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Handling Things like a Grown Man [Closed]

WHO: Kira and Qubit
WHERE: Dechima #003
WHEN: After Kira's arrival
WHAT: It's like the odd couple!...if one was a bomb crazy serial killer and the other was a quantum genius.
WARNINGS: Hilarious misunderstandings. Hilarious.

It's not much an understatement to say that this is one of the worst days of Kira Yoshikage's lifes. His arrival to America? Fine. But his meeting with Josuke? That just leaves him rattled and tense. That's not the Kira way. He needs to immediately regroup and get back into his tranquil state of mind, maybe get some nail clippers and a notebook. That always gets him in a good state of mind.

He just has to go over and drop himself off at his housing first. The number they assigned him said three, right? Ok, seems simple enough. He strolls towards the assigned house, ready to open the door when he realizes oh yes. How rude of him. He should knock.

As he does, he runs his hand through his hair, muttering to himself. "Such an awful day, it's any wonder I'll get any sleep tonight..."
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Well, this being a weekday, and Qubit having an actual job now, nobody's home at the moment, so naturally there's no answer. However, the front door has something the other doors on the street lack: in addition to the regular lock (to which Kira will have the key), there's a digital lock as well, waiting for a passcode (which Kira does not have). An oversight, perhaps?
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Apparently it is. The odds of manually brute-forcing a passcode like that are pretty dang low, especially in three attempts. By the way, after the third attempt it stops responding, instead just flashing the word INVALID over and over.

Meanwhile, Qubit gets an alert. Unexpected, but it could always be Miles or what's-his-name, back from being ported out (which he's fairly sure they were). He steps aside from what he's working on to check the front door cam. It's not anyone he recognizes, though.

Not wanting to leave work just yet - could be the man just had the wrong address, after all - he simply dials in. Kira will be greeted with a holographic mini-Qubit, tinted blue and hovering at about eye-level. (Yes, there's a holo-projector built into the lock, in case of exactly this scenario.) "Can I help you?" he says.
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"Is it? No one told me anything," Qubit replies. Then again, his old housemates hadn't been expecting him, either, when he arrived. He's gotten used to having the place to himself, and didn't really consider the possibility of the government sending anyone new here. It's a little irritating, after he put so much effort into securing the place - a reminder that it's still vulnerable, and the landlords can hand the key off to anyone they please.

... Not that he thinks this man has ill intent or anything. He probably just got in today, and Qubit wasn't in the best of moods his first day here, either.

"Well, of course they wouldn't." He sighs and taps something at his wrist, too small to make out in the hologram. "Hold on, I'll be down in a moment."

The hologram shuts off, and a few seconds later the real Qubit opens the door from inside, as if he's been in the house all along and didn't just portal himself there just now. "Kira, was it? Please, come in."
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(Heh! Efficient bureaucracy, now there's an oxymoron if he's ever heard one.)

"Did I say that?" Qubit muses aloud. He's pretty sure he didn't. "You're right, though, I was. Do make yourself at home," he adds, glossing right over that. "Not that we've much of a choice for the time being. There're four bedrooms available, two upstairs, two downstairs, so pick your favorite. A couple of them may still have some things left over from the previous tenants, I'm afraid. I never got around to cleaning them out."

He moves into the kitchen as he speaks, on the way picking up a couple of small, half-realized jumbles of electronic parts he'd left out on the coffee table. Other than that, the house is very clean, though it stops a little short of spotless. The kitchen is notable only in that the small appliances don't match the style of the large ones, almost as if someone stole the original machines for parts when he first moved in and later replaced them with a set of his own design.

"I'll get you set up with a code for the door in just a moment," he continues, without pausing. "My name's Qubit, by the way, I might have forgotten to mention that. If you have any questions about anything, just let me know."