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WHO: imPorts- and a new enemy
WHERE: Downtown Heropa
WHEN: Night of Sunday, December 6th
WHAT: The POWER SWAP plot kicks off with imPorts lured into a devastating ambush
WARNINGS: Violence and body horror

At 7:00 PM, several buildings within the same block of downtown Heropa burst into flames. It swiftly becomes clear to the authorities that the town's emergency services are overwhelmed- Heropa is small enough to not even have its own hospital. The call goes out on the Network and on police radio channels: heroes needed. All imPorts, wherever they may be, are asked to assist. People are in danger.

The call is well-intentioned, but it is also the bait in a trap whose well-prepared jaws are about to close. People are certainly in danger on this evening, but imPorts are in more danger than anyone else. By the time this night has passed, things will be very different, and fires will be the least of the heroes' worries.
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Closed to Qubit

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After an initial check of the video footage, thin manila folder in his hands, Will is led to one of the garages housing the ambulances that had been around during the whole fiasco. Draped in dark pants and a green plaid shirt, he might not appear the most professional, but damned if there isn't a look in his eye, face seemingly stuck in a position where a half centimeter would be enough to have him frowning. He hasn't been told, however, he isn't the only imPort tracing this particular path. Perhaps wires got crossed, perhaps not everyone is aware of it, but he goes into this garage expecting to be the only one there. When his escort leaves him to business, he's expecting just that: solitude.

So he has some surprise when he spots a pair of legs sticking out from one of the ambulances as he goes to make the first round. He stops, stares—surely not returning to the scene of the crime already? Surely this is just a fluke. Yes. No need to reach around for a gun that isn't there, though his footsteps are quiet and careful as he approaches, careful to keep in light just in case...which is dumb, he realizes a second later, his powers aren't the same. Well, fuck him sideways.

"Anything of interest on the underside?" he calls out in a steady, clear voice. Please don't be one of them, he thinks. But also please don't be startled and smack your head.
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Meanwhile, Qubit's investigation had brought him to the same place by a different route. He saw the attackers both coming and going, so there's no question that they 'ported in and out - the question is how. Whoever they are, they shouldn't have access to that technology. Situations like this are precisely why he doesn't share. Normally, it would have been simple - his teleportal generator is more than capable of tracing spacetime distortions to their origins, so he could at least send a GPS beacon through and find out where they came from. But he doesn't have the generator, and nobody's seen it, and he can't readily make a new one - oh, of course he could, given enough time and equipment, but without his proper powers, it would take a lot of both.

So, on to plan B: dig up the information the old-fashioned way. They'd 'ported in and out from the same location, which implied that whatever method they'd used, it was location-dependent. More glaringly, they'd left while they still had the upper hand, abandoning a fair number of their own while they were at it. That meant there was a drop point and a pickup time, and if you missed the boat, that was it.

That was all conjecture, of course. A sweep of the area turned up nothing, which was frustrating only until he remembered the emergency vehicles. Of course! It was so obvious!

And thus he found his way to the garage where the damaged vehicles were impounded. By the time Will arrives, he's already sort of trashed the one he's underneath - the back doors are wide open, and the interior's clearly been searched. It took a bit of doing to actually get under the vehicle - since it doesn't have tires, it had to be propped up on cinderblocks. But hey, at least he doesn't need a flashlight.

He's a little surprised at the question, as he didn't hear anyone come in, but not enough to hit his head on anything, thank goodness. "That's what I'm trying to find out," he replies affably, despite not recognizing either the voice or the shoes. "There wasn't anything in the cab or the back or the engine block, though, so by process of elimination I'd say the odds are pretty good."
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Qubit's plan B was Will's plan A, and the only plan A he'd ever really known. So he's actually rather glad the ambulance is up on cinderblocks as opposed to, say, magically hovering with some powerful force field. He's familiar with that sort of thing by now, of course, but it would still give him a moment's pause. Whoever this guy is, perhaps Will has found a kindred spirit. Someone not afraid to get a little dirty, he can appreciate that.

Except literally, because Will sets his file down in the open cab and Will pulls out a pair of bright blue gloves. He doesn't put them on, stuffs them in the front of his shirt as he gingerly gets to his knees on the other side of whoever it is he's stumbled across. No looking for a sliding board to help him get under, just simple old-fashioned getting down and taking a look.

"Unless they only needed to put...whatever they used...on one vehicle, not all of them," he mutters as he gets on his back and eases under, apparently content with sharing the underside of an ambulance. For the time being. "Will Graham, by the way. Nice to meet you."

He says, casually pulling those gloves on and starting to go over his section. Like this is a normal way to meet people or something.