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mingle; night at the museum

WHO: everyone and anyone!
WHERE: museum of natural history at de chima
WHEN: december 29th, 8pm
WHAT: the gala event of the season! you don't want to miss it.

The museum has gone all out. From the banners hung outside announcing the gala, to the interior transformed into a delicate winter landscape. The entrance hall, the almost unrecognizable main exhibition gallery, they've all been painted over in white, blue and violet. even the centerpieces evoke the chill of snow.

On stage, decorative white trees line the sides. In the center is a white podium. Soft music filters through the air while everyone finds their tables. At eight PM promptly, the doors close, and Claire mounts the stage.

“Good evening. My name is Claire Dearing, Curator-in-Charge of the Paleontology Department. And on behalf of everyone here at the Museum of Natural History, I bid you welcome to our Night of 3.5 Billion Stars.”

She pauses, allowing a short moment for applause, clearly at ease speaking before a crowd.

“It is estimated that 3.5 billion years ago life began on this planet. Through the eons, Earth has been home to innumerable species. Many flourished. Those that did were the ones most able to adapt: to their environment, to the presence of other species.

“Today, we are one among millions of species, and we all depend on one another. And thanks to the Porter,” Claire walks toward the left side of the stage, “we have the honor of encountering species born on a very different planet from ours — including a much older Earth.”

A helper off-stage opens a cage. Catching her by the hand as if she were a human toddler, Claire leads an infant Tyrannosaurus rex toward the podium. Once settled at the top, the T. rex scans her surroundings. Her eyes glimmer a faint yellow.

“This is Ripley,” Claire continues, a hand on the dinosaur's back. “She is five-months old, and she has already made contributions to the fields of paleontology, evolutionary biology, and genetics. Whether we come from a different city, a different country or a different planet,” Claire holds out her hand, and Ripley nuzzles into her palm, crooning softly, “there is much we can learn from one another.

“All funds from tonight’s event will go towards SELF, assisting those individuals of a different species new to this Earth. And now, sit tight as we take a trip through Earth’s rich natural history,“ Claire smiles down at Ripley who visibly perks up, “and meet many of the species that made it so.”

As the lights darken, Claire and Ripley both exit the stage. What follows is a show from the beginning of life in the oceans to the colonization of land and the specialization to every region of earth. The stars projected onto the ceiling change position as millennia pass by the minute. The disguised sound system brings to life the whispering of leaves in a forest and the crashing of waves on the coast. And if some of the displays seem very lifelike? Well, the night is magic.

Try to catch one of the ancient fishes and trilobites "swimming" through the air. Scream when a Deinonychus fossil leaps atop the stage out of seemingly nowhere. Don’t flinch when an Archaeopteryx lands on you for a brief respite. A woolly mammoth strolls one circuit around the exhibition hall. Laugh at the polar bear cubs stumbling playfully after their mother, and marvel at the power of a leopard as it pounces on its prey and carries it off. Life in its many forms, from the distant past to the remarkable present.

After the show is over, it’s time for dinner. The music starts up again. Mingle at the bar. Dance. And take photographs with the animals and fossils that linger. A museum guide is on hand at each to answer questions ( and prevent anyone from stealing the smaller individuals and riding the larger ones. ) A Triceratops and giant sloth, in particular, are very friendly.

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Kang | OTA

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[Kang is there early to help set up and assist the VIP guests in finding their tables and making them comfortable. He recognizes a few from the interview, and makes sure to thank them for being given the opportunity to promote this event; with his diplomatic experience, he has no problem comfortably chatting them up and giving SELF a professional image. This is nothing compared to dealing with fellow leaders of nations.

He doesn't ignore the other guests as they trickle in, either, answering their questions and being sociable.

At one point, he goes to check on Ripley. Something like this with so many new people and scents could make her nervous, and by now he's something familiar.

Dinner and A Show

[He's chosen not to sit at one of the VIP tables situated closest to the stage, instead picking a seat at a random table near the front with the regular guests. It's a calculated political move that he'd already discussed with Claire, to further promote SELF to the average native population and possibly gather more useful community contacts. It's proven to be a good move, with one person at the table owning a print shop.

When Ripley is brought out and the exhibit comes to life, he smiles, watching reactions as well as the show itself.

More than one of his tablemates jump in surprise when a small pack of
Compsognathus skitter by, on the hunt.]

It's impressive, isn't it? If I didn't know better, I'd swear all of this was real.


[Kang can be found all over the exhibit hall, talking to the museum guides about the various animals and chatting with guests both native and imPort. Surprisingly, he's even allowing the occasional native to take a picture with him. He's still not fond of doing so, but he knows that some sacrifices must be made for PR.

Dancing, though, is one sacrifice he is still unwilling to make, no matter how much pleading and cajoling there is. Care to try anyways?
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Only minor problems so far, nothing that wasn't difficult to fix. There's always something, after all.

[He kneels down next to the cage and smiles at Ripley, a low, deep rumbling sound starting up in his chest to try and calm her.]

Is everything all right on your end?

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[HELLO DRAGONMAN. Kang's one of the first people to catch Qubit's eye when he arrives. He's seen the guy before - his network announcement was how Qubit found out about this event in the first place - but not necessarily in person. So after loitering around him for a few minutes (and definitely not eavesdropping or anything), when there's a free moment he steps in to say hello.]

Hello there. Mr Kang, right? I'm Qubit. Have you got a minute?
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Re: Arrivals

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[Guests hanging around while waiting to talk to him is a fairly common thing that evening, so he's not bothered by it at all.]

Of course. And, the Mr. isn't necessary.
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[He nods, noting that. He wasn't sure if it was a surname is all.]

Would you mind telling me a little about yourself? I haven't encountered your species before, and I'm curious.

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Max Caulfield | OTA

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Arrival: [And here Max is, in a dress the color of sea foam, and comfortable flats that nonetheless go well with her outfit. She wears the sea glass bracelet that Clara got her for Christmas, and has a digital camera on loan from her photography studio all ready to go. They'd loved it, of course, when she'd told them about Claire's offer - all the more publicity - and even given Claire a discount for the occasion. Given that this was a large event and she'd personally asked for Max, she hadn't been surprised that her work had been so enthused.

What she was surprised, though, was she'd been picked. She'd hardly thought of herself as a photographer, for all that she was always taking pictures. But here she was, feeling like a little girl playing dress-up - but for all that, she was determined to do her best at this.]

The Show: [Not much to see here, except for Max to capture as many moments as possible. She's opting for quality over quantity, however, and despite her distinct preference for analog, she's keeping it professional. This is the first event she's been hired for, after all, and she wants to make a good impression. Besides, she's gotten used to using a digital camera at her day job, so it's not so bad. She's confident that she's getting good shots.]

Mingle: [She's taking a break, now that the show's over, eating dinner while taking in the sights. Wowser. She'd never expected to see a real live dinosaur; it's like all the macaroni art she'd done when she was six has come true. But she's gotten some excellent shots, and even her nervousness of being around crowds has diminished with her excitement. Sure, she's still ever so slightly terrified that she's screwed it all up, somehow, but she tells herself that's just butterflies.

Besides, this is good experience.]
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[Max gives a slight start at that, having already been taking pictures inside her head. The lighting here was promising, and there were several shots she'd already had lined up.]

Thank you! You look great, too.

[Giving a sincere smile, she nods.]

I am! [Also nervous, but it wouldn't be professional to mention that.]

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[Oh hey, Qubit knows this person, doesn't he? Only the last time he saw her was amid fire and death, so in this far different context (and being distracted by cool aliens and dinosaurs) it's well over an hour into the event, after just about everybody's done eating, before he realizes she's here. He approaches with a casual wave.]

Evening! Max, isn't it? I wasn't expecting to see you here.

[Needless to say, he isn't all glowy like last time.]
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[Far be it from Max to forget someone who helped her. She smiles, giving him a little nod.]

How are you?
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Oh, can't complain. [Right this minute, anyway.] How are you? I know things were a bit... dicey, last time.

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He'd offered his help and so here he is, dressed semi-formally in a (somewhat wrinkled now) button-down shirt and slacks. All one colour (black) because that way even if he gets dirt on him it won't be nearly so noticeable. Once everything is put together he withdraws, because even though he's here to help, there's only so much he can do. Putting together tables and dressing them up is one thing, but setup past that is kind of beyond him.

Claire brings out Ripley and he sits forward, elbows on his knees, a little grin on his lips. He knew there was something up, but this is not what he was expecting.


[Dinner is a welcome reprieve from the crowd and he settles at a table close to the wall, eyes flicking curiously around toward the different elements of this show they've got going. He's got no idea how they did this, but it's really, really cool.]
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[Riku blinks up at her, able to actually take in her whole appearance for once instead of just the impression of her. He nods after a moment.]

Yeah. I mean, I don't have personal stake in this, but I'd consider Kang a friend, so I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Ah -- [He looks down at his hands, then offers her one, a little awkward.] I'm Riku. I think we spoke on the network for about five seconds.

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[Minato is quite happy to talk to just about anyone, but he's admittedly a little off his game this week with how crazy the month has been, from start to finish. First bad, then good, so at least it's looking up, but even he gets worn down eventually.

It's near impossible to tell from looking at him, though. He'd reused his Halloween costume here: an old 1920's inspired noir style suit with faint, delicate pinstripes. He's ditched the suspenders and gone without a tie but otherwise looks respectable enough for his age. He's neat, well-put-together if unremarkable. Mostly he's been lounging around taking everything in with his hands in his pockets, taking advantage of the food but otherwise just a quiet spectator, listening to anyone who wants to talk.

But he is curious about the organization, and he's slunk over to peruse the materials. Talking to the woman of the hour-- if she's giving the opening speech she must be in charge of something, he suspects-- is a step better.]

Yes. I didn't realize we had something like this. Did you start it recently? [Just going to make the assumption here that it was her; he's not shy.]
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I guess... just that I'm happy it exists. One of my teammates who was brought here is a dog. We have one at home that's a robot. Picturing Aigis showing up without anyone else, it'd be nice to think someone would look after her.

[Not that Aigis needs looking after exactly, but Minato does feel very protective of her, and depending on where she'd been taken from along the timeline, she'd need more or less help fitting in with human society.]

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I. "Enjoying yourselves?"

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[Ahh, shaking hands. The bane of his existence. Qubit is not going to offer a handshake, but if Claire initiates it he'll respond in kind.]

Yes, very much. Thank you for putting this on. The show was excellent, in particular, whoever put that together. Most lifelike holograms I've seen in quite a while.

[At least he's pretty sure they were holograms - that's the implementation that makes the most sense to him. He'll be very surprised if they weren't.]

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Qubit | OTA

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[Qubit thinks aliens are awesome, so he wouldn't miss an event like this. He even dressed up for the occasion - as dressed up as he gets, anyway, wearing a vest and tie with his trademark green trenchcoat instead of just whatever. So he was expecting nonhumans, and has been delighted to get to talk with them, but he wasn't expecting a babby T.rex. And tamed, no less. Wow.

The show's very cleverly put together, so kudos to them for that. As he's not much of an artist, he watches it with a subdued sort of respect, thinking more about the technical considerations that must have gone into it than about the subject matter itself. Because that's just the kind of nerd he is.

He hangs out through dinner and for a while afterwards, though he definitely isn't stepping onto the dance floor, you can't make him. Instead, he'll be chatting amiably with imPorts and locals alike, albeit giving precedence to anybody who's clearly another species. The T.rex, for instance, he really wants a closer look at that thing. Everybody dreamed of meeting a T.rex when they were six.

He can be caught before, during, or after the event, doin' what he do. This is only like the third social event he's been to as a guest since he got here, so it's a rare opportunity to run into him off-duty and doing something that genuinely interests him.]