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Mexico shenanigans group log [OPEN]

WHO: The Mexico evacuees!
WHERE: Mexico City (or also anywhere en route between the porter cities and there)
WHEN: Feb 15 onwards, through the duration of the coup
WHAT: Do you want Mexico shenanigans? Here is your catch-all/mingle post for Mexico shenanigans, please enjoy. (See the OOC mod post for details.)
WARNINGS: Please put warnings in your subjectlines if necessary!
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Qubit | Day 2

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[Day 2 - Afternoon]

[Upon figuring out LACKEY somehow couldn't reach him from Mexico (despite that it could reach him in Seattle), Qubit quickly decided to base himself there. The apartment block set aside for imPort refugees was actually quite nice, and it was already safer than anywhere in the US.

His goals are twofold: get as many noncombatants here as he can, and keep his technology out of enemy hands. His teleportals are, after all, far superior to anything Russia managed to come up with. Most of what he has on that is in either his head or his lab at Starrware, and he's already got an system in place there - even if it wasn't heavily encrypted, it's programmed to wipe itself in response to tampering attempts. But theeen there's the trio of evil AIs he keeps in his closet (don't ask why). One possibly evil AI on the Soviet side is bad enough, they certainly don't need them getting their hands on three more that are definitely evil.

Obviously, the best way to transport sensitive technology is in a cardboard box, helpfully labeled "FRAGILE DO NOT OPEN". Feel free to catch him portaling in with said box. He has to readjust it before taking it inside; it's a bit heavy...]

[Day 2 - Evening] (cw: vomiting)

[Unbeknownst to Qubit, LACKEY didn't simply give up on messing with him; instead it shut off his nanites, and he's feeling the effects more and more as the day wears on. When he finally gets around to having dinner, five minutes later he's locked in the lobby restroom unable to keep it down. With the accompanying sound effects. SO YEAH, um... hope nobody needs in here for a while.

As bad as it is, though, he thinks it's just an ill-timed stomach flu. I mean, it's not like he's been out eating street food or anything.]

[Day 2 - Late night - closed to Newt & Hermann]

[... But evening turns into night, and the symptoms keep getting worse. He's dizzy and sweating, he can barely keep down water, and it seems like every time he moves it triggers a new bout of retching. He's exhausted, but lying down is out of the question, and whenever he starts to doze off, his body violently jolts him back awake.

Frankly, it's infuriating.

About the only thing he does have the energy to do is argue with idiots on the internet, but he's barely gotten started when Newt calls him on it. And from there he quickly realizes he doesn't even have the energy to refuse help. Besides which... something's seriously wrong with him, his body is doing its damnedest to turn itself inside out. He needs the help, as much as he hates to admit it.

So, as soon as he can stand again, he 'ports over to Newt's location. Out of pride he tries to act natural, but... let's be real, he looks like shit. You know it's bad when his hair is drooping. And he sounds it, too - his voice has all day been losing its usual crispness and vigor, and instead he just sounds tired, hoarse, and miserable.]

Well, I'm here. Are you happy now?
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[Day 2 - Late night - closed to the science threesome]

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[Qubit looks worse than he imagined for the usually rather ...together genius; he's pretty sure he's never seen the man look this disheveled, not even during that first Swear-In. Newt throws one of Qubit's arms over his shoulder to steady him on his feet because he doesn't trust that gravity won't do its thing. It likes to screw with people, you know. Unfortunately, that puts him awfully close to the man's face and he cringes. ]

Wow, dude, no offense, but don't breathe on me. And yeah, very happy.

[Newt doesn't look great, but he's improved since yesterday. Both he and Hermann are still waking up at all hours from the occasional nerve twitches and, he's fairly certain they're nearly shocks for Hermann, but they've slept some, they're safe. Hermann's safe.

So he manages to put an obnoxious sing-song into his voice.]
Hermy! We have a visitor!
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[The exclamation sounds muted through a closed door, but the word echoes around the bathroom. Hermann hurriedly finishes dressing and flattens his damp hair in the mirror before emerging out into the main room.

Where a very sick or drunken Qubit is braced around Newton's shoulders. Hermann stares a moment, then edges closer with increasing concern.]

Qubit? My word, what's happened to you? Are you injured? Do you need us to call anyone?
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Newt, don't-

[Whatever pithy remark he was going to make here is lost, though, because no sooner has he got his arm around Newt's shoulder than he doubles over dry-heaving, leaning on him heavily for support. Fortunately, his stomach's been empty for hours, but still. He has to catch his breath for a second before he can really answer.]

I'm... I'm not hurt. No. Just... let me sit down.
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[ Sadly, as of late Newt's had way too much practice trying to shuffle another grown man to a place to sit, so with only the expected difficulty (why is everyone taller than him?) he eases himself and Qubit in the direction of the nearest bed and finally lowers Qubit to the mattress. A two-bed hotel room was what had been immediately available when they checked in; at the time, the convenience of just having a room was worth the extra expense. He didn't actually expect to use it. ]

Hermann. Less gawking, more action. At least get the man a glass of water. [And, as he places a small trashcan closer to Qubit:] How many portals did you open to earn this?
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[A chair would have done, you know. But whatever, he doesn't care. He rests his face in his hands, but only until he needs to shoot Newt a confused, incredulous look.]

What are you talking about? I don't get teleport sickness. [He sounds almost offended. The very idea.]