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WHO: imPorts- and a new enemy
WHERE: Downtown Heropa
WHEN: Night of Sunday, December 6th
WHAT: The POWER SWAP plot kicks off with imPorts lured into a devastating ambush
WARNINGS: Violence and body horror

At 7:00 PM, several buildings within the same block of downtown Heropa burst into flames. It swiftly becomes clear to the authorities that the town's emergency services are overwhelmed- Heropa is small enough to not even have its own hospital. The call goes out on the Network and on police radio channels: heroes needed. All imPorts, wherever they may be, are asked to assist. People are in danger.

The call is well-intentioned, but it is also the bait in a trap whose well-prepared jaws are about to close. People are certainly in danger on this evening, but imPorts are in more danger than anyone else. By the time this night has passed, things will be very different, and fires will be the least of the heroes' worries.
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Green Lantern taking charge - OTA

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[ Max glances around at the chaos brewing, then hovers above the crowd, hopefully within view of everyone. It's difficult to tell, everyone's so scattered.

He's still figuring the ring out, but it's pretty intuitive. It doesn't take long to conjure up a megaphone and try to address the crowd at large. ]

Testing, testing!

All right, ladies and gents, looks like it's working! Can I have your attention please? Can I please have your attention, guys? Okay, guys, I'm... well, uh, I guess I'm Green Lantern now, huh? Okay, guys, a LOT of stuff just happened and we're all a little scared and confused, but first thing's first.

If anyone's in need of healing, please raise your hand!

Anyone who's discovered they now have healing powers, please find a raised hand and help 'em out, okay?

And if anyone has any clue what is going on, please speak up now. Anyone?
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[Qubit's way ahead of you, Max, he put himself on healing duty before the attack ended. The most dire injuries get priority, of course, but as it's an emergency he's basically been treating everyone he can get his hands on.

He knows that voice, though, and a domino mask doesn't do much to disguise the kid's identity. He's about to say something when, from nearby, an injured civilian pipes up with
"My arm's broken, smart one, I can't raise it!" - and in spite of himself he has to suppress a little snort of laughter.]

Calm down, I'll be with you in a moment.
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