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Mexico shenanigans group log [OPEN]

WHO: The Mexico evacuees!
WHERE: Mexico City (or also anywhere en route between the porter cities and there)
WHEN: Feb 15 onwards, through the duration of the coup
WHAT: Do you want Mexico shenanigans? Here is your catch-all/mingle post for Mexico shenanigans, please enjoy. (See the OOC mod post for details.)
WARNINGS: Please put warnings in your subjectlines if necessary!
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Hermann and Newt | late 17th-20th OTA

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1. General- Around Town.

[They come in early on the 17th, and well ahead of any other arrivals that day- the perks of teleportation. They'd skipped the border guards out of necessity more than simple inconvenience, but that's fine. They've booked a hotel room and once Hermann's slept off the exhaustion of porting them both, they're both ready to explore.

If he ignores the lingering guilt of skipping town during another crisis, it feels a bit like their Hong Kong vacation. Except they plan on returning in the middle of this one. It eases that conscience some.

The first thing he notices is that Mexico City is positively massive. If they hadn't found out where the other imPorts were located, Hermann suspects they may never have seen them. Causing a noticeable stir in the middle of such a densely populated capital seems rather unlikely, even for them.

The two locate bars, coffee shops, and eateries in the locale, and Hermann wishes they had Joaquin or Manolo to assist them in both sight-seeing and communication. But it's not a vacation and Hermann carries around his laptop during the day and seems permanently attached to his phone much like the young generation of 2016 back home. News, any news at all, tracking developments over the border, and furiously working at his laptop whenever they stop to grab a coffee or something to eat.

The slim modeled machine and the brand new Starkphones are out of place in any native residential area, but only other imPorts are likely to recognize them as such. To the rest of the locals they're simply branded hippies, and that's far more amusing than it has any right to be. Their conversations are a mix of English and German as privacy mandates, further adding to their oddity, but imPort translators keep up with ease]

The last day of the Seminar is the 20th. We could return that evening and be well rested for the following day so long as there aren't any extensions..

2. Wildcard!
[Any other prompts or ideas? Go for it!]
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[What's that? Trying to have a peaceful conversation? That won't do at all.

Qubit finds the two of them without having to look, because that's a thing his tech can do. Thus, a portal appears a couple meters away from their table, and there he is.]

Hermann, Newt. [There's slightly more emphasis on Hermann's name, though.] I need to ask you a favor.