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Running out of bridges to burn [OPEN]

WHO: Tetsuo Shima and YOU
WHERE: Any city works, but he'll be spending a decent amount at Maurtia Falls scrapyard for the start and primarily in Nonah afterward the 12th when the arcade's largely fixed/being repaired.
WHEN: Month of Dismember December
WHAT: Catchall open log for fallout from his encounter with Ken or with his fight with Kaneda, fallout from September rampaging since he's no longer shielded, or general interactions. Endgame times for this jerk.
WARNINGS: TETSUO. Violence, drugs, fun times for all.

[After rampaging around terrorizing the coast in September, attacking his roommate, having a public fight on the network with another roommate, Tetsuo's out on his own again. This time, though, it's not from running away, and there's nowhere to turn back to even if he wanted to.

That's fine. He'll take on the world himself. Unlike September, this isn't a month of increasing mayhem for no apparent reason - he's done his damage, and if left to his own devices may end up drifting around for a while trying to work out a plan. Unfortunately, there's a lot of damage left behind - probably too much for people to ignore. Kaneda's not out there trying to protect him anymore.

He's on his own completely.

Feel free to find him -

1: brooding somewhere remote, junkyards and city outskirts are favored locations

2: terrorizing "his" arcade; snapping at or threatening patrons, ordering staff around, or more often just lounging around in a chair or in the back working on rebuilding a video game cabinet, or doing standard arcade related activities

3: calmly wandering around streets; this'll be less common as time goes on

4: raiding a drug store/taking whatever he feels like from places without even bothering to hide it

5: wildcard.

Starters on request!

permissions post findable here. The only rules are similar to September: he has to be able to end up free and with his powers intact by the end of the encounter in order to be killed at the start of next year.. If you want to knock him out and leave him there, that'll work, as long as he could feasibly get back up later. As a warning though, it's not going to be easy.

Feel free to fight him, try to beat him up, tear him down to size, chase him all you will; if it gets bad enough, he'll run. He'll also be ready and more than willing to rough up anyone who looks at him sideways.

A note to Nonah 05: he will not attack anyone from the house, nor will he show up at the house (except for one time late December). He will defend himself if he has to, but he won't initiate intentionally. If it does come to blows, he'll fight to injure/fight to retreat only - he's got a promise to honor.

Hit me up at [plurk.com profile] Crobatman to discuss if you like or send a PM.]
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12/01, a few hours after the fight with Kaneda

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[Qubit missed the initial altercation, but it wasn't too long after finding out about it that he got a call from Kittler up in Maurtia Falls. The salvage yard has its share of squatters coming through periodically, and usually the owners don't have too much trouble driving them off. But tonight, they heard loud noises coming from the yard, and upon investigation, narrowly avoided being crushed under a scrapped car. Understandably, they'd decided to call for backup.

Not too hard to put the pieces together there. Note to self: set up an alert for whenever Tetsuo does something.

He portals into the salvage yard without fanfare, showing up about five meters ahead of him. (Has Tetsuo seen him do this before? Well if not he has now.)]

Back again, are we?
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Oh, yes. Small world, isn't it.

[His expression's merely stern, but truth be told, Qubit's livid. Kaneda told him what happened, more or less - that Tetsuo attacked a child and left him there to bleed out. Part of him still wants to extend benefit of the doubt (obviously Tetsuo's control over his powers isn't great), but knowing what he does about him, he can't be sure.]

I imagine you can guess why.
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Oh, you don't? [well HE'LL JUST BE ON HIS MERRY WAY THEN. come on, Tetsuo, you made your bed.] So you don't want to tell me your side, then? You'd rather I just go with Kaneda's?
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[Well, of course he's just made him mad, but at least he has his attention now.]

He told me you attacked a child, and then left him to die.

[He may not have all the details, but the facts aren't really in question. He's got no reason to disbelieve Kaneda. But some stubborn, overoptimistic part of him still wants Tetsuo to say it was an accident or something. Sadly, he's not naïve enough to actually expect that.]

If you think you can somehow justify that, now's your chance to try. But bear in mind, it's the last chance I'm giving you.
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[He doesn't know Amada, but that doesn't change his mind. Regardless, he doesn't appear to feel the slightest remorse over it.]

No. So I can decide whether I want to be associated with you. Right now, I'm leaning toward "no."
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[Yeah. Yeah, they do. He's well within range, it'd barely take a flick of his fingers and that resonator would be gone. Of course, he knows that's the only thing keeping Tetsuo even this reasonable, so that'd be counterproductive.]

Do you know why I've been bending over backwards for you, Tetsuo? It's because I thought you could change. That you could learn from your mistakes. But you seem determined to prove me wrong at every turn.