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home wrecks!

WHO: Doc Brown, any and all residents of De Chima 03, and any and all visitors!
WHERE: De Chima 03
WHEN: Various days mid-March
WHAT: House parties, science shop-talk, friendship, awkward negotiations
WARNINGS: None so far!

[It's remarkable how this odd place is starting to feel like home. Doc is still negotiating storage space for a growing hoard of spare parts, largely confined to his bedroom, and he's still coming home in a disco suit at odd hours of the night, but he's content here. Especially now that his best friend is just one house down.

There's always something strange going on here, whether it's a visit, a night of reading, or a small party in the living room. And he wouldn't have it any other way.]

((feel free to PM me for a starter or add your own!))
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[Qubit's around for the party as well, since... well A) gotta have somebody responsible around to keep an eye on things, and 2) the hell else is he gonna do on a Friday night. He went ahead and threw together some mini broccoli quiches and sweet potato fries to share, in case anybody wants to not go into an ice cream coma. Or, you know, just something warm to counteract the brain freezes. Three cheers for quick and lazy appetizer recipes.

Despite this being his house, Qubit is one of the folks not in pajamas, though he has to admit he feels a little overdressed just by virtue of being dressed. Oh well.

He can be found either socializing generally - if you're a new face, he'll come over and introduce himself at some point - or looking through the game boxes for something suitably challenging. Screw Snakes and Ladders, it's not even a good game of chance.

Oh, I almost forgot - the puppies! There are two enormous white fluffy puppies living here as well, who will be in and out of the party as it suits them. They will absolutely try to steal your food. Qubit will try to keep them out of trouble, but hey, he's only one man.]
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