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home wrecks!

WHO: Doc Brown, any and all residents of De Chima 03, and any and all visitors!
WHERE: De Chima 03
WHEN: Various days mid-March
WHAT: House parties, science shop-talk, friendship, awkward negotiations
WARNINGS: None so far!

[It's remarkable how this odd place is starting to feel like home. Doc is still negotiating storage space for a growing hoard of spare parts, largely confined to his bedroom, and he's still coming home in a disco suit at odd hours of the night, but he's content here. Especially now that his best friend is just one house down.

There's always something strange going on here, whether it's a visit, a night of reading, or a small party in the living room. And he wouldn't have it any other way.]

((feel free to PM me for a starter or add your own!))
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[ Max steps forward more into the light, offering Doc a small wave. He's still got his backpack full of supplies from his time bein' homeless by choice -- and all the filth and scruffiness to go with it, too. ]

Hey D— Mr. Brown. I didn't know you lived here, too. I thought this was Qubit's house.

You don't, um... mind if I crash here for a while, do you? I'm still on vacation. So I don't wanna go home just yet.

[ His tone is slightly sheepish and hesitant, and there's a sense that there's more to his reasoning beyond "vacation" keeping him from heading home just yet. ]
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[ Max chuckles at that, stepping inside. ]

Qubit's a good guy! Though I, uh, haven't exactly asked him yet, so I don't know.

I've been kinda backpacking around the country for a week. Sleepin' outside and stuff. It was fun! Kinda like camping, just without the fancy tents and stuff. No merit badge, either.
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[Meanwhile, Qubit's busy working on something in his room, and only gradually becomes aware of the presence of someone downstairs. There's the small ping to tell him somebody's come in, but at this hour? He assumes it's Komasan at first, but then the voices start filtering upstairs, and although he can't make out their words exactly, that is definitely not Komasan's voice. That is Max's voice. (And what on Earth is Max doing here? Did Qubit tell him where he lived? He might have, he can't remember.)

So about now, he heads down the stairs, taking them one at a time but quickly, as usual. He's still fully dressed, apart from his shoes and coat, because why would he wear those at home (except for all the times he totally wears them at home). Today it's a turtleneck.]

Are you even a Boy Scout, Max?

[Joking aside, he does look concerned, especially once he sees the lad. He looks more like a teenage runaway than any kind of backpacker.]
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[ Max sees the look on Qubit's face and flashes an even wider grin, because that will reassure him, surely. He's fine! ]

Not since third grade, but you know. The sentiment is there. Two kids, out fending for themselves in the world!

And you know, despite what Boy Scouts would have you believe, I needed to tie exactly zero fancy knots.

It was fun and all, but that shower is sounding really good right now.

[ He pauses, then looks a little sheepish. ]

Qubit, you don't mind if I crash here for a little while, do you?
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[Qubit raises an eyebrow. He both does and doesn't mind - on the one hand, he doesn't want the place turning into Nonah 5 while his back is turned, but at the same time Max is definitely safer here than wherever he was before, and ultimately that takes precedence.]

I don't mind, but I can't speak for anybody else.

[A glance at Doc, both to find out if he's okay with it and to ask do you know what this is about? He peripherally wishes Max had called ahead, at least.]

Is it just you? Who's the other kid? [He did say "two"...]
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Max raises his hands defensively, but he's still smiling. "No, no, it's just me, don't worry! I was traveling around with Breeze for like a week but I dropped her off at home already. I just..." Just what? Don't want to go home? He does eventually, but...

"Just not ready for my vacay to be over, is all."