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OPEN LOG, come meet a big dude with a sword.

WHO: Norman and ANYONE.
WHEN: Throughout NOVEMBER.
WHAT: Catch-all log, but mostly Norman checking out the Porter cities.
WARNINGS: None as of yet; will update as necessary.

[Beyond traveling from one place to another, the Porter is quite different from the system of portals opened by the cosmic cap. For starters, imPorts can only access the Porter by going to the military bases stationed by their respective Porter cities. Each time Norman reaches one of the bases, he asks for a tour; if permitted, he only gets the civilian-imPort tour. That's disappointing.

Well, time to get exploring...

Downtown Heropa
[Heropa is a nice place with very nice, welcoming, and accommodating people. He strolls through the crowds of shoppers, towering over them as he seeks out those small-time, hole in the wall eateries where the tired and weary can often grab the best meals. Not that he's tired and weary right now, but so far his time as a superhero (as opposed to a hero; Norman questions the difference) is rather tame, and he's unused the normalcy of a perfectly human life.

Which is why when there's a man screaming about his purse being stolen, Norman quickly leaps into the fray and snatches the purse right back, holding on to the thief until authorities arrive. The man thanks him, and the story has a more or less happy ending, except for the part where Norman is still feeling hungry. As he triumphantly walks away from the scene, he asks someone nearby,

Know somewhere to get good eats? Could use something filling after that.

[Norman is at the train station after getting a quick civilian tour of the military base. He's got some ice cream in hand—why shouldn't he treat himself from time to time?—and standing around the platforms, watching people come and go. It's hard to tell how long he's been there, and when someone approaches to ask if he's perhaps missed his train, he answers,]

Nope. Not really here to catch a train, actually. You?

De Chima
[Not that Norman is actually tired or anything, but he's seated at a bench at the park by De Chima University. Again, he's simply people-watching, and sometimes when he sees the odd hovercar go by, ponders how times have changed and when the vehicle leapt out of people's dreams and became a reality. Considering the aliens and mad scientists he's encountered before, it's surprising how his homeworld doesn't yet have hovercars. Something falls beside his feet as someone passes him by, so Norman snatches the item from the ground and approaches the passing stranger.]

Excuse me, I think you dropped something.

Maurtia Falls
[It's clear as day to see Maurtia Falls is hardly a welcoming place. People often keep to themselves, and as Norman walks the streets, people make sideways glances at him before moving on. Not like that's a big deal; at least no one thinks to take him on. As he continues onward, he happens by Herodotus Antiques.]

Huh. An actual antique store.

[He checks the hours, making a mental note of it before deciding to walk on in.]

[DIY Prompt here!]
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De Chima; 11/05

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[What's this? Qubit outside the lab? It's more likely than you think!

He's actually been in the park on the clock, because something something soil samples for a study I guess. This is partly because, thanks to teleportals, he can get to all the sites in the time it would take anyone else to get through two of them. It is also partly because he needs to get outside more. This is the last site, so he's already got a small cardboard box full of sample bags, but he underestimated the size of box he'd need, so there's several of the little paper bags precariously balanced on top of it as well. One of these is what falls as he passes Norman, and it probably speaks to how preoccupied his mind is with other things that he notices neither that nor the huge bearded guy with a sword until the latter draws his attention to the former.]

So I did. Thank you. [He shuffles what he's holding to take it back. But, uh - in the meantime, small talk.] It's not too much of a stretch to guess you're an imPort, is it?
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That's all right, I'm not going far. [- but as he's adjusting the bags to get the one back on, another one falls off. He sighs, shoulders slumping in mild irritation.] ... You know what, on second thought, I'd appreciate it.
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[Yeah, they're pretty light, only a few ounces each. It's just unwieldy. He starts walking again as they talk, heading out of the park and toward the street.]

An imPort, yes. [He's never liked the "superhero" label, even when he was doing it full-time. It's pretentious at best, usually closer to delusional.]

Astute observation. It's for the day job, actually - we're doing soil analysis at various points along the east coast, part of a larger pollution study. Not exactly glamorous or exciting, but important all the same.
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[Qubit makes a noise somewhere between a scoff and a laugh.] No no no, I chose this. They originally wanted me designing roller coasters, believe it or not. Complete waste of my skills. [Unlike collecting dirt, apparently.]
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Yeah, there aren't any consequences for quitting, as far as I'm aware. Me, I've been around since early August. I'm Qubit, by the way. Yourself?
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It's all right. Quiet, for the most part. [He might have said too quiet, but to be frank, the relative downtime has been good for him. (Which... he feels a little guilty about, but shh.)] I do have my concerns about the situation - have since the beginning - but not much has come of them so far, thankfully. It's not difficult to fall into a routine, for better or worse.

[He casts Norman (and the sword) a sidelong glance.] ... Although, that's assuming you're already used to twenty-first-century Earth. If you're not, your experience may be quite different.
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... Well, I'm not sure I'd go that far. This is essentially a nation at war, after all, even if nobody's gone and pressed the big red button, and there's significant pressure for imPorts to act as their soldiers. [His disdain for that idea is audible.] And then on your other hand, you've got a number of groups who want us eliminated, for whatever reason. There have been a number of attacks targeting us specifically. Throw in your occasional villain wreaking havoc, and... well, there's no great shortage of fights to pick, if you take my meaning.
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The former. Mostly out of convenience, really. Yourself?
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[YEAH NO KIDDING. Qubit laughs once, incredulous.] The what? No, I - I can't say I have. What is that, a fitness club?