have seen Qubit's power in action before, but not on this large a scale. This is one of those Troika-style rides, with cars circling beneath the ends of three central arms - but the problem with this one is, it's too fast. More to the point, years of going too fast have left the structure weakened by strain, and haven't been kind to the brakes, either. This is more of an overhaul than most of the other rides he's addressed.

The shiny part of his power envelops basically the whole ride. Wires disconnect and split and twist into new ones, metal can be heard contorting inside the machine, the main arms seem to ripple briefly as he stabilizes them. He even fixes a handful of missing light bulbs, which actually seem to grow back. The overall sense of motion isn't unlike that one time in Akira with the robot arm - oh wait you know all about that already, never mind. It's about as fast as that, too, though, taking only about five seconds.]

There. [He looks back to Tetsuo, a moment before the circuit-like glow in his eyes fades, and makes a sweeping gesture at the ride.] All yours. That wasn't so bad, now, was it.
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[Qubit might not have seen Tetsuo's eyes widen, watching it all seamlessly shift and twist together into itself. He can, however, note there's no further comment or action on the kid's part, who's too busy being fascinated watching Qubit work to even bother keeping up commentary.

it'd be different if Tetsuo had ever enacted this particular feat himself, but he hasn't. It's fairly visible, from the way he looks to the ride back to Qubit, that he's trying to measure it in his head. Tetsuo can lift stuff. He can make fine-tuned adjustments, too; he's done some of that already. But never on that scale. It'd never occurred to him to try.

Forget the ride. He's lost interest.]

I wanna do that.

at last it begins B]

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