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I can move mountains, I can work a miracle [OPEN]

WHO: The residents of Nonah 05 + YOU!
WHERE: Nonah, Residence #005
WHEN: All month long (January)
WHAT: Nonah 05 open log for January Shenanigans
WARNINGS: Obligatory Bull and Tetsuo warnings apply.

Starters will be appearing in the comments. If you want something specific from any one person (Kaneda [personal profile] rassera, Tetsuo [personal profile] iamtetsuo, Bull [personal profile] rideme and Ken [personal profile] amadaman), feel free to drop them a line and ask! Otherwise, feel free to add your own starters for the whole household or individual residents as you like.
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[It's been a week since Pan's spell was broken, and still no sign of Tetsuo. Qubit has it set to notify him when something happens that fits the kid's M.O., but... nothing. And this is one case where no news is not good news. Theoretically, his nanites should have revived him by now, right? That girl who was killed in Heropa last month had been up and about on the network within a day or two. But at the same time, there's no telling how magic is going to interact with technology. If that had interfered...

..... I mean, not that Qubit's worried about him or anything. Don't be ridiculous. They're not even on speaking terms right now. This is for the people around him (he tells himself). Tetsuo is volatile and dangerous at the best of times. And with the trauma of dying and being resurrected, which - how would that even affect someone? He has no precedent for this.

The thing is, people like Tetsuo don't just go missing. They always surface sooner or later, in dramatic fashion. The trick is to find him before he does, before someone gets hurt. (And focus on that. He doesn't want your pity.)

Nonah #005 is where Qubit decides to start. He's not really expecting Tetsuo to be there, but Kaneda might be, and if anyone has an idea of his whereabouts it's him. So he 'ports himself onto the front porch at about 5:30 pm and gives the door a few sharp raps.]
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[Qubit nods once, sharply, by way of greeting.] Kaneda. [The knocking hand joins the other one resting behind his back.]

I'll make this quick. Do you know where Tetsuo is?
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[He leans in to look, but in reality he knew who he'd see there as soon as the door opened. It was sort of jarring. He'd been expecting hours of searching, but his first stop and Tetsuo's just ... there.

(And alive. He saw the video. Not by far the first or most gruesome death he ever witnessed, but a death just the same. And here he is alive.)

Qubit lowers his voice to just above a murmur, not taking his eyes off Tetsuo.]

... How is he?
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["Tetsuo" and "quiet" in the same sentence? It's weird.]

Isn't that yours?
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[Figuratively speaking. The jacket itself has no special properties, as far as Qubit's aware. It's just a symbol, of someone who stayed loyal in spite of everything. Someone who never gave up on him.

(he imagines his own coat draped over someone else's shoulders, in a timeline that never happened)]

And you? How are you holding up?
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[Yeah. Yeah, it does. Qubit eyes Tetsuo for a second, then steps back from the doorway, motioning for Kaneda to join him.

This isn't a "Do you want to talk about it?" It's a "We're talking about it."]
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[For a moment Qubit's quiet, formulating what he's going to say. How to frame the sympathy so it doesn't sound like pity.]

... You look like hell, if I'm honest. Been a long couple of weeks.
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i love how this is under tetsuo's header and it wound up being a kaneda :')

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[The snark gets a single chuckle out of him, though the smile's brief and barely reaches his eyes.]

[Somber-] It's hard, losing a friend. It hits you in places you didn't even know could hurt. I've been there. [More times than he cares to admit. And he still has yet to talk it out with anybody, whoops.] You're fortunate to have got him back, but that doesn't erase what happened.
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[Qubit wasn't necessarily expecting that so soon, but he's not surprised, either. The boys are tough as nails, but inside them there are still the echoes of kids who grew up too fast.]

I know. [He means that more about the feeling, not any sense of actual obligation.] I know. But sometimes you can't. You try and you try and you try, and yet... everything still goes wrong.
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It's not fair, no. And it's not much help. But it's what we have.

What Pan did isn't your fault, Kaneda.
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[firmly] Tetsuo's choices aren't your fault, either. Don't confuse yourself with his perception of you. They're not the same thing. You don't have control over his actions or feelings, those are ultimately up to him.

It's tempting to blame yourself. I know. [He lays a steady hand on Kaneda's shoulder.] But you can't wear that burden indefinitely. Invulnerable or not, it'll crush you.
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You don't.

[Simple. To the point.]

Throwing blame around is pointless. Even when you do make mistakes, what good does it do to point fingers? Does that change anything? No. All it does is keep you bogged down in the past, when where you should be looking is forward.
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Easy? No. It's never easy. Simple in theory, difficult in practice.

[He still struggles with it himself. There are so many things he might have done differently, things that might have saved countless lives. What if he'd let Bette take the shot? What if he hadn't cooperated with Modeus? What if he had shaken the Plutonian's hand all those years ago?]

But it can be done. Accept the things that are your fault, let go of the things that aren't, and focus on making it better next time. [He squeezes his shoulder.] And Tetsuo's alive. You have a second chance, the two of you. That's a rare opportunity.