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home wrecks!

WHO: Doc Brown, any and all residents of De Chima 03, and any and all visitors!
WHERE: De Chima 03
WHEN: Various days mid-March
WHAT: House parties, science shop-talk, friendship, awkward negotiations
WARNINGS: None so far!

[It's remarkable how this odd place is starting to feel like home. Doc is still negotiating storage space for a growing hoard of spare parts, largely confined to his bedroom, and he's still coming home in a disco suit at odd hours of the night, but he's content here. Especially now that his best friend is just one house down.

There's always something strange going on here, whether it's a visit, a night of reading, or a small party in the living room. And he wouldn't have it any other way.]

((feel free to PM me for a starter or add your own!))
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[Komasan can't even remember the last time he spent the night at his actual house. It was probably his first day in the states, where he cried himself to sleep because his feet were weird and also he was kidnapped. Boy have times changed, because right now he's willingly dealing with his weird feet like it's no big deal, mostly because he can't rock his amazing pajamas as a dog. Pajamas he totally stole from Maya, but details.

Because he has to be the most obnoxious person here, he'll eventually slam down a box of the board game "Dream Phone" for all to see, eager to get this trainwreck going.]

I saw this game at the store and it made me think of my brother, zura.

[Yes, the box with the 90s style girls on it made him think of his brother. Look, the guy is always on his phone and- ]

...I can't read any of this, zura.

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[Komasan has to stop and think about that one.]

...Well, he did have a human girlfriend for a little while, zura...

[So. Probably.]

But, a-ah, I kinda bought it for the phone... [His cheeks flush pink a little as he begins to scratch his cheeks.] I-I didn't know pretty women were involved, z-zura...

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[So that's Komasan's human form... this may actually be the first time Qubit's seen it.

Buuut any and all such observations come to a screeching halt when the board game comes out. Good grief, kid, what store did you even find this at? Is there an awful-board-games-from-the-early-90s store? I mean, not that Qubit has ever heard of this particular game, but it looks awful and it looks early-90s. He grimaces at the box.]

Komasan, I'm reasonably sure we're not that game's target demographic.
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[One day he'll have to show Qubit the wonders of the thrift store. Where garbage becomes treasure.]

Sure we are! It's a board game, and we're bored, zura!

[It made sense to him, anyway!]

See, look? Look at the ages, zura! [He points to the "9 and Up" that reads on the box. By some sort of miracle, he can read that much.] We're the "up," zura.
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Well - yes, we are, but -

No one here is nine, are they? It's "nine and up," not "nine or up."

[aww yiss, being a pedantic asshole finally pays off.]

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[ Marty stands outside the door, hearing noises from inside. But for once, he's…nervous. He was used to Doc being an outcast, known to the town as the crazy guy who ran weird experiments and had a teenage kid and a dog as his best friend. Marty was basically his only friend, and knowing Doc had other friends to hang out with made him a little wary.

It was stupid to feel like this, even he would admit it. He and Doc had been friends for years, and the shit they've been through together couldn't equal up to anything else his other friends could make. Or so he thought.

But still.

Marty hesitates outside the door, contemplating if he wanted to stick around or just go back to his own apartment. He's in his jeans and a t-shirt, just in case he leaves early, but he brought a pair of pj's, just in case. He pauses, thinking for a moment or two, before knocking lightly on the door.

He'll open the door a bit and stick his head through. ]
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[ For a brief moment, Marty doesn't think anything's wrong. In reality, there's nothing wrong at all; the more friends Doc has, the better. He was always the outcast in Hill Valley, so what was the harm with other friends? But at the same time...

When 'we' is mentioned, he frowns. He doesn't like the sound of that, apparently. ]

We? Who's 'we'?

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[Kel had been invited by Komasan, and somehow the idea of a party that she could say 'no' to attending made her actually want to say 'yes' to.

Once she's there, though, she's uncertain. There seems to be no common thread here, and she only knows the one person. So she stands, lumpish, by the wall with a glass of water, eyeing the ice cream. Surely someone has to be the first one to get a bowl, right?]
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[Kel tries not to blush, she hadn't thought she'd been that obvious]

Well...I don't know any flavors except the vanilla. It's a very interesting food though.

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[There's nothing like inviting friends over, only to have them wallflower about in your own home. That can only mean one thing...

...Komasan is being a terrible host.

Plagued with guilt, he has no choice but to fix this, least he suffer from things like...well, guilt. It's just guilt.

So if Kel doesn't pay attention, she's going to find that Komasan has somehow crept beside her.]

You like ice cream, don't you, zura?

[He can tell by the way she stares.]
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[Hey, wallflowering is a long and proud tradition, every party needs one]

I haven't tried anything but the two flavors you showed me yet, so I don't know about all of them?

[You have created a monster. An ice cream craving monster]

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[ Komasan's house was full of surprises.

There'd been the security system at the door, and the sensors . . . the ticking of clocks from upstairs, the hum of electronics and the soft whir of fans. Nothing at all like Nonah 005, where she had one of maybe three laptops in the whole house.

It was nice, too. Quiet, this far away from the city's core, and the hardwood felt warm and smooth under her stocking feet. But the biggest surprise by far was Komasan's housemates.

They were really old.

And it shouldn't be that much of a surprise, Komasan was really old too, but it was . . . weird, just a little, to be in a house with adults when she was so used to teenagers.

The knapsack on her back shifts with a metallic clatter as she stops at the door, bowing a bit. ]

Ahh, apologies for intruding like this.

[ Despite the words, it's said in the same tones cheery you'd use for 'hello', or 'nice to meet you'. Her English is edged with a soft Japanese accent. ]

I'm Sumeragi—Kururu Sumeragi, Komasan's friend. This . . . I've never really been to a 'house party' before, but . . . I brought pajamas? And, um . . . hot chocolate, and marshmallows.
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It's very nice to meet you too, Mr. Brown.

[ She takes a seat on the couch, setting her backpack down; it drops solidly, another rattle of metal against metal mixing with a soft swush of plastic. ]

Is this the kind of thing your house does a lot?

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[wow excuse u

Being somewhat more familiar with Japan than he is with some other Earth cultures, Qubit recognizes both the accent and the sound of the name. There kind of is a disproportionate number of Japanese people here, isn't there? - Well, once she's been greeted and such, he adds-]

Which name do you go by? [He's guessing surname, but uhhh he wants to be sure which one actually is her surname.]
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[ That . . . catches her off guard, actually, and there's something really genuine about the small smile she gives him after the surprise clears. ]

It's . . . a little of both. 'Sumeragi' is my family name, but we're in America—if you'd like to call me Kururu, it's fine. Most of the people I've met here do.

Could I ask yours?

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[personal profile] monge 2016-03-23 02:57 pm (UTC)(link)
[Oh hey, it's Komasan's friend! Komasan knows her!

Maybe he should've told his friends that, yes, he lives with a bunch of older men. Older men who were a lot smarter than he was and a little more civilized than a bunch of rowdy teenagers with too much freedom. But that's just it, Komasan didn't really...see that. As far as he's concerned, all these people fall into one category: They're his friends.

And in his perfect world, all his friends should be friends with each other, regardless of age or maturity or fuck boy levels.]

You made it, zura!!

[Compared to her polite introduction, Komasan's welcome is much more lively. As in, he doesn't hesitate to run over and wrap his arms around her in a big hug.

This is how we do things in Castle Komasan.

...Please don't tell anyone he calls it Castle Komasan.]
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[ But Castle Komasan is such a wonderful name . . .

Not as wonderful as Komasan's hugs, though. It's always so different when he's human, too . . . Kururu herself is Maya's height, so she actually needs to look up when he's close, but with hugs all that matters is his shoulder under her cheek, his arms around her and the rhythm of his heartbeat blending with her own.

A little shyly, she rests her hands under his shoulder blades, hugging him back. ]

I wouldn't miss it! Not when it's your invitation . . .

Is there anything I can help with, here?

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[personal profile] superposition 2016-03-14 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
[Qubit's around for the party as well, since... well A) gotta have somebody responsible around to keep an eye on things, and 2) the hell else is he gonna do on a Friday night. He went ahead and threw together some mini broccoli quiches and sweet potato fries to share, in case anybody wants to not go into an ice cream coma. Or, you know, just something warm to counteract the brain freezes. Three cheers for quick and lazy appetizer recipes.

Despite this being his house, Qubit is one of the folks not in pajamas, though he has to admit he feels a little overdressed just by virtue of being dressed. Oh well.

He can be found either socializing generally - if you're a new face, he'll come over and introduce himself at some point - or looking through the game boxes for something suitably challenging. Screw Snakes and Ladders, it's not even a good game of chance.

Oh, I almost forgot - the puppies! There are two enormous white fluffy puppies living here as well, who will be in and out of the party as it suits them. They will absolutely try to steal your food. Qubit will try to keep them out of trouble, but hey, he's only one man.]
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