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Dragging ourselves back to normal

WHO: Qubit, and some other people I guess
WHERE: errywhere
WHEN: March
WHAT: Catch-all!
WARNINGS: so many shenanigans

[Starters in comments. PM or plurk me if you want one :'D]
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"Nah, dude, just got here." He paid his cab driver and then gave the barn a once over. ...Seriously, Mr. Port Everywhere was going to make him walk. Then again, who knew, maybe this was the only exercise Mr. Port Everywhere got when not playing hero. "This would have never struck me as your scene," he said as they started back up towards the barn-turned-brewery. "So, I guess that begs the question: what is your kind of scene?"

Qubit was a man of mystery, had been since they first met. Newt was still not wholly convinced that the man wasn't an alien, and actually preferred to think that--to be honest, in part because it made him feel less stupid when Qubit got particularly brilliant about tech. But regardless of what Qubit may have turned out to be, this was a date, and dates were for getting to know people.

Even friend dates. Especially friend dates.

Yes, he was insisting on calling it such just to annoy Qubit.
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"Right, sure. You're too cool to have a scene. I just pictured you a little more rock and roll." His gesture took in the expanse of scene area, including the barn. "A little less country, you know? Not that I'm complaining." Actually, it was weird to be inland enough to see a barn anymore, if he thought about. Too many years spent in coastal cities. "Though I'm totally judging you if you tell me you like to country line dance on the weekends."
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"You don't dance?" He sounded scandalized and followed Qubit into the surprisingly modern and urban barn, while eyeing the other man's hair. How would you even fit that under a hat, even one like a stetson?

Newt considered the layout of the brewery/bar and requested a table. Sure, it'd be cooler to sit at the bar, but if either of them had too much to drink, the table would be infinitely more comfortable and a shorter fall to the floor...assuming that happened. Newt didn't plan to drink that much, but he never PLANNED on his poor decisions. He shrugged out of his leather jacket (the one from Hermann, his gift in Hong Kong, with "rockstar" embroidered on the back) and draped it over the back of the seat before sitting. Newt let the waitress list off the local beers, ordered a cleverly named craft beer from the brewery, otherwise picking basically at random, then turned his attention to Qubit again once the waitress disappeared.

"Someday, I will get you to dance. ...So!" He taps on the table in a fidgety, rhythmic pattern "You got to hear about my complicated FB status love life. What's up in the QB department?"