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Little Dog Lost [OPEN]

WHO: Komasan + You!
WHERE: Nonah, De Chima
WHEN: All of January
WHAT: It's an intro and a catch all
WARNINGS: None; if things change, I'll edit

01/04 Nonah: Closed to Maya

[What a time to get ported into a whole other world. Everything about the process was a mess, not only did Komasan not understand the basic rundown every new imPort got upon arrival, but with the added bonus of a whole city locked down and something about a guy ripping someone's heart out, there's no way he couldn't find any of this absolutely terrifying.

The night Komasan arrived, he immediately hid in his new De Chima bed, in a body that wasn't even his. By some sort of miracle, when he awoke, he found himself normal again. Of course, he never read his file so he had no idea it was some sort of power that lead to that, he was simply grateful something was going right.

And that was it, everything was downhill from there. The tiny dog thing made the poor decision to explore this new world in hopes to find someone or something familiar, only to instead find himself extremely lost. Like, a whole other city lost, somehow he found himself in Nonah and he was now searching the housing area for his own home. ...The one in De Chima.]

Nothing here looks familiar, z-zura...

[WHY? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Why is everything so scary? Why are cars so weird? Speaking of, the moment a car rushes by down the street, Komasan loses it. He can no longer keep his composure and begins running for his life.]

MONGE!! [He's screaming at this point. Just when he thought he knew enough about city life, he just had to be sent to...the future, probably. It feels like the future.] P-Please don't steal my heart, z-zura!

[Worried an attack was bound to happen, Komasan takes shelter in the only thing he can find: The nearest trash can. He shakes like a leaf, the can rattling along with him, and he can only hope his imaginary predator doesn't stick around for long.]

[Open Prompts; Forward dated past 01/07]

[A] It's the Ice Cream Prompt (De Chima)

[Once everything's settled and done, Komasan supposes he's spent enough time in Nonah and should probably do that job he was assigned to. He's already embarrassed enough by being several days late, what sort of work ethic is that? Hopefully his boss will understand things like states of emergencies, Komasan just wouldn't feel safe traveling while everything's turned upside down. ...Even if it was happening in Heropa.

Either way, the ice cream shop in De Chima seems to be gathering some sort of crowd despite the weather, something must be going on. Indeed, something is! If you manage to get inside, you may notice there's a strange looking new guy creating rather elaborate looking ice cream sculptures. People walk out with cones shaped as various adorable animals, the details surprisingly good for a medium such as a frozen dessert. Komasan knows he should be creating unusual flavors right now, but for a first day, this isn't so bad. He isn't getting yelled at, anyway. This will just be the tip of the iceberg...

You may catch him creating something fantastical, or if you happen to catch him on his break...right under the soft serve machine, pouring frozen deliciousness down his mouth. At the moment, his imPort status and the crowds he's creating are the only thing keeping the manager from kicking his ass, he'll just have to...take it out of his pay.

If you happen to come by at the end of his shift, though, you might find that very same weird guy suddenly transforming into a tiny bipedal dog as he happily walks out the store after a job well done. Well, that just happened.]

[B] Just Touch All the Things (De Chima)

[After his job or when he isn't working, Komasan does like to explore around the city. It reminded him of all the times he got to play in the one back home, usually with his brother. So far Komasan has gathered that he's in the US, which isn't so bad, but he never realized the US lacked youkai this badly.

He's made it his mission to find them.

So you might find him poking his nose in just about every place possible. Looking under vending machines, digging through trash, climbing up trees. Just about anywhere one might find a tiny monster, one tiny dog monster will be there. So...technically he wasn't wrong!]

This is so weird, zura... I could've sworn there were US youkai, zura...

[And other such mumblings can be heard.]

[C] Wildcard

[Thinking of something else? Go ahead and throw it at me! It's more than likely Komasan will explore the other cities after the Pan event, so if you want your character to bump into him there instead of De Chima, go right ahead! If you want to plot something out, feel free to contact me at [ profile] Gesomon!]
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C; 1/07 or so? also hands over starbucks

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[Between Pan and... well no it's pretty much just been Pan, but anyway it's been a long few days, and Qubit is looking forward to a nice, quiet evening now that it's over. So at some point (after Komasan arrives, not that he knows this), a glowing blue portal opens briefly in the living room, and out steps some weirdo in a green trenchcoat. So, y'know, hope that's not too surprising or anything.]
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[science wizard thank you very much

Qubit wasn't expecting visitors, either, and he certainly wasn't expecting a ....... weird ... cat thing. Plus, people aren't supposed to be able to get into the house without a code (or someone letting them in I guess?), since he outfitted the place with a state-of-the-art security system. He's not paranoid what are you talking about.

So this all of a sudden shouting time startles him, he goes on the alert, and then - just like that the moment's passed. Qubit just kind of watches Komasan incredulously as he pours the tea, then takes the drink and looks at it equally incredulously.]

Uh. Thank you? Who are you?
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[Okay only it's his home and ... well idk whose tea it is, he's more of a coffee guy but

He crouches to be closer to Komasan's height, eyeing the little creature curiously. It seems harmless. Cute, even. Granted, that doesn't necessarily mean it's not a bloodthirsty monster - ask him about the folks on Halzar VI sometime - but it did give him tea, so it probably won't gnaw his face off immediately. Probably.]

Nice to meet you, too, Komasan. Do you mind telling me how you got in here?
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[That actually is helpful to know, if not very descriptive. But still.]

Well, yes, but we keep that door locked. You'd need a key and a code to get in. [Unless someone let him in, but... neither of his housemates have many visitors, as far as he knows.]
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[....... are you for real, komasan :| ]

Looks to me like you're already holding one.
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["my own house". SIGH...]

So this is the house they assigned you, is it? Can I see your file?
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That's fine. I like reading.

[Qubit takes the file and flips through it. Name: Komasan. Powers: youkai form, youkai powers... Roomba wrangling? Oh, here it is. Assigned lodging... De Chima #003. Yuuuup. That's about all the information that's useful to him, so he hands it back.]

You're a youkai? [He doesn't know much Japanese, but considering the nature of Kaidan's powers, that's definitely a term that came up. His pronunciation's good, at least.]
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[He makes a mental note to look up what a komainu is.]

I have a good friend, back home, whose power is to summon spirits to her aid. Any yuurei or youkai whose story she can tell. I think she'd like you.
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[Komasan how are you this cute seriously. A little dim, perhaps despite being actually on fire, but cute.]

Maybe, maybe not. [He gets back to his feet, takes an experimental sniff of the tea, then tries it. Huh, not bad.] I'm Qubit, by the way. I live here, too. Don't think I mentioned that.