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WHO: imPorts- and a new enemy
WHERE: Downtown Heropa
WHEN: Night of Sunday, December 6th
WHAT: The POWER SWAP plot kicks off with imPorts lured into a devastating ambush
WARNINGS: Violence and body horror

At 7:00 PM, several buildings within the same block of downtown Heropa burst into flames. It swiftly becomes clear to the authorities that the town's emergency services are overwhelmed- Heropa is small enough to not even have its own hospital. The call goes out on the Network and on police radio channels: heroes needed. All imPorts, wherever they may be, are asked to assist. People are in danger.

The call is well-intentioned, but it is also the bait in a trap whose well-prepared jaws are about to close. People are certainly in danger on this evening, but imPorts are in more danger than anyone else. By the time this night has passed, things will be very different, and fires will be the least of the heroes' worries.
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[In the aftermath of the attack, Qubit's mostly making himself available to the paramedics as a healer. Now that he's had a few consecutive seconds to think, though, this power's starting to worry him. It's ridiculously easy to do, now that he knows how to trigger it; the effects are almost instantaneous, and it doesn't seem to take anything out of him. So where's all that energy coming from?

That's pretty much the only reason he agrees to take a break when the paramedics tell him to. Normally he has a firm handle on his limits, but this is uncharted territory. It won't do anyone any good if the toll gets charged all at once and he drops dead on them. He's still hopped up on adrenaline, though, so he doesn't actually take a proper break, instead going around to see if anyone needs him elsewhere.

This is when he finds Max, alone and shivering.

Why she in particular catches his eye, he's not sure, but a pang of pity goes through him. Poor girl. Almost without thinking, he approaches and crouches down next to her, his expression gentle.]

Hey. Are you hurt?

[Oh, and he's glowing, by the way. So. That sure is a thing.]
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[Max startles as the man speaks to her, her eyes going wide as she looks up at him. She is hurt, with bruises, cuts and scrapes all over her - but luckily, nothing is too bad, as far as she can tell.

And she didn't get injected, despite the odds.]

... Yeah.

[She lowers her eyes, now, still shivering in shock over what she's witnessed (and photographed) tonight. She's already handed the proof over - and now, she wonders if getting a digital camera might actually be good for these sorts of situations. As much as she loves her vintage Polaroid, it's not good at capturing wide shots.

Why is she thinking about shit like that right now? She should be thinking about something else. Anything else.]
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[Sometimes your mind goes weird places when it's overwhelmed. Qubit can't do a lot about the thousand-yard stare, but... He offers a hand to her, palm up.]

Here. Give me your hand a moment.
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[It takes a moment for Max to respond, for her to process the words. When she does, she gives her hand to Qubit without a word.]
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[Qubit takes it, noting peripherally that her hand is quite a bit smaller than his. Just how many imPorts are kids, anyway? It isn't fair, they don't deserve this.

He turns inward for a second, focusing on the pain that would normally be blistering through his wrist right now but isn't. It's still a bit awkward, drawing on a power that so patently isn't his own, but there are similarities. He's still mending complex machines, in a sense. Only in this case they're flesh instead of metal.

Practically all at once, Max will feel her aches dissolve; all the cuts and bruises are simply gone, as if they were never there. Qubit gives her an appraising glance.]
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[Max wordlessly nods, keeping her hand in his while she tries to shake off the shock. It's not very effective, but after another few moments, she manages to look him in the eye.]

... Thank you.
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[He squeezes her hand reassuringly, offering a sympathetic smile.]

What's your name?
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[She doesn't bother with the last name.]

What's yours?
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[Another Max? Small world. At any rate, he doesn't bother with a last name either.]

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[Normally, she'd say it was nice to meet him, but given the circumstances...]

Thanks, Qubit.
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[Qubit replies with a brief, wan smile. There's a certain grim cast to his eyes, a smoldering fury just beneath the surface. But not directed at her, naturally.]

They aren't going to get away with this, Max. I promise.
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God, I hope not.

[She just wishes she could do something, too.]