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What's a Hero Without A Mask?

WHO: Francis Urquhart and Party Goers!
WHERE: Native Hotel
WHEN: Halloween Night
WHAT: Masquerade
WARNINGS: None yet.

Working with Papyrus and the hotel staff, Francis knows how to put together a party. He chose a theme of Machiavelli, with rich furnishings and dramatic flowing fabrics. Papyrus added his own touches on top of it, adding that needed spooky air. 

The man himself is in a black suit with this mask, greeting everyone that comes in at the door. Security is checking anyone who comes in for weapons and Francis, if he has doubts about the intentions of the new guest, gives them special attention: using his hypnotism. He'll make sure that everyone is here to behave themselves and enjoy the evening. 
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[Something something refreshments? Yeah sounds good. Here's a guest willing to chat with him. Qubit gestures briefly at Joaquin's outfit to get his attention.]

Nice costume. Going for the 19th-century cavalry aesthetic, were you?
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[Gathering himself a small plate of hors d'oeuvres Joaquin had not seen the other man approach him until he was spoken to. Smiling, he looked up and gave a short jump when he saw another skeletal figure talking with him, this time in a very handsome green suit rather than black.

Swallowing, he attempts to not seem upset beyond the first sign of his startling.]

Er, yes. That was the plan, though it helps that this was my uniform from back home. [A nervous chuckle.] Too bad I couldn't bring along the horse.
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[Qubit smiles, although when he looks like a skeleton it might be hard to tell.]

That may be for the best. Horses are notoriously terrible dancers. [That, and it'd leave manure everywhere. But he's got some class, he's not going to resort to poop jokes.] But you can't really blame them for having two left feet.
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[Joaquin hadn't expected the joke and gave a startled chuckle that bubbled into a full laugh. That was pretty good. Maybe he was starting to relax around all these dead people after all.]

Well, if any horse could dance it would have been Plata. She was grace incarnate. [But alas, she probably would have hated it here in this modern world. Too much noise. Not enough room to stretch her legs.]

My name's Joaquin Mondragon. [He bows his head, unable to do more with a small party plate of food in his hand.] I take it you have an interest in dance? Or were the jokes the extent of it?
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Qubit. [Yup that's his whole name. Not as impressive, but it works. He returns the head bob.]

No, no, just the jokes, I'm afraid. In all seriousness, though, you're bonafide cavalry, you said? What year was it?
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[Ah, a shame about not wanting to dance. But that's okay. Joaquin was cool with chatting, too.]

I came here from the year 1930. Back home, I was a soldier in the local militia but I traveled around to the other villages nearby, just trying to help out wherever I could.