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admit that the waters around you have grown

WHO: All war-allied imPorts that have signed up HERE.
WHERE: Vladivostok, Russia, Lithuania, and various coastlines.
WHEN: January 26th.
WHAT: The US military, with the help of imPorts, makes their move! The hunt and action begins for the missing imPorts, and for sensitive Soviet information that will help the US strike back effectively. Players may also use this log to play out planning and any other associated activities.
WARNINGS: None anticipated; let us know if we should change this!

Before being split-off into missions, military-assisting imPorts will be addressed and briefed as a whole by General Jamal Park on behalf of the Army, although imPorts will also be working alongside all military branches as necessary during these expeditions.

He will thank those who have volunteered to help, telling them that their aid will be a tremendous asset to locating the kidnapped imPorts and striking back against the Soviets, and that it is the willingness imPorts have shown to involve themselves even when they don't have to, even when they have no inherent ties or required loyalty to this world or this country, that makes him honored to put his life on the line working alongside them.

ImPorts will be allowed to choose which mission to participate in, since they will know their own strengths and capabilities best; again, we remind players to communicate and use their own best judgement to disperse amongst missions as evenly as possible!

After a short period allowing the groups to organize themselves and go over their strategies -- the military's plans and any ideas imPorts themselves may have to add -- it is time to head out. Godspeed!

    Welcome, heroes, to the bustling coastal city of Vladivostok. At 6 degrees Fahrenheit, it's blisteringly cold, but that doesn't seem to stop any of the city's civilians from going about their daily duties. ImPorts are free to roam the streets throughout the day, but are discouraged from drawing attention to themselves. Your government shipped you off to Russia from China, and has briefed you on the following: you are to scout out the docks where the Russian's undercover military base stands, and once night falls, you are to infiltrate as quietly and as subtly as you are able. Priority are the information systems contained within, both with physical, handwritten notes and electronic files. FOOT SOLDIERS are to deal with the cameras, surrounding guards and attack dogs while HACKERS are advised to break into their security systems and discover all the information that they are able to.

    Their security measures are both electronic and physical. Russian guards are equipped with state of the art equipment and body armour, including both guns with armor-piercing rounds capable of shooting through the toughest of materials and seizure-inducing tasers that will incapacitate a normal human being for up to fifteen minutes. Their dogs are trained to bite to kill, but most importantly, will be tracking down any unfamiliar scents. The electronic security system is composed of multiple hidden security cameras, a preliminary silent alarm to mobilize their forces, and after that, an extremely loud siren alarm to attract the attention of everybody nearby. One set of documents is locked in a physical safe, and all computers are password locked.

    Civilian deaths are highly discouraged, but not punished. ImPorts aren't overtly instructed that this is the case, but if they see that their only option to maintain secrecy is to kill a witness, they will face no adverse consequences for doing so.

    Participants may decide among themselves what their prime methodology will consist of, what they discover, how many soldiers or civilians are disabled or killed or, if necessary, how many imPorts of their team are killed in action.

    In order to disperse the information received ICly, remember to link the pertinent threads HERE.

L I T H U A N I A; 1800 HOURS
    Welcome, heroes, to the Adomas Base. It is brutally cold and new snow has begun to fall. Your government has briefed you on the following: you are to scout and destroy the technology and infrastructure on this ground force space center. Priority is the control room. HACKERS are advised to hijack the mainframe servers, where they will find out that the physical location of LACKEY is in a subterranean bunker of the Adomas Base. Confrontation with LACKEY is crucial. You will find that there are four levels to this base, and three of them are underground. LACKEY is located in the lowest, most hidden level. At every level of the Adomas Base you will find 15 armed guards along the metal hallways and steel stairways. They will have assault rifles and Infrared Radiation Laser Guns. If you are hit by an Infrared Radiation Laser Gun, you will feel your flesh around the entry wound slowly decay. Make sure to find a healer as soon as possible, this will only take a few hours to become unavoidably incapacitating!

    Players may handle the combat however they like! Approval from us is not required to get injured, shot, or incapacitate -- or even kill -- the guards, although obviously, killing them is not in imPorts's best interest.

    If you choose to interrogate a Soviet guard, they will only surrender information AFTER sustaining physical pain from you. Do you have it in you? If you do, you may discover the following:

    1) Moscow knew that nothing scares the American Government like a threat from space. The very fact that your leaders sent you here speaks to their national insecurity.
    2) The captive imPorts are stowed away on a submarine on the opposite end of the earth.
    3) The Admiral in charge of B2008 has a bone to pick with another higher up, and he will stop at nothing to use imPorts to further his career.
    4) LACKEY was inspired by Lachesis.
    5) Moscow does not really know where Lachesis is, but thought that drawing imPort attention would spur a legitimate reason to invoke a crisis.

    Participants may decide amongst themselves which characters discover which information; if there are fewer characters participating in violent interrogation than there are numbered points, it may still be assumed all information is recovered if the interrogation requirements have been met and linked under the COMBAT CONCLUSIONS thread HERE.

    Welcome, heroes, to the wild chase for the imPorts. This has the capacity to be both the most dangerous mission, and the most fruitful one as they directly attack 3 Russian-occupied areas: the coasts of Vietnam, Antarctica, and New Zealand.

    Because of the danger involved, the government has ensured that imPorts have access to whatever mobile weapons they require, and have access to an elite team of their own forces, including technological experts and experienced pilots to commandeer whatever vessels they see fit. Your government has briefed you on the following: while the American government does have submarines at their disposal, they have decided that it will be most productive to commandeer a submarine already at one of these three given locations. To do so, imPorts will have to directly face down Russian troops at these locations, but the government has full faith in their abilities, and will do its best to accommodate any of the imPorts' wishes, within reason. ImPorts have also been tasked with protecting their pilots; if they wish to steer a vessel satisfactorily, their help will be of the utmost importance!

    On each coastline, imPorts will be confronted by a number of Russian forces. If imPorts fail to approach them with caution and subtlety, all of these forces will be on the ready, and waiting to attack. If they succeed, then they may take them off-guard before they are able to get to their stations in time to issue the first blow. The equipment that the Russians have at their disposal - and will be attacking the imPorts with - include FOUR TANKS, TWO HELICOPTERS, TWO WARSHIPS, and TWO SUBMARINES. In addition to the soldiers equipped to commandeer these vessels, there will be Spetsnaz of 40 people.

    Once they have seized a submarine - which may take place either before or after the soldiers are disabled or killed - they will begin the search for the missing imPorts. Participants may decide amongst themselves in what order this will take place in, and where they will decide to go. Players are also free to NPC their American allies as taking part in whatever strategic measures they deem necessary! After characters have ICly begun the search for the missing imPorts, please comment to the Plotting Post with a link to the thread and we will be sure to let you know whether these attempts will result in success or failure!
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[Everything in New Zealand can go below this toplevel!]
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Kaneda | OTA

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a.) Russians in my New Zealand outpost?

[This was it, the first strike. It wasn't anything new to him, really. He'd been in plenty of fights since he'd arrived in this world. But this was a new place, and new soldiers and adversaries to fight.

Russians didn't really back down the way cops did. They were as tough as their reputation, and it made Kaneda's nights in the underground ring get put to the test as he tried to work his way into the outpost. With Sabriel, Tetsuo, Maya, and a bunch of others behind him, they were making quick work of the soldiers, but that didn't mean it was any less taxing.

Guns are sheathed right now, favouring the tire iron that was on his back and using it to knock out anyone that stood in his way.

And when that didn't work, his fists sure did. The knuckleguards and his boxing tape he applied were certainly coming in handy now.]

b.) Finding a sub [locked to Inuyasha]

[But with Tetsuo, Qubit and Sabriel in interrogation, that led everyone else to keep things guarded in case people wanted to investigate the little commotion. imPorts guarded the entrance, the shipyards...landing pads.

Inuyasha and Kaneda took to the shipyard, walking and searching for anything or anyONE that might be hiding here. With Inuyasha's sense of smell, it was no secret for anyone hiding--they'd certainly be found.

With his hands shoved in his pockets, he leads the way, letting the hanyo follow as he scopes things out.]

Think that guard even knows anything?
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[ Magicman is using superior numbers to demoralise the opposition, which is a fancy way of saying 'he has an awful lot of colourful monsters that look like they're out of a RPG or something leaping all over soldiers and pulling their guns out of their hands'.

He himself is sticking to close combat, eschewing guns entirely. The first warning Kaneda possibly gets of this is when Magicman shoulder-charges a soldier getting entirely too close to Kaneda while he's occupied and knocks him down with a solid kick to the face. Ouch.

Then stomps on him a couple of times for good measure. That guy is not getting up for a while.

Are you all right? [ He has to shout to be heard above the noise. ]
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[The takedown is certainly appreciated, because he wasn't exactly sure he could get a right hook around in enough time to deal out some damage. So when the soldier hits the ground with a sickening crunch of Magicman's foot...

Yeah, that's gonna be hurting for awhile.]

Am now.

[A smirk.]

Can't say the same for that guy!

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[Sabriel's holding back- at least a little bit. She's clubbing with the flat of her blade instead of slicing or skewering, and instead of using magic to burn and blast, she's immobilizing and binding.

So instead of a trail of bodies, she's leaving behind a trail of immobilized, injured Russians, with some of them screaming what she assumes are obscenities at her.]

Kaneda! Is everything going well?
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[That sure is his fist slamming right into one of the Russian guard's faces, something unmistakeably cracking as his knuckles and the other guy's jaw have a game of chicken.

Kaneda wins, and the guard goes down.


Okay, he has to shake his hand out a little on that one. It'd been awhile since he'd been in the ring.]

Juuuuust fine.

Maybe not for that guy, though.

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[Kon was angry that his friends had been taken and there had been nothing he could do to stop it. So it was only fair to take his frustration and anger out on the guards, right? Right. He held back enough so no life threatening damage was done to people, he didn't want to kill, even if he was this angry.

He'd seen a group of guards come out and hovered a couple of feet in the air to rush closer. He landed near Kaneda and slammed his hands onto the ground, sending out two ripples with a blueish glow that broke the ground apart at their feet causing them to stumble and fall over.

Another guard that he caught taking aim at Kaneda, he reached out to rip and twist the gun apart and dropped the pieces to the ground at the Russians feet.

Well this is gonna be fun.
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Kaneda stops dead in his tracks to watch Kon work his (literal, in his eyes) magic on the guards, tripping them up and turning that gun into the equivalent of a pretzel.

To say he doesn't pick that up and inspect it...

Nice handiwork.]

Now -THAT- was cool.
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[Inuyasha is perched overhead, the cranes and other machinery of the shipyard making for some easy hopping. He had a better vantage point from up there, anyway.]

[The fighting was just the right kind of intense. It felt good to finally let out some aggression without someone telling him to back off. He didn't hurt the enemy soldiers too badly - maybe a few bones here or there might have gotten a bit more broken than they should have - but nobody died.]

[Kaneda's question takes a moment to answer as he disappears into the control room of one of those cranes, spurring some startled shouts by someone who certainly didn't have his irritating fuckboy voice and spoke a whole lotta Russian.]

[A gun goes flying out of the room, followed by a few sounds of an altercation. It quickly goes quiet before Inuyasha sticks his head out to answer.]

The guard works in this weird place, right? He's gotta know something!
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[ Grey doesn't like guns. He never has, and has never associated with them, seeing them always as the weapon of the enemy. His weapon is himself. His arms, his legs and fists. And when they don't work, well. There are other options.

His knife sails past Kaneda's shoulder to embed in the body armour of a soldier some distance ahead. Before the soldier has time to turn, Grey appears from the shadows, wraps the guard into a sleeper hold, and drops his body to the floor. His gun is left behind. Grey reclaims the knife, and snatches the guard's radio. Grey is no kind of conversationalist, but he knows they'll need some way to discover the soldiers' movements. It might come in useful. He offers it to Kaneda, nodding for him to take it.
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[If there was one thing Kaneda knew how to do, it was taking things from your enemies and using them to your full advantage. And it's a trait he's glad to see Grey accustomed to as well. The guy didn't speak much, but sometimes words weren't really necessary. Body language, actions...they spoke just as loudly, and a smile forms when that knife flies past his shoulder, Grey's shadow power taking him down for the time being.

And it doesn't disappear when he walks over, holding his hand out gratefully for that radio.]

Niiice idea.

[He'll just quickly turn the volume up.]'s in Russian.

[Give him a moment to take out his comm to translate.] They sound pissed, though, so we must be doing pretty good, huh?

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[Kala-Nemi is one power Ken's actually avoiding using for now, but that doesn't mean Ken's not vicious enough without her. In fact, he might've been more careful with her, more mindful of the strength he used to attack than he is being now, seeming to jump from soldier to soldier and swinging his spear around. He's not using the blade for the most part, but that doesn't mean a blow from the heavy wooden handle or a kick in the nose doesn't hurt, and that's if that was the only blow that was dealt.

Ken definitely deals more than necessary to each guy, and at one point, when he catches sight of a soldier aiming to shoot Kaneda from where he'd already fallen, he doesn't hesitate to stop him -- with how focused Ken is, the blade of his spear is sharper than ever and it almost makes no sound as he pierces the guy's hand with it, and he doesn't wait for his grip to loosen before kicking the gun away.

He's not about to let anyone lay their hands on someone he cares about again.]
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[Ken reacts before Kaneda even thinks to, his speed far outmatching his own as he watches that spear sail through the air and into the soldier's hand. His fists lower, seeing Ken take to him and kick the gun out. The boy's got some ferocity in him now. Not unexpected, seeing as who was captured.

A loved one can be a powerful motivator.

And with a nod in thanks, Kaneda himself is onto the next person, who sees Ken as the main target now and pins his arm with one of his own, using his fists to alternate punching his stomach and face with rapid speed until he couldn't stand any longer. When he goes down, he's certainly not getting back up.]

How you holdin up, Ken?

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Magicman | OTA

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[ To say that Magicman was not in the best mood would be a hilarious and awful understatement. He'd been unsteady since the kidnapping, and right now an outlet in which to channel his violence was very welcomed.

It's just fortunate for the Russian soldiers in this outpost that he hasn't drawn his sword - yet. This is not really a comfort when there are a whole lot of strange monsters seizing the weapons from your hands and someone is knocking your legs out from under you.


[ To get to Antarctica, they have to travel at some speed. This speed is not safe for humans.

So right now, as Lapis gently, carefully and at possibly face-melting speed transports the submarine, everyone is sitting around in the cyberworld and waiting to know when it's safe to come out. You're likely sharing your communicator, or sitting around in the submarine's electronics ("Don't touch anything", Magicman warns). It's a surprisingly colourful place.
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[Guess who isn't very comfortable with all these humans (and organic non-humans) getting shoved into the cyber world? This smol.

Though maybe that's not the only reason he's feeling uncomfortable right now. He wanted to help rescue the others because he didn't want to have to attack humans. But he can't just let everyone stay kidnapped, either...ugh. He needs a distraction.]

...if you were going to do this, you could've at least tried to stick everyone in the non-vital systems, you know. [Then you wouldn't have to keep playing the part of a walking, talking Do Not Touch sign.]
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[ Magicman's staring off into a point in space like he's switched off, and it's only when he's addressed that he actually blinks and moves. ]

Didn't know we were going to have to do this. Otherwise I would have brought something better with me. [ He recognises the human need for socialisation so he just sort of crammed people in there. And also it was kind of a last-minute thing.

He sounds a bit tired. He's sort of spacing out right now, forgive him.

...Are you going to be all right?

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riku | ota

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[Nobody ever said this was supposed to be easy. And it isn't, really, especially when he's trying not to just beat the hell out of people. The problem with the Keyblade is that it's made to fight monsters, primarily -- it's made so he can go all out. Riku's not interested in killing anybody, though, so he's stuck trying to hold back, just a little. He's using it mostly with the flat, avoiding pulling the edge on someone. Bruising is enough -- he doesn't need to slice the hell out of them. He's never severed a limb or anything with it, but he doesn't doubt it could do it. Sometimes he'll use magic, too, an elemental spell or just a quick shot of darkness along the length of the Keyblade, but he's trying to conserve it for the healing he knows he's going to have to do later.

Sometimes he finds it easiest to just pull someone unsuspecting into a sleeper hold. Actually, he's getting a fair bit of use out of it. Right this second that's what he's doing, both arms locked around the throat of an unwitting guard. If you come by, he'd appreciate a second pair of eyes! After all, he's leaving himself pretty open right now.]
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[ Grey is operating in a similar way, leaving more unconscious bodies behind him than corpses. It's the only part of this that feels strange. The rest is familiar in a way that's worrying, reminding him that he's not so far away from his past as he thought.

Seeing Riku exposed, he does more than keep watch. He calls on the shadows, darkening them and extending them over the room where Riku is. He'll be that much harder to spot. Grey meets his eyes, and moves to watch the door. They'll need to move quickly, but he won't let Riku be taken by surprise.

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Ken // closed prompts

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[Ken wasn't really out for blood. Not fatal blood, at least. But he was furious with the situation, and that much was obvious, and that much he probably shared with everyone around. Nobody was happy that the imPorts got kidnapped; nobody was happy about being called weapons; nobody was happy that it took this long to get everyone back. So there's nothing too strange about how upset Ken is, right?

Except the moment he comes to face to face with someone he can actually punch, there's no holding Ken back anymore. He's quicker and more powerful than he was the last time he fought alongside Shinjiro -- a result of all the months he lived on past his death -- and there's not much chance ordinary soldiers can stand against him once he employs the enhanced speed the nanites gave him too. The crunches their bones make under Ken's feet are gross and grotesque, and even if he doesn't use the blade of his spear on them, there's nothing kind about the way he hits them with the heavy wooden handle. Soldiers that get even a little close to Shinjiro get the worst attacks of all, and maybe the worst part of it all is how Ken does all of this in absolute silence.]

[He's a little calmer once Shinjiro knocked a little more sense into him, but that doesn't mean he's backing down from the combat completely. No, he's just being less cruel about it, knocking out enemies for sure but not actually determined to break every bone in their faces.

He's still vicious against people who get too close to certain people, though. Shinjiro was one, and Tetsuo is another. When one soldier, previously fallen, starts aiming a gun at him -- Ken lands there first with his heels digging painfully into the man's wrist with a sickening crunch. The man has no breath to scream with before Ken appears much closer to Tetsuo, this time pulling out his spear to hit away a few of the other soldiers. There's just so many of them, and in this vicinity it's the two of them for now.]

Tetsuo-san! [Ken says, and there's no anger towards Tetsuo as he stands with his back to him.] I'll take care of the ones on this side.

[It's when most of the combat is over, when they just have to kick down some of the remaining soldiers, that Ken runs into Magicman. He's not that injured in the wake of all this; a few scrapes, bruises, nothing serious. He's subdued, though. At least his anger is, for the most part, and he's kicking a tied up soldier over to where a bunch of others are rounded up, Koromaru by his feet and spear held loosely in one hand. He looks at them as if someone had put a pile of trash under his nose.

But when he catches sight of Magicman, it's like someone had put on, or taken off, a mask. He almost smiles at him -- the corners of his mouth tilt up a little, and he raises a hand to wave.]

How is everything?
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[The more he sees Ken fight, the more he's certain they've not truly fought alongside one another in this world-- not at this level of ferocity, at least.

It wasn't as though Shinjiro was particularly gentle with his opponents, of course. At the end of the day, this is a fight for their lives, and the lives of their friends- but there's a distinct difference between the way Ken crushes any of their opponents bones he can, using that excess speed and agility to lay even more force behind each blow.

He'd fallen back to a lot of the unarmed combat he'd practiced with Annie for all those months- getting close, disabling an enemy while slinging them to the ground- but one time he'd misjudged, and then Ken had sprung to action, silently and efficiently using the handle of his spear to bludgeon and break.

So he takes a half step back, catching his breath for a moment- there's no immediate threats, for at least a few seconds.]

[A pause, and his brows crease. This is too much- especially for such a young kid. He knows that Ken's always had some anger welling up inside him, always had a strong sense of people paying for their crimes. There's likely every good intention, but watching the short child brutalize fully grown, trained men-

It leaves a bitter, unpleasantly metallic taste in the back of his mouth, especially as he remembers the last things he'd said to Ken before dying. To let his anger be his strength, to keep on with it.

Something he'd never imagined would manifest like this.]

Ken. Knock it off. He's down.

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hypnotherapy: ([h] optimum conditions)

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[ He's still feeling fairly energized from his own fights; though he has bruises, his opponents are much worse off and mostly lying on the ground feeling sorry for themselves.

He blinks at the sudden change, but he smiles back. It's not as if he'd admonish Ken for the amount of viciousness he'd been showing. He'd been feeling the same way.

I'm all right.

[ He looks around at all the new hostages they have. ] And yourself?

[ His voice is perfectly pleasant, like they haven't just beaten the stuffing out of a lot of Russian soldiers. ]

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iamtetsuo: (You guys dont quit do you)

[personal profile] iamtetsuo 2016-01-31 01:08 am (UTC)(link)
[All the power in the world is useless against things he doesn't see. By the time Tetsuo turns around, ripping one soldier off of his feet and slamming him viciously into a wall, letting his probably unconscious body drop limply to the ground, the other soldier's already taking aim. His mind is fast, but it's got limits.

Tetsuo only registers the threat as an orange blur slams into the man, bones snapping audibly from the impact. He, too, falls limply as Tetsuo stares, open-mouthed, at his worst enemy taking a position at his side.

Closer than he'd ever dared to let him. No... at his back, which he knew was vulnerable. But he's not facing him. Hell, he's saying something -

Time slows down, his thoughts reeling around a wheel trying to make sense of what to do. Amada knows already, snapping out something that's alarmingly close to strategy, attention already focused on other soldiers, and the moment solidifies. What the HELL-

Tetsuo's head whips back around, locked in confusion until he can sense the next bullet speeding towards him. That's all it takes to make the situation real - and something in his demeanor shifts. He's not fighting with the kid, but he's too busy reacting to the active threat to deal with the passive one yet. There's too much else to focus on, he can't do it all. And as his well-honed survival instincts make his choice for him, time speeds back up with the sharp report of gunfire.

Just like that, his next target picks itself. And to his surprise, it's not a certain orange-obsessed nuisance.

All his focus locks onto that bullet, wrapping around it, slowing it, compressing the air around until it halts just in front of his face. He lets it drop, and reaches out with his mind to the soldier that fired it. The guy barely gets a chance to realize his mistake before he, too, gets slammed against a wall. It's a simple tactic, but an effective one. 'No casualties' - well. He's not really checking himself on how hard they hit.

If they're not ripped to shreds, like he can feel his brain itching to do, that's all the restraint that can 'reasonably' be expected.]

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learntofly: (Yeah you do kinda suck)

Yayoi | OTA

[personal profile] learntofly 2016-01-30 06:03 am (UTC)(link)
[Yayoi knows she's no good for true combat, so before they even make it into the outpost she quickly slips into her bird form and begins to flit about overhead. She may not be useful in direct combat, but she certainly excels at seeking out Russian soldiers wherever they might be hiding and chirping frantically to alert the actual fighters among the imPort ranks. Arguably risky business, but this was what she'd signed up for.

Besides, she was quite a small target like this.]

iamtetsuo: (You guys dont quit do you)

Tetsuo | OTA

[personal profile] iamtetsuo 2016-01-31 02:22 am (UTC)(link)
a) Before the storm

[Tetsuo waits a little ways away from the others, half-listening to the usual rundowns of what's gonna happen. He heard it all already, enough to get the idea. Hearing it again isn't gonna help. Don't kill anyone, take 'em down. Get in, find out, blah blah.

His hands idly play with an unloaded .454 Casull, meticulously painted with an eight-headed dragon, shifting it anxiously from hand to hand, tilting it from side to side. He follows one weaving head down to the base, then picking another to trace. Over and over again he repeats this ritual, way past eight, until Orochi's weight grows heavier and heavier in his hands. It feels deadly. Evil in a way that only manmade objects could ever encompass. But paint or no, name or no, it's just a gun, and a weapon's only as good as its wielder.

Tetsuo's been in a lot of fights by now. He won some. He didn't win more.

You can't do this rang clear through his head, no matter how much he tried to shove it away. Ever since getting his powers back, he's barely touched them; only the one he barely used before's got much use now.

He couldn't save himself. What business does someone like him possibly have, assuming he can save others? This was never his fight. This was never his place. Everyone else here has a reason... but he doesn't feel like it. Instead, he feels a sense of disconnect, drfting lost inbetween everyone else's goals.

Orochi is quiet in his hands. All that blue fire and vicious rage painted across the barrel is cold and still. It doesn't matter how long he meditates on it. It's just a gun. It only has one answer.

And that's not the one Tetsuo needs.]

b) Storming the Outpost!!

[He's hesitating, acting more defensively than usual. In the initial strike, Tetsuo holds back for the first time, eyes wide and watching the chaos unfold in front of him. Every one of those soldiers could kill him. It's impossible to not flash to his own death, not just a month ago, and cringe. He's frozen up. It happens; he's just a sixteen year old kid dropped into a war. But it shouldn't happen; he's been in so many fights before, waging his own ill-advised war against small parts of America...

Then gunfire cracks loud in front of him, and before his conscious brain realizes his powers have already acted, catching the bullets and slowing them down. By the time he notices, he's already felt the punch in his mind.

And it's that familiarity that snaps him back. Suddenly, he's whipping around, seizing the offending gun and yanking it out of the soldier's hands, cracking him in the head with it. He throws it down hard onto the downed guard for good measure, then grabs it again, hurling it through the air at another soldier taking aim.

That's how you use guns, right, throw them at people? It is if you just got lectured NO CASUALTIES...]

c) Look I Can Read Minds Let Me Do It

[This is worse than boring. This is kinda demeaning. Tetsuo hangs back, watching Sabriel with a dark scowl - he's not forgotten ANYTHING about her, from taking down Pan and denying him his vengeance to taking him down before. Qubit's at least an improvement, but he can't shake the feeling of all this being pointless.

Why the hell is he here if he doesn't get to do anything?]

OI! [Bored, annoyed at feeling redundant and anxiety makes for a short temper.] You want stuff out of his head? I can get it!

[Or, more accurately he really just needs to prove he can. He's worked hard at his skills, but ... until recently, he's not put that much effort into this one.]
resoundingpledge: (blowing down with the wind)

Kururu Sumeragi | OTA

[personal profile] resoundingpledge 2016-02-02 04:40 am (UTC)(link)
A: In transit

[ The flight to New Zealand isn't a short one, and she spends what she can learning all that she can. Engines, systems, maintenance routines . . . the American military provided tech experts and she's not shy at all at using them, asking question after question until a rough idea of what they're up against is sketched out in her mind.

A pile of hand-drawn schematics is her prize, and she's curled up in one of the seats now, flipping through them. ]

B: New Zealand

[ People aren't weapons.

People could be used as weapons, though. Like anything, like any tool, they could be shaped by the hands and wills guiding them. And here, now, pushed by American forces and pulled in by Russian ones, it . . . really wasn't hard to miss why people could be scared of them.

Even her. She wasn't a fighter—she spent far more time behind cover than out of it—but surveillance cameras crumbled to component parts in her wake, security alarms failed to sound, and the flurry of guns being tossed around meant her pocket was steadily collecting springs and firing pins.

People aren't weapons. They're people.

And she was sixteen, a student, an engineer, a ~Registered Hero~ and sheltering behind a stack of tarp-covered crates, breathing fast and heart racing. Fistfuls of tools are still clenched in both her hands. ]

Maybe . . . next time . . . we should cut the power first. . .