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What's a Hero Without A Mask?

WHO: Francis Urquhart and Party Goers!
WHERE: Native Hotel
WHEN: Halloween Night
WHAT: Masquerade
WARNINGS: None yet.

Working with Papyrus and the hotel staff, Francis knows how to put together a party. He chose a theme of Machiavelli, with rich furnishings and dramatic flowing fabrics. Papyrus added his own touches on top of it, adding that needed spooky air. 

The man himself is in a black suit with this mask, greeting everyone that comes in at the door. Security is checking anyone who comes in for weapons and Francis, if he has doubts about the intentions of the new guest, gives them special attention: using his hypnotism. He'll make sure that everyone is here to behave themselves and enjoy the evening. 
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-11-02 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
[Qubit's hardly what you'd call unwary, since... two of the last three parties he's been to ended in open combat. But he doesn't hear her over the music, and nobody really expects to be ambushed coming out of the restroom, right? So when someone grabs him out of nowhere, he jerks out of her grip and whirls to face the threat, every nerve on full alert.

But it's not a threat at all, turns out. It's just some kid in a costume yukking it up. Qubit relaxes, but glowers down at her.]

Oh, having fun, are you?
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[oh, she knows this person! and it only makes the laughter double in intensity because, fuck yes, getting some petty revenge for the fear-filled swear-in that they'd had their first meeting in felt damn good.]

A fucking blast, can't you tell?
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-11-02 02:56 pm (UTC)(link)
[For his own part, Qubit's memory of that swear-in is kind of foggy, besides which Hazel's in costume, so he doesn't recognize her at all. He's all set to launch into lecture mode, but - well, it is Halloween, he probably should have expected cheap jumpscares. Not that that makes it less annoying, of course.]

Keep that up, and someone's liable to punch your lights out.
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Christ, I hope so.

[prrrrobably not the reaction most people would have, but the only thing that could heighten Hazel's enjoyment of the evening was getting to see both someone's frightened expression when she spooked them and the baffled disbelief when their fists fail to elicit any sort of reaction.]