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a catch-all for the next two weeks

WHO: Cass and YOU
WHERE: at the café, mostly, but also around;
WHEN: the latter half of November (11/15 ~ 11/30)
WHAT: Tadashi's disappeared and life is lonely, but life must go on. Also, Thanksgiving.
WARNINGS: will get marked in the threads

[A - open prompt; at the café]
[Hours at the café go the same as usual. The same coffee, the same snacks (although she does add things here and there to match the season and to have something new to serve), music playing softly in the background, and Cass moving around busily with her other employees. They're slightly short-handed with Kaneki and Tadashi not around, but that doesn't mean business has to slow down. She appreciates the business, to be honest.

And Cass smiles brightly as ever as she turns around at the bells on the door announcing the arrival of a new customer, calling a cheerful,]
Welcome! I'll be with you in just a second.

[Regular customers get friendly chatter as always. There's still leftover pumpkin spice if you want some, yes. Are they preparing for Christmas? Of course! But not immediately. For those of you who want a place to study, the upstairs loft provides a nice, quiet place with plenty of tables and armchairs to sit at.]

[B - mostly open; around thanksgiving (a delivery)]
[Are you a friend of Cass, Hiro, or Tadashi? If you're a family friend, then a few days before Thanksgiving she's coming around with an assortment of pies. A knock on your door, a ring of the doorbell, and she smiles at whoever opens up for her and holds up the basket full of them.]

I thought I'd make some, for the holiday. Would you like some for you and your housemates?

[C - wild card! choose your own adventure, or a plotted out thread]
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11/22; A

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[It's Sunday, and Qubit feels like trying someplace new for lunch. There's really not much more to it. Apparently he downloaded the Lucky Cat menu a while ago and forgot about it, 'cause how else did that wind up in his files?

So yeah he goes ahead and drops in. He does use the door like a normal person, though, no sense in startling everybody.]

Oh, no, take your time. [He'll just have a look at whatever food items are on display whilst he's waiting.]
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[Oh man them's some tasty lookin foods. Qubit glances up at her, smiling back.] You know, I'm not sure. Everything looks good. What do you recommend?

((ooc: no it's fine though /clings to))