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freshly minted teenager on the loose

WHO: Max and YOU
WHERE: Anywhere!
WHEN: Month of February
WHAT: Catchall log!
WARNINGS: none yet!


A. ) The Streets of ANYWHERE

Max would never have said he liked it when The War was a looming threat, but it was certainly better than now. Before, it had simply been an unsettling background noise. But with the declaration from Russia still fresh in everyone's minds, Max could see its effect on the people he encountered. Shopkeepers seemed tense, the civilians seemed preoccupied, and the children playing on the street would actively talk about their parents' hushed whispers about the war — some would even approach ImPorts and just outright ask about what was going on.

The atmosphere was... tense. After coming back from Mexico, and after all the kidnapped ImPorts were home safe, everything seemed different. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but it was enough to make him just a smidge more withdrawn than was normal for him.

Still, as he wanders the cities, satisfying his wanderlust, sipping his hot chocolate as he looks around, shops, and explores. Occasionally he might spot another ImPort and strike up a conversation.

"You know, I thought when the kidnapped ImPorts were brought back, things might get less tense, not more."

B. ) Museum of Folklore (Heropa, FL)

Around this time of year, most of the patrons to the museum were small kids on field trips, and that was fine. Max was excellent at the tour guide thing — there's a bit of a Jungle Cruise vibe to his rounds, with the jokes he'll sprinkle in with the education.

If someone were to catch Max here, it'd probably be mid-tour on a weekday afternoon, herding a bunch of small children and teachers along the exhibits, or just at the end of the tour when the kids were enthusiastically asking questions -- some of the time, anyway. Every so often there was a bunch that was bored and tired and wanted to go home.

Or if you're lucky enough to catch him with no tour groups around, he'll greet you with a grin and a wave. "Welcome to the Museum of Folklore!"

C. ) Wildcard! Whatever you want
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As much as he wanted to help take Pan down, Qubit was out of his depth in this environment, and he knew it. Magic worked at odds with his tech at the best of times, and its willful abstruseness he found almost offensive. This was the sort of situation where he needed to hang back and provide support for the people whose abilities actually were any use.

But, just as Kaneda had warned him, Pan's illusion distorted space and direction, and despite their best efforts, people were constantly getting separated from the main group. And that was how Qubit came across the grove.

It was beautiful, bizarrely so. The leaves glistened in strange colors, and puffs of glittering faerie dust swirled between the branches and rippled over the ground like blowing snow. He could swear he heard the faint tingling of bells.

Under other circumstances, it might have tempted him to linger. But it was definitely a trap, no doubt some element of Peter's twisted playtime. Traipsing in there alone would just be dumb. Better to leave it for now, go around as best he could. Maybe come back with the group, once he found them again. Just as he was turning to go, though, he heard a cry from a familiar voice.

Max? Qubit stepped as close to the grove as he dared, until he caught a glimpse of the boy. What was he doing here? Did he even live in Heropa? Had he entered under his own volition, or been trapped like so many others? The latter seemed more likely - Max was a bold kid, but he wasn't an idiot. His heart sank, and only partly because of the spell. Hasn't he been through enough?

... Nothing for it. He stepped into the grove proper, approaching Max openly. One way or another, he wasn't leaving without him.

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Memory tampering. Qubit frowned, but not in anger - more like disappointment, and pity. This would be harder with Max not recognizing him. Also, the kid might be in a stabby mood and that would just not be fun for anybody. He held up his hands, empty, to show he was unarmed.

"It's me. Qubit," he said. "Put that down. I'm not here to hurt you."

Any more than I already have, came a thought, unbidden.
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"Take all what away?" Qubit snapped back. "I can't take something that isn't real, Max. Pan's done something to your mind, he's manipulating you. Can't you see that?"