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WHO: All imPorts!
WHERE: Nonah, Cape Canaveral, Heropa, Maurtia Falls, and De Chima.
WHEN: February 15th, 2016, all day long.
WHAT: The Soviet Coup begins!
WARNINGS: None so far; let us know if we should change this!

10:45 AM

Something is strange.

Regular imPorts may not be able to put their finger on what's strange immediately, but an odd tension hangs in the air, the feeling of expectation of something bigger. More astute imPorts - or ones that are currently employed in the government - may notice a distinct lack of soldiers patrolling their regular routes and police officers not patrolling the roads. Highly empathetic imPorts might feel that the average locals milling about move more urgently than usual, almost as if they have absorbed the military element that seems to be missing. If your imPorts' coffee shop is regularly attended by government workers, or if your character is used to seeing them marching around their military bases, they will notice nothing too sinister -- just that they're gone. If any choose to attempt to contact military or government officials in their respective offices or on their phones, they will find these officials absent, and they will not be picking up their phones.

Curiously, there are some familiar faces still active in each Porter City's City Hall; middle-management people (clerks and aides, PR people and consultants) that have otherwise quietly went about their business for some time now have quietly set themselves in the head offices, whereas most high-ranking officials have disappeared entirely. Any distinguishing features in these offices -- pictures of families, souvenirs, and other personal goods -- have been thrown out entirely.

There is something in the air, and it isn't love. It's erasure. It's re-writing history.

There are new bosses in town.

1:45 PM

As it turns out, imPorts didn't have to wait long for things to start happening. It begins with an explosion on an empty, closed-off bridge in Heropa. Just construction, the workers on the bridge assure onlookers, and they certainly look like they have the permits, uniforms and equipment to back it up. There were some huge problems with the structural integrity. We'll be fixing it up soon. But you might remember that very bridge had been in use only a week ago. If they attempt to leave the city through other means than the bridge, by interstate road or by any slick body of water, however, they will be met with armed and unusually vicious guards -- still in American military uniforms. They will NOT speak MUCH to you behind their mirror-reflective helmets. There's been a crisis, is all they will say. Exit or entry through these borders is currently prohibited. You might catch wind that other explosions have happened without hours of the bridge's destruction, along roads I-4, I-10, I-295, and I-95.

And that, perhaps, may seem legitimate enough as well... until the same thing begins to happen in De Chima, Maurtia Falls, and Nonah. At each of these locations, major bridges and interstate highways have been completely demolished -- again, underneath the guise of construction. Docks and ports are burned down and rendered useless. There are heavily armed soldiers planted at the borders of each city, each citing the fact that nobody is allowed out due to matters of national security -- which really isn't too far from the truth. You will hear sirens wail and black helicopters gutting the sky overhead.

They say you cannot leave the city, they think you are under lockdown. But they underestimated the local population. At the hour of 8AM, every morning hence, there will be scouting locals who are trying to help people evacuate the imPort cities. De Chima will be through unused Metro tunnels that lead you out of the city. Nonah will be with the help of local Judy Tannis, who is a marine biologist who had constructed a floating cover that looks like debris, and she can get you to South Carolina where you can flee to Mexico. Maurtia Falls has the extensive aid of criminal networks that will move you out through the woods -- just remember that they did you a favor. And Heropa will have a network of suburban soccer moms who will smuggle you to the point of the destroyed exits on the interstate roads and efficiently distract any armed guards so that you might get yourself across that broken road to freedom.

2:55 PM

At this point, even if imPorts are not particularly perceptive, they will notice at least one thing that's different: as the Soviets officially overtake the government buildings that tracks and researches Nanites and allow LACKEY to officially take control, all imPorts will feel a strange, buzzing sensation under their skin in addition to a sudden flood of warmth, as if feverish. It will not hurt, but it will leave them confused and dazed, stuck with a momentary chill in the wake of the heat's absence. For the next five minutes, they will have an odd feeling underneath their skin, like an itch that cannot be satisfied.

By 3:00 PM, this feeling will have abated entirely, and they will feel entirely normal once more.

5:00 PM

The Soviet Union officially announces its takeover. The corresponding IC Post for this can be found HERE.

6:45 PM

Of course, not all information is conducted through television stations; once cable proves to be desolate of any new information, imPorts may take to the Internet to attempt to find out how, exactly, the United States have decided to respond to this conflict. Those who had previously marched with entire fleets of American soldiers may note that while they were all shipped home, the American soldiers remained behind. Where could they be...?

Not in America, it seems. Through the grapevine, imPorts may learn that the FBI has responded, and that the official statement of the American government is that they are attempting to begin negotiations. The safety of our citizens is our highest priority, they say. We will not sacrifice their safety in order to attack the Soviets. The situation is under control.

But looking out into the cities, seeing Soviet uniforms instead of American uniforms at every government institution, it certainly doesn't feel very under control.

What will you do, heroes?
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5:00 ; Closed to Starrware folks

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[All morning, it was just another Monday. Mid-afternoon was when the office started buzzing with gossip. Clarissa from upstairs passes on a Facespace post about the surprise demolition work, and worries aloud about how's she supposed to pick up her kids. Ted (the annoying guy who keeps burning popcorn in the microwave) calls over everyone in the lab to show them a pixelated video of the Heropa bridge aftermath on his phone. All the roads have been blocked or simply blown up, nobody's being allowed to leave the imPort cities, and from the looks of it American troops are the ones enforcing the blockade.

Something's up, Qubit realizes early on, but what? What do they stand to gain by destroying their own infrastructure? Something's not right, but he can't immediately put his finger on what. A disguised Soviet attack doesn't even cross his mind. LACKEY is in US custody, after all.

Curiously, the mainstream news outlets are mostly silent about the whole thing... at least, until five. And at that point, it's impossible to miss. It feels like most of the company's here, crowding around the television in the break room, alternately murmuring and shushing each other. When the broadcast ends, it's greeted with dead, disbelieving silence... but only briefly, before the outrage begins.

For his part, Qubit (already standing by Karen, on purpose) runs a hand through his hair, visibly stunned. How? How did they pull something off on this scale without anyone noticing?]

... Well. Not the worst news I've ever heard, but it's up there.
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[personal profile] boobwindow 2016-02-16 03:00 am (UTC)(link)
[ She regrets not sneaking out the office when she had picked up demolitions from somewhere in the city. It had left her feeling unsettled throughout the day, but the longer she stayed at work the more she couldn't focus and found herself holed up in her office checking the network and local news and social media for anything that could explain what was going on in De Chima.

But it wasn't just De Chima, as she finally learns standing in the break room with her staff and co-CEO. Her coffee is still in her hands, though it's pretty lukewarm by now and she's barely sipped it the past hour.

She needs to do something, but where to start? This isn't restricted to one city. ]

They're not bluffing, are they?
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-02-16 04:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Unlikely. [He's already got his tablet out, looking through the info they have available so far.] It all makes sense now. Why didn't I see it sooner? Cutting off outside access, posing as American soldiers - this isn't just official incompetence, it's been a secret invasion the whole time. And they pulled it off right under our noses.

[Although to be fair, official incompetence is probably a significant factor here. More proof for his theory that the Department of Homeland Security in this dimension is more about spin doctoring than actual security.]

Sleeper agents. It's got to be. Maybe they could have 'ported their people in using LACKEY, but it's been in custody for weeks.
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[personal profile] boobwindow 2016-02-17 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
Are they trying to kick of World War III?

[ There's no way the American government is going to sit back and allow this to happen. She can't hear anything in De Chima, however, making her wonder if the Army is going to deploy soldiers or not. ]

If that thing is the cause of all this, they should've destroyed it when they had the chance.
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-02-17 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
[deadpan] Given that they've already declared war, I'd say yes, that's safe to assume.

[Whether they should have destroyed LACKEY, though... he agrees, but he's not totally comfortable saying so. Where do you draw the line between a piece of software and something that has rights? Anyway, shouldn't removing it from the hardware have been enough?]

I don't like the sound of that seminar. They wouldn't be gunning so hard to own us [the word dripping with venom] unless they thought they could control us. And somehow I doubt they'll be switching to honey after all the vinegar.
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off not of... sob

[personal profile] boobwindow 2016-02-19 04:48 am (UTC)(link)
[ Whatever the reason was, it wasn't enough to stop LACKEY. Perhaps the Russians had a fail-safe in that particular case. Who knows. Too many questions on her mind now and a frustrating lack of answers.

Her eyes pan to her employees and co-CEO, who returns a worried look between Qubit and Karen before he leans in to talk to her in a low voice. Qubit will be privy to all of it; they're discussing closing the office early, though it's hardly a discussion as much as an agreement. Karen nods and looks back at Qubit. ]

We're calling it an early day. I'm not sure how safe it is right now to walk the streets, though, so if people want to hang around the office for a while that's fine.
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no it's fine tho :^y

[personal profile] superposition 2016-02-24 06:20 pm (UTC)(link)
[Well, it's not that early, it's already 5:00 and more than a few folks were on their way out already. Anyway, Qubit nods.]

Worst comes to worst, I can always 'port them home. Or elsewhere, if they'd rather not stay in town. This is going to get worse before it gets better.
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[personal profile] boobwindow 2016-02-25 09:39 am (UTC)(link)
I don't foresee it getting better right away either.

[ If this is a full-fledged occupation, then it might not be long before something else gets blown up. ]

I think getting them home for now is better. Lots of people need to get to their families.