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WHO: Kangmo and You
WHERE: Various locations around Heropa.
WHEN: Throughout the week.
WHAT: Pictures and power testing


[ After an encounter with Touka a few months back that left Kangmo feeling a little nervous for the safety of his expensive equipment, he's been a little more reluctant to bust out the camera and start snapping pictures. But you can only go so long playing around with other hobbies before you realize all the things you're trying to pick up either don't keep you busy for long enough (practicing card tricks), depend on other people's schedules (mmorpgs with a set group of natives who Kangmo's conveniently failed to mention his imPort status too, bless the internet for making lying so easy), or flat out boring to begin with (he tried to take up painting. It's kind of like photography! Only slower... and not at all like photography... and he didn't even finish 1/8 of a painting).

Besides, as long as he doesn't decide to start stalking people to uncover who they are beneath a mask he should be fine, right? No reason to punch a guy in the face for snapping some candids he can just delete off his camera of people having a picnic, yeah?

Let's hope, because he's wandering around Heropa taking pictures here and there. If you're lucky (or unlucky) enough, maybe he's taking one of you too.


[ Have you ever walked across a public park to see a group of about twenty people all doing their best impression of mimes? Well, if you haven't before, you sure have now! There's a whole field of them looking vaguely befuddled as the wave their hands around them in the air for about five minutes until all the sudden they stop, looking around confused, most of the quickly shuffling off out of the area.

All the while a kid with a camera sits nearby with a to-go coffee cup in his hand, casual as can be as he sits there and occasionally takes a sip. Relatively unsuspecting... maybe.


[ If not the people around you being caught up in an illusion, you might be the one experiencing something strange for a five to ten minute span of time instead. Suddenly the air around you feels like you're walking through a thick stew, or you smell something absolutely rancid while all around you all you can spot are high class restaurants, maybe you even swerve to avoid hitting a garbage can only to walk straight into something solid despite the fact that there's clearly nothing at all in front of you! What gives? Whatever the case, everything sure sounds normal. ]
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[It's always tempting to investigate when something strange is afoot. Qubit makes no effort whatsoever to resist the temptation. At first he's thinking it might be a performance art piece or something - what do they call them, "flashmobs?" - but as he gets closer and their voices resolve into words, he picks up his pace.

They're crying for help.

Once he's close, he whips out his tablet (which isn't a retail model, it's too chunky for that) and starts scanning. No unusual chemicals in the air, and he doesn't immediately see any tech devices or arcane artifacts that could be causing it. What is it, then? Psionic? At any rate, he judges it safe enough to approach one of the affected persons, his voice urgent and concerned.]

What's going on? Is something hurting you?
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[Qubit does his best to calm the woman down and convince her to get to safety. There's not much useful information to be had from her, so it's less than a minute before she hurries nervously on her way.

He moves onto the next person ASAP. An invisible wall, the woman said... force fields? But his scanners didn't detect anything. On the next victim, he tries to reach out and touch the "wall" around them, but his hand encounters no resistance whatsoever. He can grab the person's shoulder without incident. Which means either he's just immune to it, or more likely......]

Listen to me. You're all right. Just try something for me, will you? I want you to close your eyes and take two steps forward.