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WHO: Spock and friend(s?)
WHERE: Anywhere
WHEN: March Catch-all
WHAT: Various stuffs
WARNINGS: None yet, will update if and when there are any
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[It's about a week since the Soviet occupation was repelled, and things are finally getting back to normal. Or... normal for active wartime, anyway. Normal enough to be back at the house and throwing something together for supper, anyway. Qubit's in the kitchen when he hears the knock, but it's unusual for this time of day. He wasn't expecting anyone, and none of the others had mentioned expecting anyone...

His tablet is already on the counter, so he opens up a holo-feed from the front door camera. And, uh.

... Wait a hot minute, is that Spock?

Qubit stares at the hologram for a few long seconds, not entirely sure what he should make of this. Finally, though, he opens the feed in the other direction, the lock projecting a miniature image of him as he folds his arms, plainly skeptical.]

Yes, hello, who are you?
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[Oh. Okay, it's Spock. Yeah. Perfect. Why wouldn't it be. That's cool. Doctor Who's real, apparently, so why wouldn't Star Trek be real, too. Star Trek is real and Spock is moving into your house.

This is fine.

Qubit sighs, then presses a button off-camera, and the lock clicks open.]

Well then, by all means, make yourself at home.

[He tries very hard not to sound sarcastic, but only partially succeeds.]
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[The house is pretty spacious on the whole. The living and dining room and so on still have the stock furnishings that came with the place, so they're more or less in style by this Earth's standards, if a little behind compared to regular Earth, and a lot behind compared to future Earth.

Qubit comes out of the kitchen to meet him, but he's beaten to it by the puppies. Two fluffy white dogs come tearing down the stairs, barking up a storm, tails wagging furiously. WHO THIS? NEW FRIEND? HELLO NEW FRIEND! They are absolutely going to jump all over Spock, and they are large for their age - when they're on their hind legs they can easily reach above waist height. Being still very young and not super well trained, they pay little attention to Qubit's admonitions.]

Christmas, no. Down. Kepler, come here. [He snaps his fingers a few times, which does after a moment bring the puppies over to him, but they resume harassing Spock within seconds. Qubit sighs, exasperated, and gently collars the nearer of the two (which does not significantly damper her excitement, but does limit her ability to jump on anybody).]

Sorry about them, we don't get a lot of guests. I'm Qubit.
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[Yeesh. That's a Spock, all right. No reaction at all to the rambunctious dogs, and then the excessive formality and flat tone of voice... Qubit hasn't watched Star Trek in almost two decades, and while he vaguely remembers Spock being his favorite character as a kid, he'd never really considered how uncanny someone like him would come across in person. He finds himself sort of uncomfortable, feels somehow like he's at a disadvantage.

But hey, Qubit's pretty good at hiding his emotions, too, right? No. No he's not.]

Yes, uh, so do I. Here, let me just - Kepler, down.

[All right hang on a second. He takes a moment to corral the dogs in the office, which (mercifully) isn't presently claimed by anyone. Except perhaps the dogs. It's on coming back that he really gets a close look at Spock, and... oddly, he doesn't really look like Leonard Nimoy at all. Years too young, for starters. (But then, the Doctor doesn't look like any Doctor he'd ever heard of, either.)

... Right, where was his train of thought? He was using that.]

Sorry about that. You've, uh... [waves his hand, searching] just got in, I take it?