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Boys and girls of every age, Wouldn't you like to see something strange

WHO: Imports
WHERE: Helix Station, Maurtia Falls
WHEN: Evening of 10/16
WHAT: Swear-In Ceremony, with a bonus Haunted House!
WARNINGS: Violence and other spoopy stuff.

The Festival

An orange moon slowly burns into life as the sun begins the last few moment's of it's descent, washing the sky in beautiful splashes of fading twilight hues. The white walls the Helix Station glow in the warm autumn light as throngs of costumed children and their families parade through the large front gate and into the festively decorated courtyard within.

Laughter and squeals of anticipation and delight ring out from the gaggle of children in a never ending chorus as their attentions dance between the kitsch decorations of gremlins and skeletons, to the ImPort Heroes in attendance. But at least the parents and guardians seem to be doing a good job of keeping the beaming or bashful kids from bothering ImPorts too much as you make your way into the facility. Though do be prepared for an autograph request or three. Unlike some of the previous Swear-Ins, this is no media circus. While there may be a reporter or two in the crowd, asking for a few quick shots with imports and their adoring fans, this gathering is for you and your new rosy cheeked best friends. Just a bit of seasonal fun and the added benefit of helping a local children's hospital by contributing to their charity.


Colorfully decorated stalls line the exterior of the courtyard, offering the attendees a wide variety of activities, entertainment, and gifts. While most of the stalls are managed by groups or individual imports contributing with their time and goodwill (mostly), several also offer refreshments and snacks manned by droids or volunteers from the hospital staff or children's family.

A few honorable mentions of ImPort run stalls:

-Hazel and the Doctor's Face Paintings
-Kanaya and Helena's Fangtastic Bobbing for Apples
-Manolo and Sabriel's Performance Cake Walk
-Stan's Photo Booth of Terror (And extortion)
-Lucifer's Mystic Magic Mirror of Mystery
-Fraiser and Kowalski's Totally Scary Puppy Petting Zoo

And of course there's also a stall with informative pamphlets and a chipper Government representative ready to register any willing imports and talk about the benefits inherent to doing so.

There are also plenty of open stalls if you want to add to festivities!


Just inside the main building, the lobby area and adjacent rooms open into the main area of the Haunted House. Despite the spooky imagery and haunting ambiance, this floor is rather tame. There may be a few motion sensor activated skeletons that pop up and startling the careless, but otherwise it's all kid friendly.

This however is NOT the case with the upper floors. Which prohibit native participation completely. If that doesn't chill your blood then the fact that you have to stop by a booth near the elevator to "check in" and received a warning that only those that are seeking a true test of terror should enter, might.

However the droid representative will NOT offer any additional information to imports, save that all participants will be given thirty minutes to escape before "time is up". They will NOT be telling anyone that:

-Immediately upon exiting the elevator, you will find yourself seeped in power dampening fog, leaving you de-powered.
-That the upper floors are inhabited by wandering animatronics with monstrous appearances that are programmed to hunt the imports trying to find their way out.
-As the thiry minutes tick by, the animatronics will become faster and hunt the imports with more tenacity and ever increasing perception. Early in the hunt it's possible to hide or avoid most animatronics. This becomes less effective as time goes by.
-Any imports that are unable to escape the animatronics will NOT be hurt. When an import is captured they will be hauled to a secret exit which ends in a shoot that deposits the character outside, near Stan's Photo booth. (Who might just have a series of photos depicting your character in various compromising states of terror.) However the participating imports will be unaware of the lack of danger they are in until this happens. Which means you might even see some imports being hauled off kicking and screaming into the darkness.

Imports that manage to evade the animatronics long enough to find their way out of the maze of corridors and rooms will find themselves in the haunted house lobby, where they will be presented with a plush version of one of the monsters that had been hunting them. Not so scary now, huh?

Attack on Helix Station

Just after midnight as the festivities hit full swing, several masked men slip over the wall and into the facility. While mostly concealed, to any ImPorts sharp enough to notice them, it quickly becomes apparent that these men are armed to the teeth and full of bad intentions. Moving with precision, skill before any import can alert the others, the gunmen take up positions to cause as much damage as possible. However as they ready their weapons an alarm blares through out the facility. In that brief moment of confusion the gunmen hesitate. And in the span of that hesitation, several security droids suddenly march out into the facility through side doors hefting snub nosed weapons cradled in their arms.

An electric blue flash suddenly illuminates the courtyard as a blast from one of the droid's stun weapons strikes one of the gunmen, who crumples.

And then chaos erupts.

Seeing them as the clear and present danger the gunmen focus their fire on the advancing security bots, but as several defense turrets pop out from concealed slots in the walls, their position quickly becomes untenable. While strong in numbers, the gunmen scatter into groups through out the facility to take cover. A few of them drop smoke grenades to cover their escape, but the blinding cloud is short lived. As contaminates are detected in the air, several purifiers cleverly disguised within the decorations will activate, drawing in the smoke and laying the terrorists' movements bare.

As the gloom recedes, Revan stalks forward out of the smoke, a sheathed katana clenched in one hand
and his expression blazing as he marches towards the nearest group of soldiers.

"WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!" his voice booms strangely loud, carrying over the entire courtyard with the force and command power of someone used to leading warriors into battle. "IMPORTS!" With a fluid motion he withdraws the sword and tosses the scabbard aside.

Little did these bastards know that they were ready. With a small army of Imports, comprised of RISE and volunteer security forces, at his back Revan gave a flourish of his blade before dashing forward.


[ooc: More info as well as plotting posts can be found here!]
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Max | OTA

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[ no starters for the other events, will be tagging around ]

Attack on the Swear-In

[ For all his adventures fighting against monsters, mad scientists, demigods, and demons, Max had encountered gunfire once or twice. But not like this. It was nothing like this.

When he'd heard the first gunshots Max froze in place in a panic, his mind frantically working itself into a loop — protect the people; can't survive this; neither can they; what can I do?

Finally he found the sense of self to move his feet, ducking behind a wooden stand and pressing his hands to his ears, trying to drown out the sound of the battle taking place.

How many people had been shot already, his mind asked before he could silence the thought. How many people had died so far while he was hiding here? Max pressed his hands closer to his ears, feeling the wood of the stall shake with the sounds of the fight outside.

Panic gripped his heart, and even behind shut eyes he couldn't escape it. The stench and taste of smoke from the grenades burned his lungs, the sensation dragging him back to months ago, the raid on the Underworld that had gone so horribly, horribly wrong —

Max's fingers gripped at his hair, tugged the Cap closer to his scalp, the autumn chill melting away from his skin as he was lost in the memory of a world of fire and brimstone, a day of panic and fear and death — ]
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[Amidst all the chaos, Sabriel had two goals- apprehend those responsible, and get everyone else to safety. So when she saw a man with a gun who is neither security nor a member of RISE moving towards a child...

Sabriel reached into the Charter, and it reached back, the marks she wanted practically leaping out of the flow- it was almost like being near a Charter stone as she stood between Max and the man and shouted the words of the spell, lightning arcing from her fingertips to the man as he dropped- not dead, but certainly unconscious.

Then she turned to Max, gently- but urgently- trying to get him to his feet.]

You need to get inside. Come on, I'll take you there.
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-10-19 03:57 am (UTC)(link)
[Qubit was close by, too, and if the gunman didn't already have his attention, the bolt of lightning certainly got it. He raised an arm to shield his eyes, but not quite fast enough to keep out the afterimages. They weren't just visual, though, it was like - a feeling he immediately associated with having gravel in his shoes, only instead it was coming from inside his skull. Not exactly painful, but definitely annoying.]

Careful! [- he snapped at the caster, though he had no idea if she could hear him. Being closer to the shooter, he stopped just long enough to confirm the man still had a pulse, and to take the rifle away, put the safety on, and sling it over his back. (In the unlikely event he came to before someone caught him, he wasn't getting this back at least.)

And that's when he saw who the young lady was trying to help up. Max. It was like a rock dropping into his stomach. What was he even doing here this late-? Wait, who was he kidding, Max pretty much always turned up in places he shouldn't. That wasn't important. Qubit dropped what he was doing and raced over to join them.]

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[ Max tensed at the sound of cracking thunder, unaware of how Sabriel just saved his life. He withdrew further, curling in on himself, flinching away at her touch. ]

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I led us right into a trap. I'm sorry.

[ He's back in Skull Mountan, surrounded by lava and ash, Hanuman's tattered helmet at his feet, being pulled away as Skullmaster's army closes in on his allies...

But the sound of his name reaches him, pushing through the flashback. He's still trembling, still clutching his hands to his head, but it's a start — none of them would have called him Max, not back then. ]
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His name's Max? [Sabriel's trying to drag him towards safety, even as she keeps trying to soothe him, her voice low and comforting.]

It's not your fault. No one's going to hurt any of us- we're fine, we're safe.

[And Sabriel reaches into the Charter- again, it's surprisingly easy, and the mark for calm is easily called out of the sea of marks into her hand- and then, into Max.]

Calm down. We need to get you to safety.
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He's in shock. [It's jarring, to be honest. The kid's never shied away from danger before, didn't bat an eye when he stumbled on Qubit in a similarly compromised state. Why now?] Max, come on, look at me -

[But then Sabriel casts, and the amplified spell sets off the itch in his head again, making one of his eyelids twitch involuntarily. Twice is enough for him to figure it out - he's tangled with magic-users before, unfortunately, and their powers have a nasty tendency of undermining the scientific laws all his technology is based on. Including, apparently, the cybernetics in his brain. He holds one hand up to Sabriel in the universal gesture for "stop that."] Do you mind?
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[ Max feels something cool and soothing wash over him as the spell is cast. The anxiety welling up in his chest and along his spine seems to solidify, and with a deep, shaky breath and a slow exhale, he can feel it start to clear.

He visibly relaxes, the no longer trembling as seems to almost deflate a bit. The is flashback fading as he hears his name again, daring to look up and around, and even letting Sabriel start to help him to his (shaky) feet. ]
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[The spell done, Sabriel keeps Max steady, waiting until he's found his feet to urge him to move.]

It's going to be all right- no one's died yet, and no one's going to. We're going to get inside, to RISE headquarters- you'll be safe there.

[Unforturnately, Sabriel rather misinterprets the man's actions as concern she won't hurt Max.]

It's a simple spell- and I know what I'm doing, I'm not going to hurt him.
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That's not - never mind. [Qubit's not really sure what the spell did, but whatever it was, it got Max on his feet, which is the important thing for now.] I can 'port us - [He goes for his watch, buuuut something something kernel panic. Irritated, he smacks it with his fist.] - unless it crashed. Of course it crashed. Perfect.

[All right, plan B. He knows the layout of the place, and where RISE's office is (closer than the nearest exit), but they'll have to hoof it, and the area in between isn't totally free of crossfire. The droids will avoid shooting while they're there, but without their suppressing fire the shooters might be able to move to a more defensible position. Which would be bad.

But if they replace one kind of suppressing fire with another...]
I'll take him. Can you cover us from here?

[And to Max:] We're gonna need to run in a moment. Take my hand. [He offers it.]
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[ Max doesn't hesitate. He grabs Qubit's hand and squeezes tight, taking comfort in that bit of contact and letting it ground him in the present.

He looks out at the crossfire, eyes wide as he takes in the chaos. He's never seen a firefight like this, not in person, and terror sinks its icy claws into Max's heart once more.

You can't, he wants to scream. There's other people who need them more than he does. What if they get hurt? What if they die? All to save him?

But even as the memory of Norman's death haunts his thoughts, Max holds Qubit's hand just a little tighter. ]

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[personal profile] bindsthedead 2015-10-24 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
I most certainly can. Follow me.

[Sabriel can handle this- or at least she's telling herself that she can. She keeps her sword drawn and the marks she needs ready at her fingertips.

With a shout of NOW, Sabriel starts moving, lightning striking from her sword to any shooter who's aiming in their direction.]
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Wh- from here, I said! [He meant for her to stay roughly where she was! Well, too late now. Gripping Max's hand tightly, he follows, keeping the boy on his far side relative to the action, and pulling low to the ground to keep them both crouching.]

[At some point partway through, he briefly turns his head to dispense some urgent reassurance-] You're doing great, Max. We're almost there.

[And they are. The whole crossing takes less than a minute, and although all the magic flying around is starting to give him a headache, he can't deny it's effective. Hardly anyone's even getting a shot off. Just as the young lady said, she clearly knows what she's doing.]
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[ If there's one thing Max had gotten better at during his stint as a superhero back home, it was running.

He had no trouble keeping up the pace; At times it seemed Max might just break away and outrun Qubit, but that would mean letting go of his grip on the man's hand and he couldn't afford that right now. Qubit kept him in the present, kept him safe from that feeling of helplessness that threatened to drown him in his own nightmares at the slightest provocation.

Max squeezed Qubit's hand once more in response to the encouragement. He was sure he looked as exhausted as he felt, but managed a small smile regardless. ]


[ only a moment more and they'd be crossing the threshold to safety. ]
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Maxsitting Duty

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[ Even after they've gotten to safety, Max is sticking pretty close to Qubit's side. The events of the past few minutes replay constantly in his mind, overlaid with older, more painful memories of past failures. His gaze is distant, but he manages to stay in the moment this time. ]

I... [ "I'm so sorry for dropping the ball," he wants to say. "I'm sorry I couldn't save myself. I'm sorry you wasted your time on me." But he knows better than to make this a dumping ground for his self-pity. There's enough going on as it is. When he does speak, his voice is tired and shaken, no matter how much he tries to feign confidence. ]

Thank you. And I'm sorry. Next time I'll... do better.
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[Qubit can't stay long, unfortunately. He's in work mode, his mind racing two steps ahead - RISE headquarters is probably the safest, most defensible part of the building, a number of other people are already here, including that reporter from earlier whose name he didn't get, so Max should be safe here, so what's his next move? Probably ought to do something with the assault rifle strapped to his back, actually -

Max's voice draws him back to the present. Partly, it's the tone of it - not so much frightened as weary. He's well aware the boy's seen some shit; some post-traumatic stress isn't at all far-fetched.]

Don't be absurd. You did fine. [Qubit bends and grasps Max's shoulder, looking at him straight-on.] No one's expecting you to work miracles tonight, Max. Just stay here and keep yourself safe, can you do that?
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[ Max locks eyes with him, then slowly nods. ]

Yeah. I can do that.

[ He turns, gazing out toward the way they'd come, brows knotting at the sound of the commotion outside the building. His raises a hand, placing one gently atop Qubit's grip on his shoulder. His palm is trembling. The last time someone had gone ahead into danger, left Max behind, he never came back. ]

...You be careful, too, okay?
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[A wry smile. His hand is still burning dully with the imprint of Max's hand from before, and this doesn't help any, but he's an old pro at ignoring it.]

I'll try.

[He feels bad leaving the kid alone in such a state, though. Okay, he's not technically alone, but he needs actual support, not just a hole to hide in. Looking up, he waves the reporter guy over.] You - can you come here a second, please?
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[personal profile] andaway 2015-11-17 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
[Clark winces inwardly when he sees the man motioning at him to come closer. He shouldn't have pressed so hard on wanting to help, any second he spends doing something as Clark Kent is a second Superman could have been here. But at the same time it does look like everything is in order so he really isn't sure if Superman will eventually be needed.

He runs towards the man in case it's urgent- and raises his eyebrows when he notices the kid next to him. Oh.]

How can I help?
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-11-17 03:03 am (UTC)(link)
[Qubit straightens up, though he doesn't let go of Max just yet. He lowers his voice somewhat, as if to signify this is an aside, although it's not low enough that Max would actually be unable to hear him.]

This is Max. I need someone to stay with him, he's... not in a good place right now. What's your name?
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[personal profile] andaway 2015-11-18 03:56 am (UTC)(link)
Clark. Clark Kent.

[He's quick to crouch in front of Max, frustration giving way to worry.] What's wrong? What happened? Did you get hurt?