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admit that the waters around you have grown

WHO: All war-allied imPorts that have signed up HERE.
WHERE: Vladivostok, Russia, Lithuania, and various coastlines.
WHEN: January 26th.
WHAT: The US military, with the help of imPorts, makes their move! The hunt and action begins for the missing imPorts, and for sensitive Soviet information that will help the US strike back effectively. Players may also use this log to play out planning and any other associated activities.
WARNINGS: None anticipated; let us know if we should change this!

Before being split-off into missions, military-assisting imPorts will be addressed and briefed as a whole by General Jamal Park on behalf of the Army, although imPorts will also be working alongside all military branches as necessary during these expeditions.

He will thank those who have volunteered to help, telling them that their aid will be a tremendous asset to locating the kidnapped imPorts and striking back against the Soviets, and that it is the willingness imPorts have shown to involve themselves even when they don't have to, even when they have no inherent ties or required loyalty to this world or this country, that makes him honored to put his life on the line working alongside them.

ImPorts will be allowed to choose which mission to participate in, since they will know their own strengths and capabilities best; again, we remind players to communicate and use their own best judgement to disperse amongst missions as evenly as possible!

After a short period allowing the groups to organize themselves and go over their strategies -- the military's plans and any ideas imPorts themselves may have to add -- it is time to head out. Godspeed!

    Welcome, heroes, to the bustling coastal city of Vladivostok. At 6 degrees Fahrenheit, it's blisteringly cold, but that doesn't seem to stop any of the city's civilians from going about their daily duties. ImPorts are free to roam the streets throughout the day, but are discouraged from drawing attention to themselves. Your government shipped you off to Russia from China, and has briefed you on the following: you are to scout out the docks where the Russian's undercover military base stands, and once night falls, you are to infiltrate as quietly and as subtly as you are able. Priority are the information systems contained within, both with physical, handwritten notes and electronic files. FOOT SOLDIERS are to deal with the cameras, surrounding guards and attack dogs while HACKERS are advised to break into their security systems and discover all the information that they are able to.

    Their security measures are both electronic and physical. Russian guards are equipped with state of the art equipment and body armour, including both guns with armor-piercing rounds capable of shooting through the toughest of materials and seizure-inducing tasers that will incapacitate a normal human being for up to fifteen minutes. Their dogs are trained to bite to kill, but most importantly, will be tracking down any unfamiliar scents. The electronic security system is composed of multiple hidden security cameras, a preliminary silent alarm to mobilize their forces, and after that, an extremely loud siren alarm to attract the attention of everybody nearby. One set of documents is locked in a physical safe, and all computers are password locked.

    Civilian deaths are highly discouraged, but not punished. ImPorts aren't overtly instructed that this is the case, but if they see that their only option to maintain secrecy is to kill a witness, they will face no adverse consequences for doing so.

    Participants may decide among themselves what their prime methodology will consist of, what they discover, how many soldiers or civilians are disabled or killed or, if necessary, how many imPorts of their team are killed in action.

    In order to disperse the information received ICly, remember to link the pertinent threads HERE.

L I T H U A N I A; 1800 HOURS
    Welcome, heroes, to the Adomas Base. It is brutally cold and new snow has begun to fall. Your government has briefed you on the following: you are to scout and destroy the technology and infrastructure on this ground force space center. Priority is the control room. HACKERS are advised to hijack the mainframe servers, where they will find out that the physical location of LACKEY is in a subterranean bunker of the Adomas Base. Confrontation with LACKEY is crucial. You will find that there are four levels to this base, and three of them are underground. LACKEY is located in the lowest, most hidden level. At every level of the Adomas Base you will find 15 armed guards along the metal hallways and steel stairways. They will have assault rifles and Infrared Radiation Laser Guns. If you are hit by an Infrared Radiation Laser Gun, you will feel your flesh around the entry wound slowly decay. Make sure to find a healer as soon as possible, this will only take a few hours to become unavoidably incapacitating!

    Players may handle the combat however they like! Approval from us is not required to get injured, shot, or incapacitate -- or even kill -- the guards, although obviously, killing them is not in imPorts's best interest.

    If you choose to interrogate a Soviet guard, they will only surrender information AFTER sustaining physical pain from you. Do you have it in you? If you do, you may discover the following:

    1) Moscow knew that nothing scares the American Government like a threat from space. The very fact that your leaders sent you here speaks to their national insecurity.
    2) The captive imPorts are stowed away on a submarine on the opposite end of the earth.
    3) The Admiral in charge of B2008 has a bone to pick with another higher up, and he will stop at nothing to use imPorts to further his career.
    4) LACKEY was inspired by Lachesis.
    5) Moscow does not really know where Lachesis is, but thought that drawing imPort attention would spur a legitimate reason to invoke a crisis.

    Participants may decide amongst themselves which characters discover which information; if there are fewer characters participating in violent interrogation than there are numbered points, it may still be assumed all information is recovered if the interrogation requirements have been met and linked under the COMBAT CONCLUSIONS thread HERE.

    Welcome, heroes, to the wild chase for the imPorts. This has the capacity to be both the most dangerous mission, and the most fruitful one as they directly attack 3 Russian-occupied areas: the coasts of Vietnam, Antarctica, and New Zealand.

    Because of the danger involved, the government has ensured that imPorts have access to whatever mobile weapons they require, and have access to an elite team of their own forces, including technological experts and experienced pilots to commandeer whatever vessels they see fit. Your government has briefed you on the following: while the American government does have submarines at their disposal, they have decided that it will be most productive to commandeer a submarine already at one of these three given locations. To do so, imPorts will have to directly face down Russian troops at these locations, but the government has full faith in their abilities, and will do its best to accommodate any of the imPorts' wishes, within reason. ImPorts have also been tasked with protecting their pilots; if they wish to steer a vessel satisfactorily, their help will be of the utmost importance!

    On each coastline, imPorts will be confronted by a number of Russian forces. If imPorts fail to approach them with caution and subtlety, all of these forces will be on the ready, and waiting to attack. If they succeed, then they may take them off-guard before they are able to get to their stations in time to issue the first blow. The equipment that the Russians have at their disposal - and will be attacking the imPorts with - include FOUR TANKS, TWO HELICOPTERS, TWO WARSHIPS, and TWO SUBMARINES. In addition to the soldiers equipped to commandeer these vessels, there will be Spetsnaz of 40 people.

    Once they have seized a submarine - which may take place either before or after the soldiers are disabled or killed - they will begin the search for the missing imPorts. Participants may decide amongst themselves in what order this will take place in, and where they will decide to go. Players are also free to NPC their American allies as taking part in whatever strategic measures they deem necessary! After characters have ICly begun the search for the missing imPorts, please comment to the Plotting Post with a link to the thread and we will be sure to let you know whether these attempts will result in success or failure!
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[Attacking the first warship in Antarctica goes here!]
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Kaneda | OTA

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[Fight on the Warship deck]

[It was an outnumbered fight for sure. Kaneda's team may have been small, almost laughable in Russian eyes, but what they lacked in number they made up for in firepower. Tetsuo, Mewtwo, and Inuyasha had done a decent job already clearing the way for the rest of them to board.

A bullet hits him right as he steps forward, an all too familiar feeling by now as he sponges it, skidding back a few feet and pulling it out of his abdomen. A bruise he'd have to take a look at later, for sure. But if that's how the Russians want to play it, then fine.

He'll play that game.

Taking his taser out, he marches right towards the Russian assailant who met him on the deck, another bullet firing, but...miraculously missing him. That's funny, it felt like a for sure shot...another bullet fires, and this time it goes right between his arms and sides, missing once again. The third and final time, it shoots, and his head tilts out of the way to dodge it, although it was hardly necessary.

Soon, Kaneda's up close and personal with the guard, aiming the taser to bring him down to the ground and curled up, twitching.

Hey, the rule was no killing, right?

He's clearly alive.]


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taking this ultra seriously

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[That sure was Kaneda taking a bullet just now.

Kaneda was on point, naturally, so Riku took rear, and when he actually got onto the deck, to the right and behind him, immediately a gunshot breaks the silence. Something red skids past him, moving back the way they came. His first instinct is to be alarmed but then he can see him reaching up and pinching it out of the spot it hit. It's almost laughable, the casual way he does it, even though there's no way it didn't hurt.

Riku raises the Dark Shield about two seconds after this happens, enveloping himself as much as possible, first because he can see that somehow, Kaneda's not being hit -- and if he's not being hit then the bullet is going to hit something else, and Riku doesn't intend on being that something.

He watches this for a moment, just long enough to hear Kaneda's roar, and then he's grinning despite everything, opening his hand for the Keyblade.]

Maybe don't get shot again, either. Or once, for those of us who haven't.
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[Riku's voice was quiet, it's amazing how well Kaneda can hear it. Call it familiarity with his team--by now Riku's one of the core members of it--but he could pick it out of a crowd by now, and it doesn't go unnoticed when he hears that little comment.]

Hey, it's been awhile since that happened. I'm trying to be more careful!

[It's a humorous remark, honestly. He's got no intention of shielding another one of THOSE bullets if he can help it. Getting shot sucked, and he barely held himself from a whimper at that last one. Adrenaline can DO things.]

We're gonna need to take care of those mounted weapons...
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Try harder, maybe.

[He darts a little closer, extending the shield in front of both of them. Gunshots ping off it. He nods at the idea, transferring the Keyblade into his off-hand.]

Stay still.

[Behind the barrier, that is. He doesn't hesitate, just makes a sort of horizontal sweeping motion with one hand and casts Thundaga. The electricity jumps between the closest target to further along, and then suddenly it's clear that he's knocked out three people at once.]

Trained soldiers or not, people are pretty weak against getting shocked.
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[Once Kaneda's group has a decent hold on the deck, Tetsuo lands, moving from an obvious flying target to a harder to track one. Flying takes way too much concentration after a while, and it gets him shot at enough that he starts feeling less like a fighter and more like bait.

Yeah. Screw that.

The success and ease in which they managed to win Kaneda's team that foothold's earned him back a little confidence. Enough where he's less focused on the cold and panic of war, and more on the immediate moment. Someone appears, and with a flick of his mind is thrown into a wall. It's a familiar sort of rush, all nerves, pumping fire through his veins like gasoline through an engine, igniting some spark in his soul he thought extinguished. He always did take fighting seriously. Maybe too seriously, from the sheer enthusiasm he throws into every attack or thrown soldier. Every one an affirmation, again and again, that he still could do something.

This time, Kaneda followed him into battle. Don't think that escaped him, Kaneda, because it absolutely didn't.

So he's in easy earshot as Kaneda snaps out orders. And, true to old, insubordinate instincts, he can't help but snap back something, tilting his head back and raising his voice just enough over the chaos and report of gunfire.]


[It's not that far below the surface that anxiety waits, all the same - did he do enough to prove all that? It's still not... there's still people left here to fight. A lot of them. True, it's not the goal for him to have taken out everyone already, but some part of him forgot that point, focusing on the raw numbers.

For all that's changed, it's still just like it was back in their Capsule days - how many did he get?

How many did anyone else?]
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[Tetsuo's call was loud and clear, and all too familiar of their bouts in Neo Tokyo. The way he just had to call out exactly how many Clowns he took down, keeping invisible score with anyone that happened to be around. Kaneda didn't always keep track himself. He just knew that he would always get to the one that mattered most to him--Joker. And that was no different now.]

Haha! Causing trouble, as always!

[But with the jovial tone, it's obvious what he means Trouble for the Soviets.

Pocketing the taser, Kaneda takes a more solid stance with his fighting, his gloves coming off (metaphorically, it's fuckin' cold) as he braces himself for what appears to be a long line of Russian gunmen.

His luck would hold out, he just knew it.

With a charge, he dashes towards them, bullets slipping past his body without so much as nicking him. They were obviously point blank range, enough to fire THROUGH him let alone past him. But there's no time to retaliate after that. Kaneda's faster now, even in his winter coat. His fists raise up, one grabbing a Russian and twisting the arm, using his fist to take turns punching his stomach and face knuckles colliding with that jawline in a game of chicken to see who would break first. And with a metaphorical titanium skeleton, the answer was obvious to Kaneda.

The Russian collapses, and he LEAPS to the other one, using his feet to grip his neck and kick him down. One by one he goes through all four of them, agile and almost...graceful.

Finishing them off with a little broken sweat.]

Bastards don't know when to quit, if you ask me!
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[It should never have surprised him to see just what Kaneda could do. It shouldn't have in the initial assault, and it shouldn't have here. He's faced him before more than once as an enemy. Tetsuo, more than anyone, should know Kaneda's limits.

Namely, that he doesn't seem to have any.

Yet every time, he ends up watching with a weird sense of jealousy. Tetsuo's been ripped to shreds before, broken down, beaten, kicked helplessly as some demon clown choked the life out of him... and Kaneda never got to feel that pain. He weathers everything as if it didn't happen. Life was never going to be fair.]

Sounds like they need a little reminder!

[As he's always done, he takes that bitter reminder and uses it to fuel his own aggression, battering one soldier with his comrade, throwing both away like the trash they were for favor of finding another target.

Guns blaze in his direction, and he wrenches the bullets to the side with a gesture, spraying them back around in a loop to their origin. He even remembers, belatedly, to direct them lower, trying to take out the legs. Kaneda manages to make battle a fucking dance, but Tetsuo was never a graceful person. He makes due with making it ruthlessly efficient.

Hey, look. Those still aren't casualties, right? They'll be fine. Probably.

More bullets follow the first, but he's learned since Kaneda's trick before, realizing consciously what he's doing only after practiced reflex kicks in to do it. He can't catch them all. So, unlike before, he doesn't even try. Instead, he practically vanishes in a blur of motion, hurling himself high into the sky again with enough speed to narrowly dodge.

Sometimes, there's a benefit to powers linked to the subconscious mind.]


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Magicman | OTA

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[ Magicman is coordinating what viruses he has left that aren't currently guarding or securing other people; that means that he's being followed by four things that seem to absorb gunfire completely, and...squid? A 3-squid squad. Sure, why not.

They float around chasing soldiers up and down the bridge and generally scaring people; no fatal stabbings have occurred, because Magicman is prowling the bridge himself and is worked up enough from previous encounters to be out for some serious injury.

Whether he gets there is debatable, but he certainly is giving a whole lot of soldiers a very bad time. Bringing a sword to a gunfight is apparently a wonderful idea when they're too tangled up to shoot you.
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Magicman! [Sabriel's moving easily through the soldiers- he sword is drawn, but she's using it as a conduit for her magic, rather than a cutting weapon- she taps one soldier on the arm, only for him to go completely still- aside from his mouth. Sabriel's not entirely sure what he's saying, but she's sure it's either a curse or an insult.

At such close quarters, knives as much of an issue than guns- another soldier tries to stab her, the knife cutting through her outer clothes to strike up sparks when it hits her armor- only for Sabriel to club him with the flat of her blade.]

Let's fuse, we can finish this faster!
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[ He's about to reply to the call of his name, turning his head to look over, and then a soldier almost stabs Sabriel and the knife skitters on armor.

He growls and pushes his way through, an intent look in his eyes, but something that sounds very much like an order shakes his focus from being en route to giving the unfortunate soldier a thorough skewering.

Fuse --? Ah, yes. [ He makes his way over to Sabriel, putting the PET into her free hand and initiating what is now a familiar command to him.

He lashes out once it's done, knocking soldiers left and right to get them away from him (them?). There is fury burning in the back of his mind, and that's very clear indeed.

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[ Magicman may not notice at first, but Grey is giving him cover. It's literal cover, as the shadows around them seem to lengthen and darken all around the bridge. Grey is sometimes visible, but more often hidden literally within the shadows.

Eventually, he steps out of them a little way ahead, to take hold of a guard from behind and disable his gun before it can even be drawn. Crouching, he stays visible for a moment while he meets Magicman's eyes. He points into an alcove, and holds up five fingers, followed by another one. There's a group of six hidden there, and while Grey has generally operated alone, he's not taking that many by himself. There's too much of a chance one would flee, and raise an alarm.

With two, though, he thinks they'd be more than enough. He lifts his eyebrows. Are you game?
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[ He's so focused that he doesn't notice at first, but when he does he's glad for it.

When Grey catches his attention, he looks at him for a long moment, processing the information. Then, a little smile unfurls on his face (especially at Grey's expression), and he gives him a quick nod. The answer is a firm yes.

He steps closer to the alcove and looks at Grey again - he'll wait for the signal, since he's not the one initiating the plan. When you're ready.

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[There's enough gunfire here that he almost has to keep the Dark Shield sustained in front of his face, bullets ricocheting off the transparent barrier. As it is he feels like he's raising it almost once every ten seconds or so. Sometimes he gets a glimpse of where a bullet came from, or the shooter is in the vicinity, and so sometimes he blasts a fireball back at them from the end of the Keyblade. Looks like magic is in order after all.

They're making pretty good time here, he feels like -- and, looking around as the number of enemies dwindle, this is actually a pretty good spot. Big enough for the bunch of them and a lot more if need be, and he doesn't doubt it's pretty well-stocked, too.

Riku turns a corner and has to throw the Shield up again, arm coming up behind it like he's raising an actual shield. The bullet pings off, but then he realizes abruptly that he's out of magic. If you're in the vicinity, you can see him moving for cover instead, pressing his back against some sort of container and digging in his pocket for -- candy. Join him?]
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[ Gladly.

There's no point in trying to make it further across the deck anyway, the best chance she'd had was when Riku was drawing fire. She leans beside him, breathing heavy, eyes bright.

There's a collection of tools in her hands, open and box wrenches, pliers, a screwdriver. No real weapons to speak of. ]

They're kind of determined.

[ But that's the very expected Russian navy, with very expected guns. At this point, the . . . whatever it is Riku is holding is a lot more interesting. ]

What is that? When you move—it sounds like it's singing.
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[Riku squints down at the things in this girl's hands. How is she even alive? Behind cover, though, with a hard candy in his mouth, at least they have a breather. He hands her one, too. Sugar is important!

When she comments on the Keyblade, though, he opens his mouth at "what is that" and then ends up letting it hang open as she asks the second part of her question.]


[He looks down at it, then sits it across his lap so she can see it.]

This is a Keyblade.

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Tetsuo | OTA

[personal profile] iamtetsuo 2016-01-30 01:26 am (UTC)(link)

a) first strike;
[Kill no one. That's what they'd been told. Under no circumstances were they to break this rule.

Psh. It was a hell of a lot easier to kill them.

Frigid wind whips at his face as he sails through the air, tearing into his clothing and making him regret ever deciding to agree to this plan. But the promise of being able to unleash something after a month of panic and sorrow, after months before it of building frustration feels good. He ignores the shouts as the rest of his first assault team sails through that same frozen sky beside him, seizing hold of some part of the deck and wrenching himself around into an arc.

The gun he'd grabbed twists around, bending under the pressure until it snaps. He keeps hold of it, trying to keep his position in the sky as he twirls it around, slamming the long barrel into a swath of soldiers. They're probably okay. Maybe.

He's not paying that much attention, but he didn't outright try to do more than painfully slam a steel object into them, feeling the impact satisfyingly SOLID against his brain.

He'd be lying if he said he didn't miss this chaos. He's taking out as much as he can as fast as he can, making it an unofficial contest with the other first-strike initiative fighters. Who can do the most before the main force gets there?]

b) berserker;
[He's dropped to the deck, feet firmly planted on the ground to give him less to split his concentration between, using his abilities to the fullest - shielding when shot at or catching bullets, throwing soldiers or destroying their weaponry - no casualties, riiiight? - anything he can do to keep people from shooting at him more. Anyone who attacks him gets a retaliation they really don't want. While he's exhibiting a decent amount of control now -- no one gets directly attacked by anything instantly fatal -- that reminder to pay attention and be mindful is already fading from his mind.

At some point, Tetsuo's grabbing hold of a helicopter with his mind, tilting it to try to use its rotary blades as a cutting weapon to take out more mounted guns, hopefully down the helicopter, and - yeah, this was a poorly conceived plan on that 'hey, knock them out' goal. Of course, there's always just tossing it if that doesn't work as planned, leaving it to either continue flying somehow or drop into the ocean. He really doesn't care which.

It's a mad rush of adrenaline, pain and raw power that hits him like a sledgehammer, taking him along for the ride. Now that he's using his power again, it's hard not to let himself get carried away, lured by the same siren song that caught him earlier. Why wouldn't he do everything he can?! He can do even MORE than he could before now, the whole world his plaything-]

c) consequences;
[All this power comes at a cost. All that unstoppable force is reduced to cringing on the frozen deck somewhere hidden, holding his head. Other people can mop up the rest. He's done, he's cold, everything hurts and he's beyond tired...

No matter how much he wills the pain in his head to go away, it'll take a while to do so. He did too much, too fast. Just because he can never meant he should.]
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[personal profile] hypnotherapy 2016-01-30 01:55 am (UTC)(link)
[ Ah yes, that whole 'no casualties' thing. He's a little less off-kilter now, having gotten his aggression out in their first strike, but as focused as he is on getting soldiers out of the way he can't possibly fail to ignore a helicopter struggling in the air.

Helicopters crash in a messy, messy way, and crashing messily means more possible casualties. He uses his communicator to push forth many strands of virus material he can use to catch it before it can be tossed around further. Whoever's in there is probably getting the fright of their lives.

Who's doing this? The others are fighting - his mind runs through rapid calculation, looking around, matching what he knows with what he's seeing.

Must be you.

Be careful! [ He has to coordinate his viruses, holding the helicopter steady and moving his physical body - and shouting at Tetsuo - at the same time. It's a lot to deal with. ] Don't just throw it-

[ Ow, there goes his concentration for a bit as someone hits him with a rifle butt. But nevertheless, now you're tug-of-war-ing another imPort for debatable control of a helicopter. ]
iamtetsuo: (..?)


[personal profile] iamtetsuo 2016-01-30 02:03 am (UTC)(link)
[Everything's going just as he wants it to. He'd forgotten just how much of a rush it was, bending reality with just a thought. The helicopter dips down, helplessly out of control.

And then suddenly, reality bends back. Something else pulls at the helicopter.]

What the-

[In his surprise, the helicopter's almost wrenched out of his grip completely. He grits his teeth, trying to add enough force to his side to regain very questionable control over it. That was his helicopter, he caught it himself! Wait - was someone talking to him..?]


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b! :D

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Keep holding it still, deko-yarou.

[A blur of red rushes past Tetsuo's head as Inuyasha leaps up to land into the side of that helicopter.]

[Was he concerned about being included in the possible catastrophic crash into the ocean? Apparently not. With the pilot inside already jostled from being held in place by a psychic, it was easy pickings for him to start to wreak havoc inside.]

[He digs his claws into the side window, bending and warping the edge until it begins to snap free.]
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go team good ideas

[personal profile] iamtetsuo 2016-01-30 09:29 am (UTC)(link)
Rrgh-- don't tell me what to do, Inuyarou!!

[Holding a helicopter sounded so much easier than actually holding it was. Tetsuo grunts from exertion, feeling the rotors strain against his head directly, gritting his teeth and planting his feet more firmly. Raw power rips at his clothing, tearing his short white hair free from gravity and lifting it in all directions in a nonexistent breeze.

He's not doing this cause the hanyou told him to, no way.

He was already doing this when the guys showed up. That means continuing to hold it has nothing to do with the fact someone showed up and ran with his idea. Yes, this makes perfect sense.]

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[ The inquiry is soft, barely pitched to carry above the crash of the waves.

Finding the source of the pained breaths hadn't been that hard. Finding the extra coat she has folded over her arms hadn't been harder, but this last step . . .

She crouches in front of him, outside arm's reach, letting him decide if he'd like her closer. ]

You'll get cold out here, like this. Can I . . .?
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[personal profile] iamtetsuo 2016-02-02 06:37 am (UTC)(link)
[Alarmed, he looks up, eyes wide with remnants of paranoia and fight still left in him. But he doesn't fight her off, once he sees who it is. He does not have it in him to turn down ANY small comfort. It's too damn cold. He's too damn miserable.]

Give it to me...

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Megaman.EXE | OTA

[personal profile] megabytes 2016-01-30 07:50 pm (UTC)(link)

[Megaman doesn't really want to attack humans at all, but attacking them nonfatally? That's something he can manage. It certainly helps that he's a twig of a child, all 4'10" of him - and that he knows exactly how to fight opponents bigger and more numerous than him.

Also that he's much, much faster and stronger than he looks. More than a few soldiers are learning that Megaman might be tiny, but he packs a hell of a punch. Literally.

Between that and his ability to jump into electronics for Emergency Evasive Maneuvers, he's moving all over the deck and attacking whoever he's got a clear shot at. He's still a tiny, though, and very vulnerable to bullets, so backup is always welcome. Or more people to help him punch Russians in the face, he's not picky.]
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Grey | Bridge Fight! | OTA

[personal profile] kinesia 2016-01-30 08:44 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Grey has always been silent. Stealth comes easily, as does moving through crowds. For the first time since arriving on this world, his distrust of every man in a uniform holding a gun is suddenly relevant. He can give himself over to it, and in the close quarters of these Russian ships - both the submarine, and now this vessel - he feels centred. There are tight walls, tiny spaces, and the risk of death around every corner. It's the familiarity of home.

It's not a good feeling.

But it's one that makes him powerful, nevertheless. He enters the bridge unseen, literally sliding into the room through the shadows under the door. He doesn't step out until he's right behind a soldier. He solidifies all of a sudden, and before his companions have time to react, Grey has pulled the man into a sleeper hold. He crumples, and Grey turns to disarm the second. The arm holding the gun is broken in one swift strike, before he can raise his weapon. Grey's foot crunches through his knee to send him sprawling, and then he turns just as the third takes aim. The moment the trigger is pulled, Grey takes his shadow form, and at once he's intangible. The bullet sails through him like mist, and hits another guard in the back. While the soldier curses in Russian, Grey reforms, crunches his fits into the soldier's wrist and sends the gun to the floor.

He won't kill them. That had been agreed. But he sinks his fist hard into the Russian's stomach and sends him to the ground with his friends. Then Grey concentrates, and the temperature of the bridge starts to drop. The shadows lengthen, creating more cover for his team. If it's also frightening, well. He's long past worrying about that.