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WHO: imPorts- and a new enemy
WHERE: Downtown Heropa
WHEN: Night of Sunday, December 6th
WHAT: The POWER SWAP plot kicks off with imPorts lured into a devastating ambush
WARNINGS: Violence and body horror

At 7:00 PM, several buildings within the same block of downtown Heropa burst into flames. It swiftly becomes clear to the authorities that the town's emergency services are overwhelmed- Heropa is small enough to not even have its own hospital. The call goes out on the Network and on police radio channels: heroes needed. All imPorts, wherever they may be, are asked to assist. People are in danger.

The call is well-intentioned, but it is also the bait in a trap whose well-prepared jaws are about to close. People are certainly in danger on this evening, but imPorts are in more danger than anyone else. By the time this night has passed, things will be very different, and fires will be the least of the heroes' worries.
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Qubit's rather pleased with how everything's turned out so far. Between the local first-response teams and the combined efforts of the imPorts, they've managed to get the situation pretty much under control in less than an hour, and with no loss of life. The fires are contained, the victims evacuated - not a bad showing, all in all, especially for such a large and improvised team.

... So why does he suddenly get the feeling that-

"Ngaaah!" The sensation hits him all at once, a bizarre sense almost of inside-outness, lasting only a second but nauseating in its intensity. When he opens his eyes again, squeezed shut against the blue flash, it takes him a moment to work out what's changed. He's not injured, as far as he can tell, and importantly, the locals don't seem affected at all - those nearest him appear more startled by the imPorts' reactions than anything else. But what was it they were reacting to, exactly? Something still feels off somehow, but what?

A second later he realizes two things. First, his watch has disappeared. Second, his skin is glowing. It's relatively faint, but in the early-winter darkness it's unmistakeable. Both of these things are extremely alarming. "What in God's name...?"
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Kon had been up in the air, maybe thirty feet. Before coming here, he didn't have half as many powers or half as strong as he did now. Apparently his older-self had somehow made it possible for him to have his powers. But right now, that meant shit as he had to cover his face with an arm against the bright light and before he knows it, he's plummeting to the ground.

He slams into the ground and has the air knocked out of him for a moment and pain is shooting through his body as if he went three rounds back to back with Knockout. He groans as he sits up. Everything is so quiet, there's no loud cries or screams, or there is, but they aren't as loud. The fall hurt when really, it shouldn't have. Then it's as if he just ran in to a burning building as his skin licks with flames and he jumps up trying to pat himself out.

He feels warm, but he isn't burning. Just currently freaking the fuck out.
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Welp, nothing distracts you from your own problems like a person falling out of the sky. Was that Kon, just now? Startled, Qubit runs toward him to help, but skids to a stop when the kid appears to spontaneously combust.

In a situation like this, of course, it's put them out first, ask questions later. Fortunately, there are lots of fire trucks around, so finding a fire extinguisher shouldn't be a problem. "Hold on! I'll get help!" he shouts, and without waiting for a response he makes a dash for the nearest truck.
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Kon can't even tell him to stop because he has no idea that the flames are actually him and not that he's just on fire. So really, he'll welcome the help until he finds out. Won't that be fun.


Oh shit ohshitohshitohshit! One thought when he's rubbing down his arm is he's thankful he wasn't wearing his jacket. His shirt and pants are gone and his mind is still going a million miles an hour to realise he isn't in pain.